3.x Introductions

3.x sessions of The Webcast Academy are beginning soon.  If you would like to participate, please register and introduce yourself below (text, audio, and/or video) by adding a comment.

Stay tuned for details about the 3.x sessions look through the resources and archives of recent sessions

Hi Everyone, I'm the American expat from Germany coming back for another time around. Joining this course with the outstanding people and cultures participating clearly enhanced my knowledge, skills, and experiences surrounding Webcasting, and its overlap with Web 2.0, mashups, wikis, blogs, virtual worlds, audio and video engineering and other whatnot. I am keen on improving and maturing my capabilities again. Surprisingly, new startling knowledge windows kept opening from this starting point that distracted me from actually finishing the Basic Course [as I prematurely assumed would happen as a Freshman Intern]. James/Eurominuteman

Hello My name is Mireille Massue I live in Toronto I'm very interested in learning about this medium as another communication and education tool I look forward to meeting you all Mireille

Hi everyone,

We're about to get underway with the English-language version of WCA. This time 'round, we're going to be using the Moodle installation at http://webcastacademy.com in an attempt to "Moodle-ize" proceedings and help document our quest for webcasting skills.

Derrall Garrison is going to be joining me as co-facilitator for the upcoming session, and we're going to "get our feet wet" during tonight's (for me) EdTechBrsinstorm.

Derrall and I are interested in doing sessions at a time that "makes sense" for participants -- please let us know your preference(s)

We'd also encourage you to sign-up at the Webcastacademy Moodle if you already haven't.

Doug Symington

Hi Doug, I've wanted to do the webcast academy for a while. Is it too late to join in? Joyce PS If you need some Moodle help, I'm Moodle Admin for my organisation.

Hi Joyce, Thanks for the note, and welcome. Some more audio up today. We really are making this up as we go and I would certainly welcome your moodle expertise (thank you x 3). What time(s) of the week are good for meetings for you? Doug Symington lifelong, intern/webcaster-in-training

Hey Doug, Happy to be Moodle Elf. Weekends good for me. Am in NZ so GMT+12. Sunday night 11 for me is sunday morning 12 in London. Not sure about your time? We can work asynch if needed. Will direct tweet you with other details. Cheers, Joyce

My name is Randy, and I am a rising junior at Manteo High School on the east coast of North Carolina, US. I am really into technology (as you can tell from my blog: http://randynobx.blogspot.com/), and I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family in the summer. Can't wait to start WCA!

Hi Everyone, My name is Derrall Garrison and I'll be co-facilitating the class of 3.x with Doug Symington. In actuality it will be a community that will be supporting and learning together. Everyone will be helping to define what webcasting is and how to work in a virtual collaborative environment. The tools we will be learning to use are really secondary to the connections and creativity and ideas that everyone will be sharing. Doug shared some of the specifics which are being decided upon including times as well as the use of a Moodle to help with the course. I'm looking forward to what should be a fun class.

Hi!!! I'm Marsha Ratzel from Leawood Middle School in Kansas. I am hoping to learn how to webcast so that I can improve the technology I use with my 6th graders in both math and science classes. Once I know what I'm doing, I hope to teach the kids how to do this so they can share what they've learned with a wider audience. Thanks for the chance and I hope to learn lots. marsha

Hi, I am excited to learn about this great opportunity and look forward to participating in the Academy as a basic member. I am a retired elementary principal with over 25 years in that role, and 7 years as a university instructor in teacher education. I have been actively involved with technology and Web 2.0 tools for several years and am eager to learn more. I regularly read many educational bloggers, actively use Twitter, Diigo and Ning as social networks, and have subscribed via RSS feed to lots of podcasts that I listen to daily. I'm also a regular participant in almost all of the ETT webcasts each week. I've taken a number of workshops on podcasting and have learned to use all of the tools including Audacity and Garageband, but I have never created my own podcast. I am responsible for maintaining several wikispaces for AzTEA (Arizona Technology in Education Alliance) and have used many 2.0 tools on the sites. I have taught technology integration courses for pre-service teachers and have presented a number of technology workshops to AZ teachers. I'm hoping to fill in some of the gaps related to webcasting through this experience. I'm especially interested in learning more about streaming video and using ustream.tv on my MacBook Pro. I think I have all of the necessary equipment and software, but don't know how to put it all together to produce a streamed presentation with desktop sharing, video and Skype. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone in the group! Peggy

Parents as Partner guest on 6-16-08. Administrator in Massachusetts. New to web 2.0 in the last 11 months. Interested in the possibilities of web casting which I will try to learn over the next 6 weeks. Cheers. Dennis

I introduced myself a few comments down. Will we be contacted as to when we will start? I try my best to find out when the next meeting is, but I feel like I am missing some. Any help would be welcome.

