Shout Cast with Mac

My question now - so once i get nicecast ready and I log into shoutcast - what do i do to stream. I tried yesterday and didn't hear the stream in sandbox A or B. I figured there must be settings that I needed to enter in Shoutcast to tell I'm ready to stream.



how do I start the stream

I'm missing something so obvious more than likely but....

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Ready to Graduate!

In putting my portfolio together I went back and found some shows I liked.

 The first show was week 3 , you can listen here, 

I like this show because, it was a show where I was in Wells, ME, and Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Jen Wagner were all in Atlanta at the Georgia State Conference.


Mac Webcasting Set Up for Nicecast

Set Up - also see Screencasts at bottom of page

For USB mic:

1) Plug the microphone and headphones in, then launch Nicecast and Skype.
2) In Nicecast's Source drawer, set the first pop-up to Audio Device and then select your microphone for the Input Source. This should be the same device selected in Skype's Audio preferences for Input.
3) Next, open the Effects window, and insert the Application Mixer plugin.



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