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derrallg Audio Assignment for Week #2

I think I have the correct path:

1.    Set up Nicecast so it joins the Skype feed with the usb headphone mike feed,
2.    Set up Audio hijack pro to record, installed hijack plugin so I don't have to restart Skype, and recorded call
3. Opened in Audacity (1.25 instead of 1.33 because of crashing problem), export as mp3 with bitrate set to 64.

4. Note had to re-export mp3 in audacity 1.33 in order to have the sampling rate be 44khz, 1.25 seems to export a stereo mix at 44khz and makes it 22khz or incompatible with Flash player. 

"Keep talking..." Foodbridges 2 The technical side

I'll find out if there is a special place to put links, but here is where the Audacity recording of last night's Foodbridges 2 webcast is:


The recording is OK, but the voices have an echo quality as if we were all sitting in caves. What could that be? What settings should be checked?


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Week 2 and frustration sets in...

I have tried to follow the screencast directions and cannot get Audacity to record both my voice and the Skype lady.  It will record her voice but not mine. The screenshots on the screencasts are not  similar to my settings.  Maybe our versions are different.  I'm quitting for the night.  Maybe a good nights rest and starting fresh again tomorrow, I'll be more successful.   
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Okay, here goes again.  This is the third submission.  Maybe I'll have it right this time.  Who knows.  :)

Still plugging away . . . .

graphic: recording a two-way phone/Skype conversation


(Assignment 2, continued)

I'm not yet prepared to record
a two-way phone conversation,
but a call is in being set up for
this afternoon, so I've got
to review settings more
thoroughly this morning—and
get ready to participate in the "FoodBridges" show in less than 5.5 hours.­ This
show involves Carla Arena, Illya Arnet-Clark, Cristina Costa, Erika Cruvinel,
Dennis Newson, and me. In it, I talk, but I don't yet record or try to "kick the
stream"; I'll be doing that eventually, though.

This afternoon, I'm taking the easier (for me) option: using Nicecast on my Mac,
Virtual Audio Cable (the mysteries for which are still a kind of Gordian Knot
from my point of view.

Once I make it through the "FoodBridges" show and the phone recording, I'll start trying to untangle VAC in earnest—and to remedy problems I'll likely encounter
using Nicecast.

­D. O.


The Newson method How to record both ends of a conversation without using the audio repeater

Jeff asked me to post screenshots of my basic Audacity settings. Apologies for the naff images. If I knew how to do them better - getting rid of background for example - I would. 

Micro setting plus stereo 


Other Audacity  settings


Mmm. Looks like I've got to upload screenshots to my server before they can be downloaded and inserted here. Tell me if I am wrong about that....What else is possible....OK, I'll give a link....Something tells me it cannot be this complicated..... Next post will contain the images.


The Newson method - Recording both sides of a conversation without bothering with the audio repeater

Well, I'll be...... I moved for a reference, and lost what I had written here.  Again.....

 Jeff the Boss has suggested I describe how I seem to have made a reasonable recording of a  two-ended conversation without using the audio repeater.


My vital statistics are:


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