Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Intern Practice Time

If the Open House on Saturday is not convenient, please advise me. I may be able to do another at a time more convenient for you. All time zones are welcome, of course...and remember, I don't know what I am doing either.....

Webheads Practice Session-Skypecast

I was chatting with Aglaya from Columbia and she was very keen on getting started. I will set up a skypecast on Wednesday 5 PM EST. It is my hope that those of you who participate will have tried to post an audio greeting prior to the skypecast. This is an optional meeting and it if you simply want to listen you can turn on the stream or listen later. All are welcome even if you haven't been able to get started and just need a little push in the right direction. I teach kindergarten and although I plan to treat you as adults, I will give you the patience I give my students.

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