Thomas Sheppard

This is my introduction for the 4.1 Class of Webcast Academy.


Very well done!Welcome to the milieu!!

Well, hi Thom - fancy meeting you here or perhaps not given our mutual interests in mcasting. What kind of headset are you using? I don't know if this is the best forum for this question but I would like to find out a recommended headset for mcasting (one that works well enough for podcasting, screen casting, and live web casting).

Hi Rick,

Nice to talk to you again. I was glad to see you on the class 4.1 list when I joined up. I like the Plantronics headsets ( for my jr high students to use in class. I have the ones that plug into the jacks on the computer but the usb ones are supposed to be better. The sound quality is good and it is all you really need.

I recorded my assignments using a Tascam US-122L audio interface and Tascam LD-74 mic. It belongs to my school and it all came in a box called a TNT Bundle, which I am not sure they are selling anymore. For the mcast project at AU, I have ordered the m-audio mobile pre ( and MXL 990 Condenser mic ( I had to balance ease of use for newbies against top quality audio recordings. I am also getting into podcasting for my project and it requires better sound, but honestly, the Plantronics is so good sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

I hope we get a chance to chat soon.


Thanks. I am really looking forward to learning more about podcasting.