Help required

I need some serious help. I've followed the screencasts and Carla took me through the steps, but somehow my settings just look different. . Since 1.3 didn't look at all like on the screencast, I choose to use an older version. Basically, I don't get a pop-up window in audacity, after checking all the audio controls and before opening the audio repeater. I'm assuming it's something so basic that I will feel quite silly afterwards.

I've attached a screenshot, so maybe this will help.

Thanks in advance :-) 



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Did you install the Virtual Audio Cables? I'm not seeing the repeater in your screenshot. Also, I see you have the USB mic set for recording (AK 5370). You should have stereo mix, or what u hear (probably different in German) instead. That will need to be done in your audio setup (double-click on the speaker icon at the lower right of your XP screen.

Hi Alice

I tried it again, carefully following the instructions. I had a nice chat with skype lady, but could barely hear her afterwards. When I tried to amplify, there was a lot of static. Could it be my soundcard? I know it's not the best.

And there is no pop-up window in audacity or anywhere else with 'WhatUhear' like in the screencast. hm.

oops, no place to put the scrrencast. I'll try agian.


Illya Arnet-Clark

Hello Illya

I was kind of quiet this week because I was struggling to record a skype call. I have followed the tutorial, adjusted my skype options, volume control, audio repeater, but I can't see the options I need in Audacity. It seems to be something with my sound card that I need to adjust first, but also my mixer device does not allow me to click the recording option when I select my sound card. Carla and I used yugma today and she tried to help me, but she could not find the right options in computer. Any ideas? Where can I attach some screen shots of my audacity otpions and volume control?

Erika Cruvinel