Julie's Gradcast

This is it! A big “Thank you!” to all of you who helped me along my webcasting journey. I look forward to all the learning yet to come! Here is a link to my portfolio!­


Chat log follows:


 18:57:49    Jose ->   Hi There.


  18:58:03    JL ->   Hi Jose


  18:58:20    Jose ->   on the air?


  18:58:41    Julie S ->   Hi Jose, I'm getting ready to stream in 2 minutes!


  18:59:00    Jose ->   cool  Portfolio looks pretty solid


  18:59:10    Julie S ->   thanks!


  18:59:35    JL ->   glad we got our gradcasts done before Julie raised the bar so high :)


  19:00:06    Jose ->   ditto


  19:00:10    Julie S ->   Sandbox A is up and running!


  19:00:36    Jose ->   I am on a weak wireless signal tonight.  We'll see how it holds up.


  19:00:41    cheryloakes proud teacha -> you sound great!


  19:00:50    JL ->   Stream sounds good - a little bit of an echo, but not bad


  19:00:59    cheryloakes proud teacha -> sounding great! I was in the wrong chat room first


  19:01:42    Jose ->   stream sounds good. 


  19:01:46    cheryloakes proud teacha -> Julie you sound so calm!


  19:02:14    Jose ->   Welcome to Solstice Webcastathon,  cool.


  19:02:34    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   you sound great, you are so calm, I was in the wrong chat, sorry to be late


  19:02:44    Julie S ->   Hi Cheryl!


  19:02:44    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hello Karen, co host, you will love this.


  19:03:08    JL ->   not really hearing Karen


  19:03:15    Jose ->   Hi Karen.


  19:03:26    Jose ->   Karen audio is coming in really low


  19:03:29    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Is Karen on a mic?


  19:03:54    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie your sound is great,


  19:04:01    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   WOOT Dr. Cheri


  19:04:13    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Oh, so modest Woot! WOW2


  19:04:18    Jose ->   Hi Cheryl love the way you use extensions to name :-)


  19:04:31    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Jose, you should too, it is fun.


  19:04:43    Jose ->   will do.


  19:05:13    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   I learned so much during one of your interncasts!


  19:05:29    Jose ->   Is audio coming in and out or is it my connection?


  19:05:41    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   audio is just fine


  19:05:42    JL ->   audio is solid for me


  19:05:49    Jose ->   ok


  19:06:30    Jose ->   Yep family does play an important part.


  19:06:35    JL ->   buy treats for your husband - beer, doritos, whatever works and keeps him away from the PC :)


  19:06:44    GMc -> EdTechTalk: Can barely hear Karen.


  19:06:50    Jose ->   cable


  19:07:05    Jose ->   is cohost on skype call?


  19:07:09    Julie S ->   yes


  19:07:21    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   GOod idea Jeff, my guys are waiting dinner for me. What guys drinking beer and eating salsa and chips


  19:07:25    JL ->   sounds like she's on the other side of the room, but being picked up by your mic


  19:07:34    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hi Pam


  19:07:41    Jose ->   Hi Pam


  19:07:51    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   JL, I sent you an email today about some ideas WOW2 has


  19:07:51    Julie S ->   Hi Mom:)


  19:08:03    Jose ->   drop the link here


  19:08:15    Pam ->   Hi--


  19:08:18    Jose ->   Mom? 


  19:08:24    Pam ->   Yes,


  19:08:27    Jose ->   cool


  19:08:27    JL ->   http://www.webcastacademy.net/user_work/jmraede


  19:08:33    Julie S ->   My mom joined us for the gradcast!


  19:08:41    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hi Mom , Pam, your daughter is amazing.


  19:08:53    Pam ->   well for awhile, anyway!


  19:08:54    Jose ->   she sure is.


  19:09:00    Pam ->   Thanks!!


  19:09:10    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   This is such a great tool for keeping in touch with folks.


  19:09:30    JL ->   was she always an A+ student growing up?  She certainly is around here


  19:09:45    Jose ->   Honor student


  19:09:52    Julie S ->   funny!


  19:09:55    Pam ->   Well, yes, except the B+ in middle school social studies!


