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Parents as Partners

This is a two way recording of a Skype to Skypeout conversation conducted with a parent, Rhoda Cipparone from Niagara Falls Ontario. The SkypeOut made it difficult to keep sound levels the same. Recording the Skype call was easy using nicecast and my MacBook Pro. Moderating and good interview style is very much a work in progress.


Lorna's show

Lorna, I think you have a great thing going with your "Parents as Partners" show.  I enjoyed hearing you chat with your guest.  Audio clear and specs on target.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

Adults speaking about what matters most for student learning

Great interview with a natural exchange. You have really thought up a missing part of our school communities, and one that will appeal outside of your district. This is going to really be generating great conversations in your community. I will be sharing your project in my district because what you are doing is filling a big need of bringing together two components of making our students successful. If more districts did this I think address issues like NCLB and students achievement could be more closely understood. Oh yes, I almost forgot I'm supposed to look at audio specs, everything looks perfect :)

Fantastic sample!

Hi Lorna-

Your two way skype call was FANTASTIC!  I think you have a wonderful idea here for a regular webcast - parents connecting with teachers to work together towards a common goal is definitely something that needs to happen more!  Your call recording sounded great - it sounded like a radio show with you Skyping out to Rhoda who was on a phone.

 I look forward to further episodes of "Parents as Partners" Lorna!



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