Webcasting and Cross-Cultural Impacts

A. Introduction 

Google Books: Webcasting Cross-Cultural


Google Books: Webcasting Intercultural


Quintura: webcasting intercultural 

Quintura: webcasting cross-cultural

B. Basic Elements Involved

Culture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture

Intercultural Communication Principles: What can go wrong? (The Banana Peel)


Ethnocentric http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnocentric

Cultural Shock http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_shock

C. Domestic Knowledge - Know Yourself

Cultural Competence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_competence

D. Foreign Knowledge - Know Others

Intercultural Competence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercultural_competence


E. Comparative Knowledge, Skills, Experiences - Keep Slipping Out on that Darned Banana Peel

Self-Research: Glimpse.org  Expatexchange.com Shanghaiexpat.com Expatriates.com

Expatriate Networks: There are a series of established groups within these expatriate forums that have overlapping interests with webcasting, such as cross-cultural adaptation, e-learning, education, virtual worlds and many more. More can also be established for networking purposes and cross-cultural fertilization of webcasting.

InterNations.org (requires an invitation via email, ask any of the expats at the Academy to perform this process step) Recommended free groups to join: Cultural Misunderstandings (336+ members), Cross-Cultural Understanding & Adaptation (69+ members), Global Communicators (47+ members), WorldCitizen (327+ members), China (294+ members), Educators (145+ members), Andrea's German language learning (147+ members), Americans Abroad (74+ members), Bridge Media Network (37+ members), Paris Movie Group (133+ members), New Media Connection (82+ members), Latin Community (417+ members), International Journalism (48+ members), Language Teachers (23+ members), e-Learning (23+ members) and many more, near and far...

Xing.com (choose the free version)

Paperback: I'm OK - You're OK, Harris, ISBN-13: 978-0060724276,
Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Paperback: Games People Play, Eric Berne 


F. Humorous Accounts

Wiki: Humor, Budai (Laughing Buddha)

Ni Howdy!, Desi Downey, ISBN 0595342361

Welcome to Absurdistan 


G. Language Tools

IM Translator (free web-based Web 2.0 tool including online translator for 10 languages, text-to-speech avatar, spell checker, multilingual dictionary, virtual keyboard for 31 languages, Russian decoder) http://imtranslator.com/

Gate2Home (virtual keyboard for 71 languages) http://www.gate2home.com/

Wiki: Virtual Keyboard

Translate.Net (free open source software, online meta-dictionary system)



Onelook.com 1048+ dictionaries, reverse translation http://onelook.com/ 

Lexicool.com 6000+ translation dictionaries and glossaries http://www.lexicool.com/

Google Translate http://translate.google.com/

Chinese Tools http://www.chinese-tools.com/tools/dictionary.html

Wordfast (TM translation memory based add-in for MS Word, free use up to 500 TM units) http://www.wordfast.net/


H. Anti-Censorship Tools

Web links where you can download free anti-censorship software developed by top US IT engineers. These softwares are widely used by college students and foreign journalists based in China: