Couldn't be Happier

Well, I may be a slow learner but I don't give up that easily. Pure envy spurred me on. It was Andrew's recent success coupled with the two screen casts that got me to try, try again. I think one of my problems may have been the mic. I switched to the AK... and plugged in some cheap headphones and grappled with the settings while watching the screencasts repeatedly. My settings are as follows:

  • Audacity/Edit/Preferences/Sigma Tel Audio for Playback and Record
  • Volume Control/Sigma Tel Audio
  • Record Control/Sigma Tel Audio/Stereo Mix/box checked
  • Skype/Tools/Sound Devices/AK..In, Sigma Tel Audio out
  • VAC repeater/Wave-in, Sigma Tel Audio, Wave-out, Sigma Tel Audio
  • Bit rate 22, Total Buffer 100, Buffer 16

Now that it's set in stone I am looking forward to the Sunday meeting. BTW I have posted a screenshot of my successful settings along with my failed attempts with my other mic, on the my google docs. Thank you Jeff and Andrew!

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