Success At Last!

It only took a brand new iMac and about 10 minutes of chatting with the fabulous Lee Baber and I was streaming and recording live on Sandbox B! Yahoo! I can't believe how clean and simple webcasting with a mac is. All you need is Nicecast and Skype.

Streaming without skype about books

So here are 15 minutes worth of skypeless talk. Note how the silences slowly become fewer as the topic consolidates around books.  Boy, I was in a sweat!

Oh, and I wasn't alone. I had some wonderful people in the chat room! 

See   for more about the show

and    for the successful streaming on alado 

Streaming without skype

Carla Arena, Dennis Oliver, Dennis Newson, Erika Cruvinel and I had planned a great session on reading treasures with everything planned and organized. However, Skype choose exactly this moment to detach itself from the rest of the world. So after several minutes of ho-humming, Carla and I took the stream without Skype and kept it up separately, each talking to ourselves.

Catching Up with Casting

Last week, I was having some trouble with Nicecast and Skype, and Lee was kind enough to take on my problem and help solve it. While I am still a little unsure of the complete technical description of the problem, Lee was able to walk me through my settings tonight and here are some things that we discovered.

InternCast International Show

Lots of Lessons learned today.

First, Skype can badly misbehave and you have to keep it going. The solution? Maybe drop skype and keep talking to the listeners and asking for their input in the chat area.

Skype Group Chat

Hi all, I just re-watched the screencast,

about using Skype group chats - am I crazy or do those preferences not exist for mac? 

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