Site Orientation

We hope the Webcast Academy will provide useful resources and connections to all those who spend time here. Below is some information about the types or resources available and how to  find your way around at this site.

Most resources are publicly available and licensed under a Creative Commons agreement and it is not necessary to register in order to listen to webcasts or participate in the text chat room.
However, in order to post comments or participate in the forum discussions, visitors need to...

 To make it a little more challenging for spammers, new registrations now require moderator approval. Hopefully, it won't take long. If you don't get activated after a day or two, use the contact form here to send us a 'Hey! Please activate my account!' note.

Complete your profile please - click my account/edit
This is important so you can connect with other community members for your own learning and sharing.

Book of Webcasting
This is the place to start, a collaborative resource, and the place where we all add constantly updated information. This is the place where you will add your own new knowledge. You are currently in the Book of Webcasting.  You can track your progress through the Book from the navigation block in the upper left hand sidebar of this site.

Forums - This is the place for posting questions and finding help.

FAQ -  The place to look for relatively simple answers to  frequently asked questions.

Blogs - Where interns post reflection on their webcasting journey.

Chat Room and Listen (top nav bar) - During our webcasts, we use the Chat Room to text one another. You can use this room anytime you would like to. The Listen page gives you the links to open your particular audio player to hear the live webcasts.