Session 2.3 Introductions

Welcome to new interns and welcome back to returning interns.  Our session will meet for 5 Sundays at 17:00 GMT starting on October 14th.  Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in learning how to webcast.  
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Hi Everyone, 

I'll be co-facilitating this session with Jeff Lebow and Graham Stanley.  I am an educator interested in collaborative use of technology. Webcasting allows for making connections with other teachers around the world dealing with the same challenges and successes for the use of technology in the 21st century classroom.  Looking forward to a great session!

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

Hi, José.

I'm looking forward to the Class of 2.3 session, and I agree that webcasting is a terrific way to make new global connections with others who are dealing with the challenges and successes that go along with computer-mediated teaching and learning. At this point, I'm confident I'll encounter plenty of challenges in the weeks to come, but I also hope there will be some successes along the way as well.

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix


Dennis in Phoenix





   Hi, everyone.

I'm an adult ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona, but am currently on leave from teaching. I've been involved in ESL for more than 30 years, and have been interested in (and to varying degrees involved in) computer-mediated teaching and learning since personal computers and, later, the Internet became widely available. I've had materials (most very "Web 1.0") online since the mid-1990s, and I was also heavily involved in "Dave's ESL Cafe on the Web" in its early days. More recently, I've been involved in blogging and have participated in a number of Skype-based projects.

I'm particularly interested in online audio and have used Audacity for several years to make class materials. I also see the potential of streamed audio (and video). Because I admire what's being done here by Jeff, Dave, and all those who have gone through the training sessions, I want to learn how to webcast myself.

 Hi Dennis,

great to see your friendly face here and look forward to speaking live soon.

 All the best,


Graham Stanley

Barcelona, Spain

Skype: bonavista99

Yahoo: blogefl

Thanks for the warm welcome, Graham. I'm looking to speaking live as well—and to the journey of the Class of 2.3. Best wishes— Dennis in Phoenix

As Jose said, I'll be co-facilitating this session with him and Jeff - I just hope I can keep up, as I've not been webcasting for a while now (but, hey! It's like riding a bike) - I was hosting the EFLBridges 'World Conversation Club' and hope to start something along those lines again soon.

I am an EFL teacher based in Barcelona, Spain, where I mainly teach young learners. I'm also an ICT co-ordinator and am very interested in emerging technologies and how they can be used to support learning.

I came to webcasting after first becoming interested in podcasting - I think that it has so much potential for bringing people together and am really looking forward to getting stuck into this session and meeting you all.

Graham Stanley

Skype: eflbridges / bonavista99

Hi, I am the Technology Integration Coordinator for Walled Lake Schools, a district in SE Michigan.  I have met many people through the Women of the Web 2.0 who have nothing but good things to say about the Webcast Academy.  I also attend their webcasts on Wednesday evenings whenever I can.  I have a blog, called Yes Tech!, so you can go there to learn more about me.  I look forward to connecting and learning with new folks!

Hello everyone!  I am an Educator in Northeastern North Carolina.  I have been in education for 18 years.  For the past 4 years I have been on loan to the Instructional Technology Division of the NC Department of Public Instruction.  I provide professional development to educators seeking to integrate technology into the curriculum. 

Personally, I am always looking for ways to grow professionally.  I feel that webcasting is a way to reach a larger community of learners.  I hope to be successful in this endeavor so that it becomes a tool as I expand my horizon.  I look forward to reading the introductions and getting to know others sharing the same interests.  Until later...      


Hi Deborah, pleased to meet you, and look forward to hearing more about your ideas for webcasting projects soon.



Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain

Skype: bonavista99 / eflbridges

Yahoo: blogefl

I am an educator from Guilford County in North Carolina.  I have 30 years experience and have enjoyed integrating technology into the curriculum while learning how to use new tools.  To reach students and teachers beyond the county in which I was employed, I accepted a position as a teacher on loan with North Carolina Department of Public Instruction where I traveled across the state providing staff development to teachers K-12.  I am a life long learners and look forward to learning from all of you.

Hi Gail 


Welcome to the Webcast Academy! We look forward to getting to know you better and to learning from you too...


All the best,



Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain

Skype: bonavista99 / eflbridges

Yahoo: blogefl


I am a US citizen and German-trained industrial engineer, and German & US business administrator. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but I have been living in southern Germany since 1970. My mother was German.

