Step 3 - Recording a conversation

There are a variety of way to capture both ends of a telephony call or online conversation.  Some of these allow people to listen in live, others do not. 

 Simple Conversation Recording Programs
  Webcasters cannot use this method to stream a conversation so non-participants to listen live, but is the easiest way to simply record a conversation so that it can be published online afterward.  The Simple Conversation Recording Programs  page has a list of programs that can be used to record Skype calls.  There are also several  telephony programs listed other than skype that support call recording. 


 Web Conferencing Services

   The Conferencing Services Page lists are a variety of  conferencing services that allow webcasters to record online conversations.  These can be web-based, telephone based, or a combination thereof.  

 Advanced Recording Methods
  These methods will let you capture and record all ends of a telephony call and/or all sounds on your computer in a way that allows you to stream that audio out to services like Shoutcast, Ustream, & Livestream so that others can listen live.  These methods involve a number of variables including Operation System and hardware specifications.  They can be the most challenging for webcasters to figure out, but provide more flexibiltiy and streaming options.


The Two computer method

VAC & USB mic Method (Windows)

Audio Hijack & USB Mic Method (Mac)

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    Record and publish a 3-5 minute conversation with at least one other person. You can use whichever method you prefer, but in order to take the next step
,  you will need to use one of the web conferencing or Advanced Recording methods.

Once you'vep posted the conversation recording and it has been reviewed, you will be granted 'intern' permissions which will provide you with additional upload space. You can then move on to Step#4 - Live Streaming of a conversation