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Alice Mercer (Miz Mercer)


Well, this has not been a straight road. The first week was like going down Highway 1 during the rainy season when parts of it regularly wash out. Once I was through that, it was like rush hour on the 405 (Southern Calif) or 80 (Bay Area), with progress, but slow. I knew I would get there, but I still had to think about what I was doing at each step. Now, I'm amazed at how fast I can get a show going. It's like cruising down Highway 5 on a weekday (at 85 mph). You're at the Grapevine before you know it!

I could not have done this without the invaluable assistance of all of you! Your support, and encouragement was a boon during those difficult first days with VAC. Your positive words for my meager efforts brought sunshine to my day. This has been fantastic.

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
I ask Maria for advice on teaching primary students about computers.
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
James Farmer and I discuss education and edublogs.
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
Dave and I discuss teaching. His money quote, adjusting the instruction for the teacher's style is just as important as adjusting it for the students.


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Alice Graduation Requirements Assessment

Graduation Requirements Assessment
Assignments: ^^
Interncasts: 000
Gradcast: 0
Setup Desciption: ^
Webcaster Portfolio:
0 a bit more description of challenges faced and lessons learned from interncasts would be good

Almost there Alice, just need to fix bitrate issues, standardize filenaming, and bulk up your portfolio a bit.  From recent webcasts, sounds like you've solved the microphone crackle issue.


Great job, and glad to be at your graduation ceremony. Good luck and many more.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

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