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Webcast Academy Open House - Earthcast 2010 Prep

Open House and Prep for Earthcast 2010 - http://earthbridges.net/


Robert Squires -Domestic Bliss

A little (Call Graph recorded) two-way conversation beween me and my wife on what's for dinner tonight. Very nice I must say. I don't want to reinforce Scottish male stereotypes but I would have probably gone for something a little meatier and potatoier. Anyway, have a nice weekend all.

WebTools4Educators- About RSS

A recording at Wiziq with the participants of an online session for Brazilian educators.


WebTools4Educators Get-Together- About Blogging

A get-together for edublogtalk


Student Tech Talk-Episode #5

Ocean Hour: Earthcast08

Jason Robertshaw and guests, during "Ocean Hour" of Earthcast08.

Creating Ripples: Barbara Dieu

Here's the audio from Barbara Dieu's "Creating Ripples" presentation to the Braz-Tesol, Goiania Chapter, May 30, 2008.

Bee has shared the slides for her talk here:


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