The Earth Day Show

Hi Fellow webcasters,

The Earth Day is coming very soon. I thought I would be able to participate in live show by then while I knew I couldn't host myself for some reason, but I have to handle with my TV show in next weekdays which it will be airing on Friday evening in China/ This will be my third show in this month. Fortunately it is related with this theme of the uncoming TV show that would comfort me because I will miss the Earth Day Webcastathon at webcast academy communite to discuss how to make our planet healther which I am concerned very much as well. So here I am passing message from people who participated the discussion of the same topic that I gethered on the MM site . Hope that will be good suggestions for you all too.


hi jane, girlfriend, i would talk about the #1 issue: Global Warming & what we can all do as nations on earth to PULL TOGETHER to solve this challenge. it is affecting all of us very badly. kindest regards to you,



Air friendly cars and vehicles. There's way too much emission from all the metal circulating in countries out side the US. Most cars in the us are new and have advanced technology made with pollution in mind a lot more environment friendly then the older models. I know people keep old cars because they can't afford new one. Governments (good luck with that one) should offer tax cuts and initiatives for people who buy earth friendly cars. Water water waste is one of my pet peeves.

Water conservation is a great concern. I'm glad they monitor grass watering sessions where I live and where people maintain large grassed areas. If they paid for water, like a lot of countries do, they might give it more though.

Trees People should understand the power of planting trees. Plant and plant. Earth's lungs are depleted (emphysema like symptoms) what's left if there's no oxygen? Humans contribute when there's something in it for them. Tax cuts, initiatives and bonuses for planting trees might help. there are organizations that would plant a small tree in your name if do not have space, for very Little money. You never know one day you might be looking down on your tree from another planet.



I would like to learn about all the small efforts people and non-gov groups are doing to help preserve the earth People is small groups help clean up rivers, or streams near their homes... they plant trees,, they go out to remote ocean locations and retrieve floating trash... what are big Cruise lines doing to stop polluting the oceans where they venture..? Is anyone removing all the garbage from Mount Everest ?? What kind of GOOD changes are taking place in the artic areas now that Global Warming has openeing up large sections that were previously under ice ??? Did the Olympics Committeee put forth ANY effort to "go green : while constructing the various venues ??? What kinds of sustainable industries are trying to take hold in the Amazon Basin...what kind of education efforts are taking place so that the local people will understand that it benefits then to NOT rip out the forests ??? maybe highlight how Tasmania has been destoying their old growth tropical rainforests in order to send tree pulp to for paper Japan ?? Or a report on front-line environemntalists such as Shane Malcomn of Thylacine Expeditions, Tasmania maybe something about how recycling efforts are making use of recycled materials and what kinds of manufactured goods are available NOW ??



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Jane Jiang /SpiceCN/Jiang La from WZTV

Host of The JJ Show at webcastAcademy in the USA