I Need Help with audio settings

Hello everyone

I think I will never be able to go beyond week 1 assigments because I'm still not able to record both ends of a skype call. Carla Arena and I used Yugma yesterday and she tried to guide me to set everything correctly. I follow the checklists and tutorials, but Audacity does not show me the pop up box to click on wave out mix, what u hear or stereo mix. It's all gray and not clickable. I guess it's something with my sound card. In my volume control properties, I can't check the option recording when I choose my sound card. Crazy, isn't it? Well, I'm attaching some screen shots of my desktop. Maybe somebody has a tip for me.



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Hi Erika,

If no one solves it before tomorrow morning - let's troubleshoot some more - I should be available almost all day.


Susan Ettenheim

Erika, I am having the SAME problem!! I 'think' it may have to do with our microphone. I just bought a logitec USB mic, BUT it only have one plug in for the mic and earphones, and others things I am reading says we should get a USB mic that has 2 separate plug ins.

Frustrating, I know, but hopefully we can work through this!!



Hello Erika,

    Nice job of documenting your setup Erika.   I have a Realtek soundcard on this new desktop and it was a pretty different type of setup.  Take a look at this screenshot of my setup and see if that suggests any new possibilities.   I wound up using 'Line in/Mic in' as my primary recording device