Hi Randy,
To date we've just had the meetings on Thursday nights (during ETBS) and Saturdays. We're hoping to have the course "moodle-ized" so that interns may work through content at their own speed. We're still working on exactly what this will look like, but there's some more info in the audio I just posted. Let us know what time(s) work best for you.

On a related note, we're going to be using Jing Project to make screen captures of each of steps in the 'casting process for both Mac and Win -- the first of these is posted as a resource in the moodle http://webcastacademy.com

We're also going to try and use http://twemes.com/webcastacademy to keep track of proceedings.

Please don't hesitate to make any suggestions or comments about the WCA and thanks for helping to make the academy better.

Doug Symington

Hi! I'm mrsdurff and I have never known enough to graduate. Happy to learn along with other future webcasters and help out where I can.



Hi all, I'm Joyce, I'm a bit of a mashup, Dutch, living in New Zealand with an American accent I picked up living in Egypt. Currently working as eLearning Advisor at a polytech in the beautiful Hawke's Bay wine region on the east coast of New Zealand. Nice to meet you all. Look forward to working with you. Joyce

Hi Joyce, Love the notion of the "mash-up" -- you're gonna fit right in around here. Doug Symington intern-webcaster-in-training

My name is Mireille said like Me-Ray. I live in Toronto Canada. I was a VP of International Training, left to go on sabbatical for a couple of years. I will be returning to a new job, new company in the fall. I have to find one first. My interest in Webcast Academy is to learn a new tool that I can use to enhance my corporate world. I review training programs for both the education and corporate world for a magazine called Training Media Review www.tmreview.com Just recently I audited an online course on podcasting. Although I'm not reviewing this course, I'm motivated to learn this because of the people involved and because what they do is so inspirational. My plan is to learn more webcasting as another tool I can use to add to my corporate learning toolchest. I tried last summer to attend this course and couldn't complete it but I have made time this summer to complete the course and to participate where I can --- as a volunteer, or contributor. I just think this is so fascintating and I'm very lucky to have found this group. thank you for allowing me in and being so patience with my questions. Mireille

I'm not sure how this class is going to work this time how do I know I'm in and what else do I need to do to prepare myself for the course Mireille

Hi, I'm Linda a gifted support teacher from southeastern Pennsylvania with over 30 years experience in public education. I am a little nervous about having joined webcast academy but am equally excited. I am looking forward to a experience with lots of learning ahead. Linda

Hey Linda!! Seeing you here is like seeing family!!



My name is Lawrie Phipps, I'm an Academic Developer and Programme Manager in the UK. I've been involved in emergent technologies for a little while working with a bunch of folks in the UK on various projects. We're now looking to do some tech shows so I thought I better bite the bullet and do the course properly rather than trying to 'wing it'. Lawrie

I am Vinnie Vrotny, the Director of Academic Technology. I look forward to adding a new skill as well as giving back to a network from which I have gathered so much from.

Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training [riffly_audio]AF4AC6784FDE11DD8A89D6ACAA01D9A4[/riffly_audio]

I like the sound of the Asus more and more.



Hi Durff,

I'm interested in hearing more about what you like about the ASUS. I don't have one but I'm curious. I need to be careful about signing up for so many "free" professional development opportunities. They keep costing me money as I learn about the new tools and equipment that everyone recommends and I think I "must have!"  LOL!


Here's some more info--compliments of wikipedia--on the ASUS eeepc.


I have the 700 series and the 900 has just recently been released. The small keyboard is taking some getting used to, but I'm really liking my weee machine!


Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training

I think/hope this is the place to post introductions for the 3.1.1a Webcast Academy. Some of you might know me as Scott from Tokyo - who's been doing a podcast for a while. For the purpose of learning to webcast, I'm hoping to develop/integrate skills I can use in Second Life. Hence, I'd like to present myself here as my SL avatar's name which is scottlo Scorbal. Hope to be meeting more of you soon.

Nice to meet you!



Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself via text before I attempt to record my audio introduction. My name is Kim Caise and I am from south Texas. I have been an educator for the past 18 years and have been using webcasting with my students for the past two years. I am a big fan of the ed tech shows on ustream and hope to learn a great deal about webcasting from the academy.

