Help, I can't register or log in...

If you have questions or problems registering or logging in, please add a comment below. (it will not appear immediately, but will appear as soon as someone from the Academy moderation team takes a look).


I already have an account on Webcast Academy. I was an intern in the class of 1.1, but could not complete all the requirements. I would like to register for the class of 4.1, however I could not find any page to do so.

Can you please help me.

Parag Shah

Great to have you back, Parag. There's no need to re-register. Simply log in with your old ID and post a new audio introduction. I will clarify this in the welcome information.

This is my very first time learning webcam. What do I do next? Confuse!

Disregard email. I got now,sorry!

for others who may be confused about how to leave audio or video comments, I just uploaded a screencast to:

Please advise if you are currently registering Interns.  I have basic membership but would like to upgrade to Intern status.

Thank you,




Hello Liz,

People can become interns at any time. The key to getting there is taking the first few steps described here:

Once you've posted your audio intro and conversation recordnig, you will be 'upgraded' to intern status. In the meantime, you should have all the permissions you need to get started. If you let us know you're skype ID, we can add you to the active skype group chat. If you have any questions you can post them there or in the forums.

Good luck,

I tried to open up the registration link and access was denied.  Please help. 

I believe that's because you are already logged in. If you're a member and logged in, you can't access the registration page, but you can access your account by going to