Posting an audio intro for 3.x


I'm having a problem uploading an audio introduction to class  3.x. I've watched the screencasts etc and when I select create audio content it appears that I can't access a drop down in categories that allows me to select the orientation class and media type


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Introduction by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Well week one and already behind.  Not a good start needless to say. Anyway, I am using a MacBook Pro and thought GargageBand would be best bet, but decided to try Audacity since that is what  most of my own students will attempt to use.  I am really kooking forward to suggestions for improvement.

Session 2.3 Introductions

Welcome to new interns and welcome back to returning interns.  Our session will meet for 5 Sundays at 17:00 GMT starting on October 14th.  Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in learning how to webcast.  
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Audio introductions

Hi everyone

I do believe I finally found my way around! At least I've managed steps 1-3: setting up Audacity, recording and uploading!! Hurray!!!! 

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Getting lost

Hi everyone from the 2.2 group. I'm sorry I couldn't attend (was busy dreaming of sugarplums :-)), and I saw on the list that there are a number of people I already know!

I'm Illya from the USA, and would like to continue this introduction with audio once I figure it out. 

At the moment I'm busy getting lost in the book and all the links. I can't seem to find the screencast (camtasia?) from Jeff showing how you can record using Audacity. I know I saw it there somewhere. Could anyone help me out?  I also think I'm supposed to get a mentor.

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