How ya doing, Kim!!! What a pleasant surprise to see you here!



My name is Colette Cassinelli and I am a 7-12 technology teacher at a private Catholic school in Beaverton, OR. I have been teaching for over 20+ years - and the last eight in MS/HS technology. I've embraced every new tool thrown my way and have lurked around EdTechTalk long enough to know that I want to learn how to webcast too. I also provide professional development to area Catholic school teachers and my extended PLN. One area that I am interested in pursuing is webcasting with my newly developed girls tech club - Digital Divas 2.0
Colette Cassinelli
[email protected]

All my favorite people are in the webcastacademy! This is excellent!!



I'm Carlos Ferreira I come from Portugal and I like this webtools very much. I teach French (FFL) and Portuguese in a Secondary school in Benavente. I hope I learn a lot as I grew found of this webtools since last september and learned on how to use some of them. Of course, that in this world we learn everyday. I met some excellent people in Webheads and I'm sure I'll find some more in here. See on Sunday... ferreirac

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.



Linda George Technology Integrator Portsmouth, NH


Hi Linda, Good to talk with you during today's session. Great job on the introduction. Nice to see the video comment capabilities being used. Regards Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training

Are you going to go over the top with every assignment? Now, I will never graduate......you're just too good.



Hello Everyone,
I am excited to be here. I am late responding to my email,
therefore not sure if I have to wait until next time to participate.
Either way I am excited for this opportunity.
I am a technology coach at a k-8 special education school
emotionally disturbed self contained classrooms.
the middle school section of my school is participating in a 1:1 initiative program
that gives each teacher and student a laptop. And the teachers receive PD to learn
how to integrate technology into the curricululm. I am exploring other leadership areas of
education, currently I am enrolled in an Administration program at Columbia University.
I am looking to learn more ways to keep our students engaged in the classroom environment as
well as find other resources and opportunities for my teachers.

Sandra Bynum

Hi there,
I'd very much like to join this session and hope I'm not too late. I am a former counselor, now developing socio-educational materials tailored specifically for individuals with disabilities. I'd like to become more fluent with emerging technologies to make my course content "pop"! I see there's a lot to learn.
(update 9/4: I tried to upload an audio file by my access was denied, is there anything I can do?)


I too would like to get into this 3.1 session if possible. I am the technologist for a K-5 Magnet school in Kalamazoo, MI. Thanks!

Hello Kate, Anthony, and anyone else interested in participating in the Class of 3.1,

  We had the last 3.1 sesion on August 25, but will be starting 3.2 as soon as a couple people volunteer to lead the session (most likely sometime in Oct. or Nov).  In the meantime, please feel free to make use of resources in the Book of Webcasting, 3.1 course materials, and screencasts.  You can post any questions in the forums and stop by any webcasts scheduled here, EdTechTalk, or PuentesalMundo.

Look forward to connecting eventually,



I can't believe I'm writing. You would think I would be too embarassed to even come back. aaaaaaaaah

anyway I'm going to try again.

My name is Mireille (said like Me-ray) I'm extremely interested in learning more about webcasting. What I would like to do as part of my homework in these classes is to interview people will be learning webcasting, who have learned how to webcast and who are part of the edtalk program. I'm intrigue by people who have and who are web casting

Toronto, Canada

Hi! I'm Tami Dean and a doctoral student. I am interested in starting with the new 3.2 class. I'm looking forward to getting started!

I just registered and am interested in starting with the new class! I am excited to get started. Anyone know how we will know when 3.2 gets underway?

Tami Dean
Doctoral student, Curriculum & Instruction
Illinois State University


I had participated in 1.1 at Webcast Academy a couple of years back, but unfortunately I could not complete the course.

I would like to register once again, and this time around, I will complete the course :-)

I am a software developer and coach from Pune, India. I am also very interested in the use of online technologies for teaching and sharing knowledge.


After following along in 3 sessions, and muddling around in all the amazing doors that opened:

- from dozens of Web 2.0 applications and mashups,
- to a Ning moderator for Collaborative Translation,
- e-Learning (German smoke-free course together with my medical doctor friend),
- and other social networking stuff,
- Second Life and other 3D virtual worlds,
- Webcasting hardware and software configuration analysis,
- Webcasting process analysis,
- Webcasting outlook for advanced user modules, and other stuff too,

I guess I need to get back to the basic startup module that was the kickoff for this journey, and ultimately give it the finishing touches.

Best, James - Eurominuteman