Week#2 Recording both ends of a telephony call

Skills:   Recording both ends of a telephony call (in a way that will allow you to stream that audio). 
               Audio editing basics.

Resources:  Audacity:  We recommend the Beta Version.  1.3.3
                        Virtual Audio Cables  and Audio Hijack Pro.

Screencasts:  ­

Using Audacity to Edit Audio

Recording both ends of a telephony cal­l in Windows

Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity

Setting Preferences in Audacity - Windows

      Recording both ends of a telephony call in Mac

Meeting Agenda  Below

  • Review of Week One
    • Text and Audio Introductions
    • Uploading Audio to Webcast Academy
    • Specs..... Specs...... Specs.......
    • Feedback left to interns
    • Intern Workshop Session
  • Recording Two-Way Audio
    • Setting up your system. 
    • Virtual Audio Cables For Windows and Audio Hijack for Mac
    • Using Audacity to record
    • Calling the Skype Lady to test or other interns
    • Check the Skype Chat for willing partners
    • Checking Audio Levels in Skype call
  • Audio Editing Basics
    • Using Audacity tools and Effects



    Record and publish a 3-5 minute telephony call with at least one other person.  Please DO NOT use one of the 3rd party applications that will not support streaming during the next step (i.e PowerGramo, HotRecorder, etc.). Windows users, you will need to get acquainted with Virtual Audio Cables.  Mac users, audio hijack or soundflower.

Mac Webcasting Set Up for Nicecast

Set Up - also see Screencasts at bottom of page

For USB mic:

1) Plug the microphone and headphones in, then launch Nicecast and Skype.
2) In Nicecast's Source drawer, set the first pop-up to Audio Device and then select your microphone for the Input Source. This should be the same device selected in Skype's Audio preferences for Input.
3) Next, open the Effects window, and insert the Application Mixer plugin.


Simulcast with Eluminate on a Mac with Nicecast

During the WEBheads in Action Convergence I was able to simulcast Barbara Ganley who was presenting in Eluminate. I made my way to Eluminate and logged in. Then I opened Nicecast and set it to the correct server at WB. Then in Nicecast, for Source I selected Application, found Eluminate LIVE, then went to ADVANCED and selected system output, instead of default, that means that I am streaming the regular system output, not speakers, no mic etc.

The dreaded echo in Nicecast!

The dreaded echo! While streaming and using Nicecast and Skype, I would experience an echo chamber and I would have to delay my speaking. I checked my system preferences, the microphone was selected. I checked SKYPE and the microphone was selected. I checked Nicecast and the microphone was selected!


Mac Webcasting Help

Join in as we work out all the details for webcasting with Mac computers. Nicecast, Skype and a Macintosh computer are all that is required. Practice, work out problems, or go through the set up for the first time with Lee Baber. I am happy to answer all questions to do with Webcast Academy as well. See you then! ~Lee
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Nicecast - A Summary of Tips and Tricks

When streaming on a Macintosh computer, you are going to encounter your own special challenges. I will include here the links to some of our discoveries here at the Webcast Academy. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to Skype someone when in dire straights. You can contact me at any time for any reason but I am always messing around with Mac stuff so I enjoy problem solving. Happy Streaming!


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