EFL Bridges World Conversation Club #2

On Sunday May 14th, I was joined by Gustavo from Brazil, Djoko in Canada, Mike in Poland, Felix in China, and Javier in Argentina for the second EFL Bridges World Conversation Club.

In the first part, among other things, we talked about using the Internet for language learning, becoming an EFL teacher, the growth of Chinese, and Djoko also suggested another, special way of learning a foreign language.

World Conversation Club #2a - Download mp3 ( 41:38, 19.06MB)

In the second part we chatted about Worldbridges, podcasting, the two EFL Bridges sites (eflbridges.com and eflbridges.net), practising and learning a language, making mistakes, China & Western opinions of this country.

World Conversation Club #2b - Download mp3 ( 40:00, 18.81MB)

You can read the chat transcript here.


Theme tune: World Turned Upside Down (extract) by Bombskare

Closing Song (part one): Language School Lover by Dead Man's Corner

Closing song (part two): One Love, One World by Craymo

Production Notes:

Technically speaking, I wasn't webcasting. I set up a Skypecast, and Jeff set up the World Bridges stream.

The quality of these recordings is not very good. Some of the people who joined us for the conversation were speaking from a noisy environment, and you can sometimes hear a TV on in the background.

The first part I edited from a recording I made with Powergramo. In the recording you'll notice my voice is lower than most of the others'. I think that has to do with where my microphone was placed, although it didn't affect me being heard during the conversation.

The second part was edited from the recording that Jeff made, and the quality seems to be much better. It seems to be a better mix too.

These two parts are only the first hour of the webcast. I decided to split it up and add music to experiment, and try and make it more interesting/attractive for EFL learners to listen to. As I'm thinking about providing lyrics to the songs and possibly a worksheet, I'd love to know what people think of this.