When is graduation?

Hey Dave and Jeff,

When is graduation? What are our next steps? Arvind and I are having a great time. Thanks for the being so inspriational.

We should make a nice web site badge. Any designers?


- Alex

and to add to that... I've just added an event to the schedule and I'm wondering how to notify everyone in our group- should we have an email list or does everyone just get a notice when we post like this?

you get an email message. Folks have to check on the upcoming events calendar to get notifications... Not sure what the solution is, as to many emails can get overwhelming.

Interns do have the authority to send out newsletters (create content/newsletter). For now, there's only one newsletter, but we could create another- one for interns, one for show announcements. We'd want to find a balance between keeping folks informed and not making them feel 'spammed', but it's quite easy to opt out (unsubscribe) if users want.