Streaming Hosted Music & Show Events (Real-live, On-site)

A. Introduction


Benchmark Examples 

Video: Intel Moore's Show - 2007-09-18 11:01 50 minutes

Remote IT Support (Live & Interactive Video Webcasting, Archive)

Webcasting Weddings

BBC engineers have broadcast an entire international TV sporting event live in 3D for the first time in the UK (TV audience deploying 3D cinema glasses)

Real-live/Second Life Blended Rock Concert 


B. Configuration 

B1. Basic Terms 

Mixing Console

Digital Mixing Console

Equalization EQ 

Audio Amplifier

"The sound card in a personal computer contains several audio amplifiers (depending on number of channels), as does every stereo or home-theater system."

B2. Hardware


B3. Software

NASA Conference Organizer 

ePresence: Web Conferencing and Webcasting System (freeware)

C. Process 

C1. Administration Processes

C2. Core Processes

C3. Support Processes