Audio & Video, and Second Life Mashups


The more I look at this resource, the more I get the impression that Worldbridges and Webcast Academy are already emerging as Mashups.

Thus leading to the conclusion that it would be sound proposal to enter both into the directory for mashups, and to consider participating on one or more of the

Programming Contests 



I wonder if a mashup is possible between:



Around here, as long as it's tryable, it's possible.   Can you tell us more about the mashups you envision?

A. Some rough major draft steps first: 

1. Trainer creation/compilation of a workshop

- Google Docs

- MS Office

2. Transfer to a Web 2.0 API application

- WiZiQ

3. Promoting the workshop content and event

- WiZiQ tabs, and other networking resources

4. Some kind of Participant Relationship Management tool (One-stop Service and Support Desk)

5. Delivering the workshop

- Second Life/Webcastatorium 

- WiZiQ

The envisioned mashup would need to focus on the interface problems between each process step.


B. From a greater viewpoint, these process steps also fit into the Service Life-Cycle approach of ITIL version 3.

ITIL is now based on five core lifecycle titles:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Here is a graphical overview of the envisioned process:

The Core Framework


C. So I use a more sustaining top-down approach:

1. What to do (system boundaries)

2. How to do it (system processes)

3. What tools to use (system assets)

instead of bottom-up 3., 2., 1.