During the recording of this show, I had several pc issues plus the quality of the phone service of the interviewee, who was in Atlanta, was at times not the greatest.   Despite these issues we managed to get the show on the road.  Overall, it proved to be very interesting indeed.

Cricket, lovely cricket!!!!!!

Today we look at a game that has dominated the lives of millions within the Commonwealth of nations and to give us an insight into the game is our guest Clayton Lambert who shared with us his journey into the wonderful world of cricket from his early childhood days to present.

Clayton realized his childhood dreams in the wonderful of cricket.

Clayton rose to stardom as an internationally acclaimed player, representing his native country, Guyana (South America) and the Caribbean region. 

He owes the growth and development of this talent and prowess to a number of  cricketing assignments in various countries around the world including South Africa, France, Northern Ireland, England, Australia, Asia, Argentina; where he also took time off to imbibe in the cultural diversity that the world has to offer.

 Because he has not lost passion for the game, he is actively promoting cricket in the USA where he is now resident.

He touched on measures that would give USA cricket more international recognition. Included among his suggestions were the promotion of the sport in schools ; the need for more professional players as against amateur players. He further opined that the  key to success as he saw it is greater organization, increased funding, and professional coaching.

Aside, he shared with us the highlights of a game against the Nashville Cricket Club in Tennessee, U.S.A.


He traced the history of cricket in America as the forerunner of Baseball. As an ardent fan of baseball he briefly give an analysis of the comparisons and similarities of the different games of Baseball and Cricket. He just loves the Yankees.


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            International Cricket Conference – ICC  (Governing world body)

            World Cup 20/20 Cricket Tournament

            United States of America Cricket Association (USACA)

            USA Cricket Team

            New York Cricket Team

            Georgia Supreme League

            McNair Lions Cricket Club

            Nashville Cricket Team


            Islington Cricket Club

            Guyana Cricket Team

            West Indies Cricket Team

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