Preparing for Upcoming Semester

by jsmuscatello on FlickrGetting back in the saddle, as the cowgirls say. Yesterday, I got a new MacBookPro, so I have no excuse about speed and space. This has been my first new computer in more than a decade. Of course, I've had loaners from school, but now I have my own rather huge 17" Mac Lugger.  They should sell this with pull-out tote handle and wheels. :-).  I'm sacrificing the totability for screen real estate.  Back to the point, preparing for the upcoming semester. I'm on the lookout for IT professionals to interview.  My goal is to make one of my websites to feature Webcasts about issues in the IT world.  It will be a model for my students, who will be needing to do similar interviews as an extension to their portfolios next year.  Wish me luck.  I tried this once before with a different topic and never delivered.  Wish me luck. I've got to make this work. Not that I'm not motivated, just that I've figured out that I am actually more shy than I once thought. 

Image Credits: by jsmuscatello