Class of 2.2

Class of 2.2 Meetings

Academy Session 2.2.4

Collaborative Agenda for Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.4

Interns, feel free to edit this page to add agenda items and/or questions for this meeting.
(don't worry, revisions are made automatically, so you can't do any long-term harm)


  a) checking audio levels before showtime
                (From Lisa P. - I would love to learn how to adjust audio levels during a show.  I tried and tried but...)

  b)  options beyond a skype conference - Skypecast, Talkshoe, Elluminate, teleconferences, etc.

  c) webcasting possibilities after the academy - how do we start our own show & where do we do it (worldbridges, edtechtalk, etc)?
       see for a list of Worldbridges domains waiting to be developing into webcasting communities

  d) adding music while editing & during a live show

  e) how is this financed, do we have to pay someone something, what are a graduate's ongoing contributions or responsibilities to the community?

Cables and audio and skype OH MY!
Cables and audio and skype OH MY!
Cables and audio and skype OH MY!

We're off to finally webcast in the wonderful land of Worldbridges!......

We are all winding down and winding up in the fourth week of Webcast Academy. I have to tell you, that on Monday when I had to work all day, from 7 am to 7 pm, when I finally had a chance to open skype and wait for my WCA messages, there were 322! What a great way to keep in touch and check out what is happening from the wonderful Open Source Learning 2.0 community. Jose R said it best, for me anyway, thanks Jose!
    I think I first heard the term; "Open Source Learning" in chat in the Webcast Academy.  I thought I knew what it was. I figured it referred to us choose what content we wanted to learn on the internet.  I heard Will Richardson refer to ideas on the Read-Write Web and the like.  I also keep up with other superbloggers like Wesley Fryer, Miguel Ghulin, David Warlick, Christopher Sessums, Steven Downes just to name a few.  I even particpated in K12Online last year and Web Heads in Action Online Conference this year along with Necc2007 not to mention everything happening at edtechtalk.  Nevertheless understanding comes through the practice or application and not theory.  Not until Webcast Academy did I begin to understand Open Source Learning. It just all clicked today.  I got a call from Kevin Sandridge a teacher in central Florida, we had a long talk about web 2.0 and implications for Second Language Learners, Yesterday Susan was asking about classes to recruit for youthbridges. I had a conversation with Chris Craft about a project on digital storytelling on Friday.  And Today it just came all together.  Dennis was uploading his file to Webcast Academy. It didn't show up in the flash player.  I thought I would help out.  How hard could it be.  80 minutes later with Susan patiently waiting on the sidelines we defeated the audacity gremlins and sucessfully uploaded the file.  I felt great and was happy to be able to contribute.  Open Source Learning means building on collective knowledge.  NOW, I've GOT IT!  

So, in the spirit of Open Source Learning and Learning 2.0 , Susan, Jeff and I would like to include you in making the agenda for Meeting #4.
Susan, Jeff and I would like to include you in making the agenda for Meeting #4.
In the curriculum it indicates that we should be talking about advance editing, adding music at the beginning or end, or both ..... We would also like to address any little things that may be wandering around in cyberspace. Please email us, or put a message in the Forum or in the WCA chat on skype. The first Webcast Academy graduated added a page to the book of webcasting for our open source agenda. Created a page for 2.2.4 at: ( If two people try to edit it at the same time, whoever clicks first will have their version saved, the other will get a message that the page has been edited but will still have their changes visible, so they can copy, reload, and paste .)


Webcast Academy Session 2.2.5

Collaborative Agenda for Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.5

Interns, feel free to edit this page to add agenda items and/or questions for this meeting.
(don't worry, revisions are made automatically, so you can't do any long-term harm) click on the title of this post to see the full agenda

This is the day you thought was so far away just 5 weeks ago. Susan and I feel the same way! First we have to say Have a great vacation to Jeff Lebow as he is taking a well deserved break from Worldbridges and Edtechtalk. Welcome to Dave Cormier who has been participating in the WCA chat at skype.

1. Music
Please add resources that you use to this forum post. When you add links, be sure to explain how to actually capture the mp3 file and any other instructions needed to make good use of your suggested site.

2. Participate at edtechtalk!

Remember there are many shows at Edtechtalk and Worldbridges that you can participate in weekly. You can chat and ask to be invited into the skype.

Additional note to this item: This week, after a great show, Cheryl L said, "I am so excited that through the webcast I connected with someone who loves monarchs as much as I - who would've thought. It's connections like this that keep me going." This is the essence of webcasting! Connecting!! Soooo, what's the difference between podcasting and webcasting and what do we need to put on our checklist to make sure that we take advantage of the live nature of webcasting? Please add your thoughts and experiences to this forum post and then we will add all information to the Book of Webcasting
What does it mean to connect through webcasting?

3. What's next?
However, if you want to continue streaming how about the following?
Suggestion for continuing this collaborative learning, what do you think?
Create a time, weekly or bi-monthly, for different interns to sign up to stream a show so the interns can still meet.
Make some day and time suggestions to see if you can continue the learning 2.0!

4. Kick the Stream
Kick the Stream- you can sign up to take part in kicking the stream during the class. You will need to stream during this activity.
Susan Ettenheim
Cheryl Oakes
add your name here! (all you have to do is be ready to stream)