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Screencast! Nicecast Set-Up with USB Mic

also see­

Screencast! Nicecast Set-up for Mac and USB headsets­


Meeting 2.2.6 - 2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.6
2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and  Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking
Sept. 2, 2007

  • Equinox Webcastathon - Sept. 21-23  
  • Class of 2.3 (aiming for a mid-Oct. start)
    Overview of session leader duties

  •  'Advanced topic' sessions for interns, past and present
    (i.e. advanced audio editing, desktop sharing, SL casting, show management, conference casting)

  • Academy Tweaking
    • Producing more FAQ's
    • Book Editing
  • post any FAQ (create content/ faq ) whether you have the answer or not, link to other resources (book pages, screencasts, or forum topics if appropriate)
  • edit or add any book page you think needs clarification, move content under 'curriculum' to main sections,
  • Class of 2.2 Feedback
  •  Create assessment tool (perhaps at to get feedback from 2.2'ers
  • Assignment Rubric / Certification and Graduation

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Simple Conversation Recording Programs

Recording both ends of a telephony call is necessary in order to stream and record a live, interactive webcast. This is usually the trickiest part of webcasting as most systems are not set up to record your voice and those on the other end of the call.

Week #5 Using and bridging different webcast environments and programs

Skills:  Being able to stream live audio from various environments. 


Resources: ­

Recording & Editing Audio

Recording Audio is at heart of  live, interactive webcasting.  Below is a list of programs and resources we use at theWebcast Academy to learn about audio.  The particular tools we use and how we make use of audio on this site is always evolving, so some of these materials may be outdated.


Below is a list of different courses (or learning modules) offered by the Webcast Academy.  As of February 2008, we have only offered a general overview of live, interactive webcasting (henceforth referred to as 'The Basic Program').  For years, we have discussed the possibilities of developing 'advanced' courses and (hopefully) they will now be collaboratively developed below.

Streaming (webcasting) with a Mac


Nicecast - A Summary of Tips and Tricks

When streaming on a Macintosh computer, you are going to encounter your own special challenges. I will include here the links to some of our discoveries here at the Webcast Academy. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to Skype someone when in dire straights. You can contact me at any time for any reason but I am always messing around with Mac stuff so I enjoy problem solving. Happy Streaming!

New Nicecast Screencast

 I just finished a new  Nicecast Screencast.

I tried a new version of screencasting. I made the camera follow the cursor. Just experimenting with SnapZPro X. The Nicecast tutorial I created before had some incorrect set up instructions in them so I am working on a new version. This now replaces the video shown in the Book of Webcasting. I kept the same URL address so if you used the last one as a link or reference, it will now show the new video.

Let me know if this style video makes you too dizzy! It is "kinda rapid"! ~Lee

All About Compressors and Limiters

What is a Compressor?

A Compressor is a programmable gain(increase in signal strength or intensity) controller designed to decrease the difference in level between quiet and loud signals passing through it. The official definition is a programmable amplifier designed to decrease the difference in level between quiet and loud signals passing through it.

What is a Limiter?

A Limiter is a gain controller whose output goes so high but no further, and above a selectable point any increase in level at its input is not reflected in any increase in level at its output.

How do they Relate to Each Other?

These two functions are related, and can often come together. If dynamic range were a room then a compressor adjusts both the floor and the ceiling, and a limiter adjusts only the ceiling.

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