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I thoroughly enjoyed this task.  I tried to use VAC and Audacity first, having some success calling the Skype Test Call Lady (she's so patient and "there" if no one else is online).  Unfortunately her voice was not recording loud enough and I could not figure out how to make her louder.  My USB Mic is not due in the country until 5 August so I've been using a Mic and Headset but with two separate jacks.  Not entirely sure if that's the problem.  I had already downloaded powergramo

Skype Conference How-to

Did this screencast:

On how to make a conference call. Had to redo audio (which made it better) because the telephony set up for Audacity did not work for CamStudio. 

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Recording a Telephony Call - BrazilBridges - All About Brigadeiros

I feel excited about the accomplishments so far, mainly recording a telephony call. In the past, there were always technical issues with the computers I was working at, I never got to record both ends. There was always one voice missing!

This time, yes. A big YES! WOOHOO! OK, the bad part? It's always terrible to listen to ourselves and I realized how LOUD I am. Had to edit the whole conversation because of my so loud tone!

Contact with others

In the kick-off session, something was mentioned about skype IDs. Where can we add ours? I looked at the members list and couldn't see any. Wouldn't that be a good place to add them? 

I'm also not sure what was meant by adding 'webcast' to find each other. Can we add tags to our names?


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CarlaArena_Recording a Telephony Call - All about Brigadeiros

Dear all,

This time is full of WooHoo moments! Today I had a great time recording a skype call with Erika. I checked my settings before, opened the volume control, opened audacity and then the Audio Repeater (Yes! Don't forget it!). Then, I could see all the waves going on my screen from my side and Erika's end. Perfect! And the conversation? Even more fun!

The lonely Skypecast

The was perhaps the loneliest and quietest hour I have ever spent! Thank you to the one brave soul who showed up to talk a bit. And GStanley, get better! I assume that no one wants that great vastness of silence to be uploaded, you will only hear me typing as I answered my email. Well, one good thing, a kid I thought would never do his homework, just wrote a blog entry (homework) - I sit amazed! What is my next step towards webcasting with kids?
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Lifelong Member of Webcast Academy

I still have not gotten to the place where I can use Audacity to record both ends of a Skype conversation. But I did not want our Puffin Adverture to go un-recorded. So I gathered all 103 third grade students in the media center, dialed up Susan of Project Puffin and left the rest to the kids. I used a Belkin microphone attached to my iPod and edited the file with Audacity. It is far from perfect - but learning was done by all!


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