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The Webcast Academy is/was a hands on, collaborative community for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive
webcasts. The site is on 'indefinite hiatus', but everyone is still welcome to register, check out the resources, and post content and/or questions. Perhaps they will help get the ball rolling again. 


Some of the "usual suspects" get together to discuss the "state of the academy."

You can also catch more on WCA at this week's ETBS


Conversation with John, Jeff, Derrall, Matt, and Doug about this section of the Webcastacademy and how we approach the "moodle-ization" of course content and how to progress with the Academy.

3.x Planning Session

We're getting underway with another section of the Academy. We've discussed having meetings at 9:00 PM Thursdays [during the same hour as EdTechBrainstorm]; however, we're interested in having webcasts at times that work for interested interns.

This weekend we're going to have an open house World Date and Time here 

Student Tech Talk-Episode #5

Ocean Hour: Earthcast08

Jason Robertshaw and guests, during "Ocean Hour" of Earthcast08.

Creating Ripples: Barbara Dieu

Here's the audio from Barbara Dieu's "Creating Ripples" presentation to the Braz-Tesol, Goiania Chapter, May 30, 2008.

Bee has shared the slides for her talk here:

Student Tech Talk Episode

Another edition of "Student Tech Talk." Listen to a small group of students talk a little bit about politics and educational technology.  This is a group of students that I'm hoping will continue with the world of webcasting as they move into high school next year.  If you listen to them I'll think you'll agree that they have some pretty awesome webcasting skills!!


People and Places with Michael Coghlan

First Stop of People and places was Adelaide. We had a pleasant chat with Michael Coghlan about his home town and his travels around the world. A conversation worth listening to.

Gradcast Karen Dennis 2008-5-27

Here it is!  My Gradcast!  A very special Thank You to Laura Vedeen for being my guest, and to all who participated and helped me out along the way! Here is the link to my portfolio

Please see attached for chat log!

Interncast #3 - Matt Montagne

This is a conversation with three of my students about technology, society and culture.  My goal with these student webcasts is to kind of sit back and let the students take over.  So they do the intro, the outro, and hopefully moderate the flow of the conversation. 

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