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Webcast Academy Meeting

Working with Nicecast/skype/Sandbox

This is an all in one reflection about Nicecast, hijacking, archiving,master gain, using a microphone.
On Sunday with lots of help from Alice and Jeff I was able to webcast in Sandbox B.
Nicecast is a free software, great to use as long as you don't go over 20 minutes. After the 20 min. you get white noise. Also, Nicecast on my older G3 ibook would skip with the stream, the hard drive was just too full and too old. So, today I migrated over to my new Macbook, with dual intel processor. However, Nicecast has some settings that need to be selected, checked and rechecked.
Thanks to Alice for her coaching. Please see Alice's hints for nice cast set up.

Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a

Class of 1.2, Workshop#3a
Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills

August 13, 2006
Download mp3
(20.4MB, 44:36)

Class of 1.2, Workshop 2

Class of 1.2, Workshops#1A & 1B - Two way Telephony Recording

Class of 1.2, Workshop#1b
August 2, 2006
Download mp3
(23.5MB, 51:22)

Class of 1.2, Workshop#1a
July 30, 2006
Download mp3
(26.1MB, 57:00)

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