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Reflecting on It's Elementary

This was cross-posted on my website at Inside Edition: It's Elementary behind the scenes... 

It’s Elementary » Blog Archive » It’s Elementary Show #3 Podcasts - Just Listen to Me! If you check it out, the show is surprisingly good and we sound like we know what we’re doing, but this show had some real pain behind it…


Sigh! This has not been a productive week for me at WCA. I've got two shows that I could edit and post, but I'm wiped. Calendar is starting to get too full. In addition I can't make the class tonight. I'm feeling really flaky at this point. I can get the show(s) edited in the next few days, but is there a "due date" (like tonight), or can I send it along later?

Reflection on the week+

My VAC/Dracula post is more of a micro-blog reflection. Here is more...

There is the argument in 2¢ Worth » In Response — The Need for “Web 2.0?
about what's really new about Web 2.0?

Now I know how Dracula feels about garlic...

Seeing or hearing the word virtual audio cables is now enough to make me shudder in fear and revulsion.

Skype Conference How-to

Did this screencast:

On how to make a conference call. Had to redo audio (which made it better) because the telephony set up for Audacity did not work for CamStudio. 

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