  19:10:01    Jose ->   hahah


  19:10:02    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   I totally agree JL, I like especially that she is graduating before her teacha's


  19:10:09    JL ->   lol


  19:10:33    Pam ->   So is everything working tonight for the webcast?


  19:10:41    Jose ->   Window Crads 4 Mac Grads 0


  19:10:46    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Karen, ther eis a lot of support from all the webcast crowd.


  19:10:57    Jose ->   or is it 5


  19:10:59    Julie S ->   I think things are going well...so far. can everyone hear?


  19:11:15    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Oh, Jose, hm, that is interesting , since 2 teachers are mac's :-)


  19:11:31    JL ->   You're coming through loud and clear Julie.  Karen still sounds like she's off mic


  19:11:33    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   We hear just fine! Karen is still being picked up on your mic


  19:11:40    Jose ->   yes


  19:11:43    Jose ->   I really enjoyed listening to your interncasts.


  19:11:50    JL ->   btw, we met mom during Julie's first recorded telephony call.


  19:11:50    Julie S ->   thanks.


  19:12:03    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Oh, that is right! I remember now


  19:12:03    Jose ->   true


  19:12:08    Pam ->   And her dad too!!


  19:12:19    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Yes, I remember Dad too


  19:12:20    Jose ->   oh a family affair


  19:12:27    Julie S ->   I have a great fam!


  19:12:40    Pam ->   Even the sister!!


  19:12:48    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   To multi task, always wear your seatbelt and put your goggles on.


  19:12:54    Jose ->   Sylvia Martinez? just kidding


  19:13:24    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie you are doing great multi tasking,


  19:13:31    JL -> EdTechTalk: just wanted to let you know that we're in the Academy room


  19:13:31    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   How is the voice in your head?


  19:13:45    Jose ->   I listened to that audio during k12ONline


  19:13:53    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   I used to put a towel under my keyboard when typing


  19:14:03    Jose ->   great tip


  19:14:03    Pam ->   That is a good idea!


  19:14:15    JL ->   this looks cool   http://www.gcn.com/print/vol19_no9/1802-1.html


  19:14:21    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   I also put a stuffed animal under my microphone.


  19:14:21    Jose ->   what are we listening to now?


  19:14:36    Julie S ->   THat is a good idea!


  19:14:47    Jose ->   sorry my itunes skipped tracks


  19:15:04    Jose ->   It was on a k12online presentation, oops now back on track


  19:15:18    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Jose, are you multi tasking too?


  19:15:27    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hi susanvg, Julie is doing great!


  19:15:35    Jose ->   nope it just skipped on it's own


  19:15:47    Jose ->   Hi Susan


  19:16:10    susanvg ->   Hi Jose


  19:16:16    susanvg ->   Very impressive!


  19:17:00    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie your mic is really good, what are you using, or should I go to your portfolio page?


  19:17:02    Jose ->   try it, break it, then start over :-)


  19:17:10    Julie S ->   A USBmic logitech


  19:17:23    Jose ->   it's the AK375 right?


  19:17:28    JL ->   desktop or headset?


  19:17:39    Jose ->   desktop I think


  19:17:46    Julie S ->   desktop


  19:17:55    Jose ->   I saw it on set up page


  19:17:59    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   I have the same AK,


  19:18:03    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Thanks Jose


  19:18:08    Jose ->   Hi Cathy


  19:18:12    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hi CathyE, happy holidays


  19:18:23    Cathy E ->   Hello all


  19:18:37    Pam ->   Hi!


  19:18:37    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   You get bonus points CathyE for hosting /webcasting the WOW2, when I was out on the town.


  19:18:38    JL ->   Yay fun!


  19:18:52    Jose ->   Great Idea in bringing in a buddy cohost for gradcast. 


  19:19:03    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Isn't it smart!


  19:19:31    Julie S ->   Win-win situation:)


  19:20:04    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   good to have a co-host when you are troubleshooting, you can keep them talking


  19:20:04    Cathy E ->   @cheryl - not a problem was listening anyway


  19:20:05    Jose ->   The community comes together and we all succeed!


  19:20:25    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   yes, @ CathyE, but you ended up hosting 2 weeks worth of shows:-), thanks


  19:20:33    Jose ->   That's the way It's Elementary works also.