I preferably work as a freelancer. Since the year 1988, I have been affiliated with the EU Commission as an information consultant, and I readily perform projects in the areas of project management, quality management, information management, and as a top-level document author, technical & business writer, translator, proofreader, e-learning tutor, or interpreter. Bilingual and cross-cultural adult education as trainer and corporate coach is also a strength that you can expect from me.

After considering to enhance into multimedia translation services & e-learning, and then wanting to produce a bi-lingual video resume, I eventually ran across webcasting and the Webcast Academy.

Nice to meet y'all...



Nice to meet you James!

it sounds like you wear a lot of different hats! I'm sure you'll be adding 'webcaster' to the variety of roles you mention and I also look forward to talking to you about your experience with cross-cultural education.





Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain

Skype: eflbridges / bonavista99

Yahoo: blogefl

Hello Interns,

I am a fifth grade teacher on Long Island, New York.  I am in love with technology and learning and connecting. 

This is my second go-round in the webcast academy.  I am presently putting on a monthly show with Susan VG and Cheryl Lykowski called Teacher Talk.  We can be found at our studio here at the Webcast Academy.  This month, we are introducing video to our stream.  So many new things to learn all the time.  I am glad to have the support of my friends at the Webcast Academy to help me through.


Lisa Parisi

"I teach, therefore, I am."

Ladies from Teacher talk pushing the Webcast Academy frontier!


Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

Hello everyone,

I am from China. a TV journalist. To avoid name confusion just call me Spice as there is another Jane in this class too. Also Spice is the name I have been using on air for over 20 years that I like:) Anyway, I am delighted to be a member of the webcast academy community. I look forward to learning from all of you, especially from Jeff who creates this world for me to learn webcasting technology and how to connect to people from all over the world in an English environment. I think that will be my task to manage making Chinese educational bilingual in distance/international live webcasting in Chinese as well in English hopefully for the soon future since I am producing education show for our TV. We will be expecting to expand out of China although we do upload our TV programs on the internet already. So I am happy here and enjoy this new challenge. Thank you!


Jane Jiang/ Spice from CN

Giving our class an international flair, our first Chinese participant!  Worldbridges truly brings educators from all over the word together.  Just check out other interns.  Next, any interested webcasters from Africa?   I did see a registration from Russia. 

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

Hi Spice

very pleased to meet you - sounds like an exciting project you have planned - I look forward to hearing more about it soon.

All the best,


Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain Skype: bonavista99 Yahoo: blogefl

I'm an educational consultant in Montreal in Quebec, Canada. I'm a returning intern. I love being part of the group for the support it gives, the incredible people I learn with and the wonderful sense of community. I love the potential of technology, the possibilities for communication and the opportunities for collaboration. I do lot of professional development for teachers and like to put myself in the position of learner and risk-taker both because I love learning new things and because I like to model what I want the teachers to do. To that end, I am working on an intern show with Lisa P and Cheryl L - who are now my friends as well as webcast partners. My goals in being part of this group are to keep challenging myself to learn more, to help others along the way and to move a little closer to my graduation with the class of 2017. Susan

Hi Susan 

great to see you here too - an intern show is a fabulous idea - I think the great thing about this type of technology and the way the webcast academy works is that it puts so many different educators from different fields together and gives them the opportunity to share experiences and collaborate on projects

Look forward to speaking to you live.


Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain

Skype: bonavista99 / eflbridges

Hello to all,

I am Cheryl Oakes, a member of Webcast Academy 1.2, still an intern. I co-facilitated the Summer session of WCA with Susan Ettenheim. I am so please to see the new interns, returning interns and Jose and Graham. This is a great community. All you need to do is ask a question in SKYPEchat and within minutes someone will be online checking and giving you help. Some of us interns keep coming back and hanging out.  Good luck and hope to see you in the skypechat.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

 Hi Cheryl, great to see you here - you're right about this being a great community - something must be right when people keep coming back again and again.

Graham Stanley Barcelona, Spain

Skype: eflbridges/bonavista99

Yahoo: blogefl

This will be my first experience with webcasting and I am a little nervous.My goal last year was to learn how to podcast and that was really fun. I really want to learn to use more Web 2.0 tools. I am a middle school teacher of 7th graders in Oregon. I have been teaching middle school for 27 years, and it is always something new each day. My students love the new technologies that I have been introducing to them.

