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Another InternCast by Maria Knee

This is the second of my Conversations show. Dr. Jason Ohler from Juneau, Alaska joined me along with my good friend Kathy Malsbenden. Jason was in NH as a keynote speaker for the annual meeting for our state technology association (NHSTE).

Conversations with Maria Knee

Finally, I am able to post my interview with Cheryl Lykowsky, where she shared her work in raising monarch butterflies at home. This interview was recorded over a week ago  but family and work events prevented me from posting this sooner. I enjoyed talking with and learning from Cheryl. We found that we had this common interest in monarchs during a WCA chat. I'm hoping that this particular show will be beneficial to others wanting to know more about monarch butterflies, particularly as they relate to classroom work.

Maria Knee's Stream Success

Kicking the Stream

Thanks to Maria and Miz Mercer for letting me kick the stream succesfully. Last night with Jose and Durff, I failed miserably, today is a new day. Now I can graduate..


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