  19:20:52    Jose ->   I love watching that show also


  19:21:38    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hi Sarah S, did you enjoy your day? I sure did, in between shoveling.


  19:21:47    Cathy E ->   @cheryl I was just streaming- Kathy Shields


  19:21:55    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie, this show with your renal person was so informative, I learned so much.


  19:22:03    Jose ->   Sounds like my interncasts. The sandbox environment at the academy is really effective


  19:22:05    Julie S ->   great!


  19:22:14    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   The one with KAthy and Conrad, that is the one I think, so good.


  19:22:26    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Konrad


  19:22:29    Sarah S ->   I really got some work done today!


  19:22:39    Jose ->   Hi Sarah


  19:22:45    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Please share your project I bet it is great.


  19:22:55    Jose ->   please do


  19:23:02    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie all of your students did well because you prepared them so well.


  19:23:15    Sarah S ->   I was just updating the WHS website with lots of multimedia for a grad project due . . tomorrow


  19:23:41    Jose ->   now you can hang out with us


  19:24:02    Sarah S ->   Absolutely.  My goal was to be done by 8 - and then I saw Jeff's tweet about this gradcast. :)


  19:24:23    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   good for you!


  19:24:46    Jose ->   Having an audience is always good


  19:24:53    JL ->   Sarah, will you be interning at the webcast academy anytime soon?


  19:25:08    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Jose, absolutely, audiences step up your performance just a bit.


  19:25:17    Sarah S ->   I'm signed up for 2.4, but my introduction hasn't been posted yet - submitted, but not approved or something.


  19:25:23    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   JL you are always so good at recruiting.


  19:25:42    Jose ->   These newbie questions are great in our redesigning of Worldbridges sites.


  19:25:44    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Sarah S. I will be happy to be a mentor!


  19:25:47    JL ->   just keeping the door open - try not to push people in (too hard ) :)


  19:25:56    Sarah S ->   Cheryl, I'll take you up on that!


  19:26:06    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Good thing you keep suggesting Jeff that is why I am here.


  19:26:18    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Great Sarah , sign me up!


  19:26:39    Jose ->   That's right, @sarah join us for academy openhouse on Sunday 1pm for more info on next webcast academy session


  19:26:48    Sarah S ->   Great! O


  19:26:51    Jose ->   eastern


  19:26:56    Sarah S ->   I'll do my best to be there


  19:27:30    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie, we all blame skype, it is free and easy to blame


  19:27:38    JL ->   Sarah, what's your ID at the Academy?


  19:27:38    Julie S ->   Yea


  19:27:40    Jose ->   skype gremlins


  19:27:50    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   yes, those gremlins


  19:28:07    Sarah S ->   Good question  . . . let me look.


  19:28:19    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   right Julie, and sometimes we try and test the limits and break things so we can figure out how to get out of a jam


  19:28:21    Jose ->   @jeff we approved intern status several weeks ago, If I remember correctly.


  19:29:00    Jose ->   your are doing fine.


  19:29:28    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   vicki is so smart! just love her!


  19:29:32    Sarah S ->   Yep, I'm edueyeview (it's my blog)


  19:29:44    Jose ->   True we can't control tech sometimes.  It is good to have plan B and C or just reboot and start over.


  19:29:46    Cathy E ->   I think it is harder to stream, skype, and chat from school cause of bandwidth


  19:30:03    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   One night my power went out and I used cell phones to connect with others and Jeff or Dave came to the rescue.


  19:30:17    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Right CathyE, that is a problem.


  19:30:27    JL ->   You've got intern power now Sarah


  19:30:41    Jose ->   @cathyE  not sure that these tools are that bandwidth intensive.  Skype and chatroom are pretty light


  19:30:45    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie and Karen, try out all kinds of web tools and then find your own purpose, not everything will work.


  19:31:00    Sarah S ->   Thanks!


  19:31:03    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Congrats Sarah!


  19:31:08    JL ->   anyone else laughing out loud at Julie's first thoughts?


  19:31:17    JL ->   can she get in?  Can she afford it?


  19:31:19    Jose ->   me


  19:31:23    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Yes, she is so great.


  19:31:45    Julie S ->   I was worried:) but what a great group of people to work with!


  19:31:46    JL ->   we're a very prestigious institution, I guess


  19:32:05    Jose ->   It sounds pretty impressive.