I am glad to know that I can come back again for more help. See you all on Sunday. 

Welcome to all new interns! I helped a new group this past summer. In the fall, I tend to get very busy with school, but I'd be glad to help whenever possible. I broadcast on a Mac using Nicecast every Wednesday evening, 9pm Eastern time. Please join us and practice participating! I also broadcast from an HP tablet using Simplecast at school. 


Susan Ettenheim

I just had a really good introduction to me.  Then it went away.  Here's the short version so that I can go grab a few minutes with my kids this morning!

11 years in education.  I was going to be a high school social studies teacher, but plan B trumped plan A and I landed on the technology end of educational technology.

Plan B and Plan A conflicted over time.  I loved what I was being exposed to in terms of teaching and learning while working as a district-level administrator in a large district.  The boxes and wires stuff really started draining my passion.  At the same time (around 2002) I started playing around with this "blogging" thing.  It took me about 5 minutes after learning the definition of "podcast" in late 2004 to buy one for my wife.  :o)

Today I'm happily playing as a K12 educational technology professional development guy for a regional service agency.  I enjoy playing at the cutting edge of things and helping to filter out what works vs. what doesn't.  I'm also fascinated watching how online communities learn and scale.

Webcasting production is one of the few things I haven't tried.  My comfort zone is with pixels in the form of letters and images.  I look forward to exploring possibilities of audio and video with this group of folks.


Hi eveyone:

 I'm an educator with particular interests in informal (Open Ed ) and formal online learning, and a faculty support staff at George Mason Univ.,  so interested in developing webcasting skills to apply in all these areas. I'm busy teaching a couple classes this semester in addition to my day job so hope I can keep up... and will probably have more time later in the 6week cycle.

My name is Jim Dornberg, and I'm an instructional technology specialist for the Monroe County Intermediate School District in southeast Michigan.  This is my first time as an intern.  I can thank Cheryl Lykowski for introducing me to the Webcast Academy.  I'm interested in learning all I can about using this technology to connect teachers and students from all over the world.  I'm very interested to see where everyone is from and very anxious to get started.

My name is Susan Dornberg.  I am the Tech Coordinator for Gesu School in Toledo, OH.  This is my first intern and I can thank my husband, who is also participating, for this experience.  I am excited to learn how to webcast.  I am hoping to use webcasting with my students as well as professional development with the teachers.

Hi everyone, my name is Cindy Phthisic.   I'm an instructional technologist in Northeastern NC.  I'm a returning Webcast Academy participant from 2.2.1.  Since the last class I've been chasing my boys from ball game to ball game and haven't had a chance to really test what I learned. I'm ready to bite the bullet and move forward.

I've been hooked on World Bridges Edtech Talk channel since March of 2007.  It's been a very rewarding experience.  I've learned so much from all of you! 

"See" you in class.

I'm a sixth grade math and science teacher in Cupertino CA. I feel like I'm drowning in too much work to try this in during the school year, but the supportive atmosphere makes me want to give it a try. I've been wanting to incorporate webstreaming into my classroom for awhile either to interact with other classrooms or to bring knowledge professionals/professors to the students. 

Hello Everyone! My name is RAFAEL I am the newest intern. I consider myself a tech person and I look forward to create a network of professionals around the world. I have been teaching for 7 years and I love my job. I hope to share and gather ideas with you guys. THANKS

My name is Mireille said like Me-Ray.  I'm a corporate educator on sabbatical till next year.  Unfortunately I'm just starting now as I was away out of the country for the last three weeks.

My interest in this course is to learn another way of using technology to educate.

I'm amazed at all the possibilities and the generousity that is displayed. 

I think it's going to be alot of fun learn here and I'm looking forward to it.

thanks for the opportunity



My name is Jay Bennett and I am a stay at home dad and online teacher for the Michigan Virtual Schools.  I teach social studies classes and I am also the Department Chair for the Multidisciplinary Department.  I look forward to working with all of you and I will see you later!

Jay Bennett

Michigan Virtual Schools

Hi eveyone:

 I'm going to try to do this again -- my intro is below Rick Reo.