Webcaster Report - Alex Ragone

Webcasting Setup:

General Setup:

- Create a space for your site either on one of the WorldBridges networks or your own site.
- Create a Feedburner Feed
- List Show in iTunes Directory (you need a feedburner feed to list your show in the iTunes Directory)

- Dell GX620 - SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Card
- USB Mic Logitech
- Headphones
- Treo 600 cameraphone (for low res pics)

- Simplecast
- Audio Repeater
- Skype
- Audacity
- Browser: Firefox, Flock, or Internet Explorer
- Filezilla

- show topic creation (1-2 weeks ahead). We've actually started to brainstorm a few weeks ahead. Some weeks we do a few weeks in advance, sometimes we create the show topic the Monday or Tuesday before the show. Update the EdTechTalk website with topic so folks know what the topic will be.
- add show to Google calendar and Edtechtalk Site (we use a repeat calendar on the Google calendar)
- show goal/topic finalized - 2-3 days before show

Day of Webcast:
- Webcast setup (30 mins before webcast)
- Open and configure programs
- Log into Chat Room
- Make sure everyone is in Skype call and audio levels are alright
- Confirm that either Simplecast or Audacity are recording the stream

- Start Stream:

- In: Welcome to 21st Century Learning #10 broadcasting live on the EdTechTalk channel of the WorldBridges Network on July 14, 2006 from New York, New York -- I'm Alex Ragone and I want to welcome my co-host, Arvind Grover. Hi Arvind.
If you'd like to join in the chat, you can do so at www.edtechtalk.com/chat. (or if we are looking for user participation -- Skype me at alex.ragone).

- Mid-Show Identification: This is 21st Century Learning broadcasting on the EdTechTalk channel of the WorldBridges Network -- If you'd like to join in the chat, you can do so at www.edtechtalk/chat.

- Out: Thanks for listening -- Let us know what you think at www.edtechtalk.com.

- Cut audio and export to mp3 (see Jeff's Audio Tutorials for audio fixing). Some days I'll add a new in if the in was bad or I did not identify the show well. More prep on the in the better. Add the mp3 tags to the file -- making sure to identify author, title of show, web site address, date, license. Update: Just figured out Audacity -- Had to select my sound card in the File-> Preferences menu.

- Create new story on web site (copy from the last week's and edit.

- Upload file to server and publish story. I've had to ftp to the edtechtalk server -- I still haven't been able to get the upload in the drupal story to work. I use FileZilla to upload.

- We also upload our story on the OurMedia as our original feedburner feed started there. I use the OurMedia Uploader to do that.


- Figuring out how to get download stats, etc. from the website.

- Example of an e-mail asking someone to be on the show?

- How to add chat notes to your story?