  19:32:07    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie, it was a great group, Jose and Durff and SusanE, held it together.


  19:32:42    Jose ->   Almost like Webcast Academy.net an ivy Web 2.0 institution


  19:32:59    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   yes Jose, preppy shirts and all.


  19:33:07    kkdenni ->   webcast academy sounds so cool!  I can't wait to get in!


  19:33:19    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   There you go, JL, we need a cafe press, Tee-shirt.


  19:33:22    Jose ->   just say pretty please


  19:33:34    kkdenni ->   pretty please!


  19:33:56    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Karen, you have a great start


  19:34:02    Jose ->   create account on webcast academy if you haven't done so


  19:34:05    Sarah S ->   Must have t-shirt . . maybe for Philly?


  19:34:07    kkdenni ->   i've got some great mentors, too!


  19:34:12    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   good idea Sarah


  19:34:32    Jose ->   healthbridges? or the like


  19:34:44    Julie S ->   Thanks to all the great mentors!


  19:34:58    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie do you bring tea or water to your webcast? I have tea and honey, most of the time, but tonight I am toasting you with a Christmas Ale,


  19:35:06    Julie S ->   I need a name.........bridges?


  19:35:10    JL ->   healthbridge kind of domains were already taken - don't have a great name for health related community


  19:35:11    JL ->   no


  19:35:26    Julie S ->   water- but I have a really bad cold tonight---still went on with the show!


  19:35:33    Jose ->   looks like you can build community around your show.


  19:35:39    JL ->   I've been thinking about alternatives, and thing worldbridges.com may wind up hosting shows without a community


  19:35:42    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   good for you!, can't really tell you have a cold.


  19:36:11    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie, something on the airwaves


  19:36:16    Julie S ->   I am trying hard so my mom doesn't now I'm sick and worry:)


  19:36:24    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Name of show, " something on the airwaves"


  19:36:26    JL ->   Is Karen in the same room as you, Julie?


  19:36:30    Jose ->   woldbridges could be the next stepping stone or keep streaming in the Sandbox 


  19:36:50    Jose ->   That was my question also


  19:36:54    Julie S ->   no


  19:36:57    Julie S ->    on skypecast


  19:37:05    Jose ->   skypecall?


  19:37:06    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Hm, that is odd.


  19:37:34    JL ->   Karen could try, in skype, tools/options/audio devices


  19:37:34    Jose ->   crank up that audio Karen :-)


  19:37:34    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   But good problem for us to solve, audience participation, I like this


  19:37:41    JL ->   crank up her input levels


  19:38:14    kkdenni ->   i just increased my audio. 


  19:38:24    Jose ->   Julie are you using pc speakers or earphones?


  19:38:24    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   now talk Karen


  19:38:31    Julie S ->   earphones


  19:38:33    Cathy E ->   Great Job!


  19:38:45    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Julie congrats another Webcaster!!


  19:38:56    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   Walking the airwaves with Julie


  19:38:57    Jose ->   not sure.


  19:39:11    Sarah S ->   Congrats Julie


  19:39:30    JL ->   I grabbed the stream


  19:39:33    Jose ->   Congrats Julie


  19:39:43    JL ->   skype worldbridges for the 'after party'


  19:39:50    Jose ->   cool


  19:39:59    Pam ->   Nice job--!


  19:40:11    JL ->   Bravo


  19:40:15    Jose ->   now let's design some diplomas


  19:40:25    Julie S ->   Thank you to the listeners:)


  19:40:44    Jose ->   Karen coming in a little louder


  19:40:59    kkdenni ->   wish I would have increased the volume sooner!


  19:41:11    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   JULIE< YAHOO, so proud,


  19:41:25    kkdenni ->   Hi cheryl! 


  19:41:35    Jose ->   just caught song at the end


  19:42:41    Jose ->   chills X2


  19:42:54    kkdenni ->   Thanks for including me tonight, julie!  I can't wait to get started!


  19:43:02    cheryloakes proud teacha ->   chills yes


  19:43:11    Julie S ->   You will do great Karen! and if you need a co-host....let me know!





Congratulations!  I enjoyed participating in your Gradcast.  Looking forward to your regular show.  Best of luck.   

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast