CarlaArena_Recording a Telephony Call - All about Brigadeiros

Dear all,

This time is full of WooHoo moments! Today I had a great time recording a skype call with Erika. I checked my settings before, opened the volume control, opened audacity and then the Audio Repeater (Yes! Don't forget it!). Then, I could see all the waves going on my screen from my side and Erika's end. Perfect! And the conversation? Even more fun!

It was a special one. A meaningful one for us, Brazilians. Brigadeiros, a kind of caramel, sweet and typically Brazilian. We did that especially for Cheryl Oakes as in 2006 when we were in an online session together we gave the group the recipe and Cheryl was a success at her house with her Brazilian Brigadeiros!

Here, you'll get to know how to cook it, roll them and eat until they're over!

If you have any doubts, we'd love to tell you more about this sweet Brazilian treat!


Condensed Milk


1 tablespoon of butter

 Hope you all like it! And this is part of our initial project, BrazilBridges!





I want some brigadeiros too! A most excellent recipe and recording!


Dear Durff,

I just posted and you already listened to it! So Fast!

Well, the brigadeiros are really part of our culture and they are simply irresistible. You'd better try them!

Next week, it's my son's birthday and I'll try to take some neat photos of it for you to have an idea.

More later.



I vote for Christmas care packages all around! 


This is a fantastic example of recording a telephony call.  Well done to you Carla and Erika - I've never recorded a two-way conversation before and you have inspired me to just do it!!

Dear Chrissy,

I had many other frustrated tries in the past, but this time, I played the screencasts, messed with my settings, took notes, checked the audio with the SkypeLady, and magic! I could record what I wanted with a dear friend and partner, Erika. So, just go for it! If you need any help, please let us know. After all, we're a great team of interns.


Carla (skype ID: carlaarena)

You all are indeed an awesome group of interns - I know when I'm outclassed and this is one of those times! 


Oh, did this bring back memories for me! Yes, I did make brigaderios when I was in the webheads 2006 class. It was a blast. I can see why children love them at birthday parties. My boys loved them too! The audio on your 2 way telephony call is excellent. Carla, you are really moving ahead with this class and project.


Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Yes, Cheryl the recording was especially to you! And brigadeiros are part of our culture. Even the ones who don't cook can make them and have spoonfuls of it. Sometimes we don't even wait for it to cool. We eat it hot and keep burning our tongues. It's a family thing. We get in front of the TV and get the pan, spoons and eat together. Other times we roll them for birthday parties and special occasions.

I feel that we're really moving along, but this time is different. It's easier to have a group of people that you feel at ease, that you're discovering things together. Not that the first time it wasn't like that. Jeff was ALWAYS there, but now you are all there for us, plus I'm playing around with friends. So let's keep moving and sambaING, with our mouths with brigadeiro all over!

Thanks for the support.