EuroMini meeting Thursday NEW time 16.00 GMT

Lets meet Thursday at 17.00 CET – 16.00 GMT - Global time

Meeting link - Comming an hour before


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1.3 Visualising our progress

In the session last week the question was raised about how can we work together when we may be working at different speeds and possibly in a different order? My response was to have a road map where we can place icons of ourselves (some of us may be icons already of course!).

Here's the info for the road map (Tentative Curriculum):

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Meeting 1.2.6 - Sept. 17, 2006

Our Weekly Webcast Academy Meeting

- Webcastathon Rescheduled
- 'Commencement Ceremonies'
- Class of 1.3 and 2.1 (EVO special)
- Proficieny 'pillars' & certification criteria

  1. Audio Engineer - record & edit telephony conversation
  2. Streamer - webcast the audio from a telephony conversation
  3. Show Manager - moderate the discussion, manage callers
  4. Publisher - post edited audio and show notes on a website
                     1+2+3+4= Webcaster
- Tech Issues
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