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Hello Liz,

Good to have you here and see you taking the first steps. Audio specifications are good, but there's definitely an echo. Any chance you had your speakers on while recording? If not that, any ideas about what might have caused the echo?


plato Liz Lambert

Hello Liz,

People can become interns at any time. The key to getting there is taking the first few steps described here:

Once you've posted your audio intro and conversation recordnig, you will be 'upgraded' to intern status. In the meantime, you should have all the permissions you need to get started. If you let us know you're skype ID, we can add you to the active skype group chat. If you have any questions you can post them there or in the forums.

Good luck,

jeff Help, I can't register or log in...

Please advise if you are currently registering Interns.  I have basic membership but would like to upgrade to Intern status.

Thank you,




lizlambert Help, I can't register or log in...

Good to have you aboard, Rosemary.
To follow up on Durff's comment,
information about Audio Specifications is at:
screencast Guide is here:

jeff Princess Pod's Introduction

Nice introduction. The flash player didn't appear, which often means the settings need to be tweaked. I remember one year that I redid my intro numerous times before that flash player showed up just because I wanted to 'rule the Pod' over coordinatortwo.
Your intro cut off early, and that may well have been my old jalopy of a machine.
Welcome to the Pod Rulers!

Durff Princess Pod's Introduction

I record Skype conversations with SkypeCap...

Anonymous Two Way Skype Call Recording

It is a good idea to aim for the best quality possible for source audio. That's one advantage of using Audacity - you get totally raw, uncompressed audio to edit.

However, when recording telephony calls (as opposed to hifi recordings of a symphony), things like mic quality and background noise are probably more significant than whether one's working from an uncompressed audio source or not. Another reason I like skype call recorder is that it allows for a 128kbs mono mp3 recording. Since we publish at 64kbs, it gives us a higher quality source audio to edit. I like to record in mono because there usually isn't any stereo component to a telephony call and recording a single 128kbs track essentially provides the same quality as recording 256kbs stereo tracks.

jeff Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

Thanks for the feedback. I tried looking in Pamela for audio settings but could not find anything. I'll give Skype Call Recorder a try.

I was thinking that if I wanted to keep the quality of audio high that I had to record in an uncompressed format like .wav. I read that if you edit an mp3 file in Audacity that audio quality becomes a problem because you are compressing it again once you save and export as an mp3. Not sure about this so i though I would ask.


tomshepp Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom
Sorry we missed you Thomas.   We're very open to scheduling live sessions at time that are more convenient for folks who aren't able to attend that Thursday 10pmEDT time slot.  What days/times would work best for you?
You can see the recording of the entire EdTechBrainstorm/Webcast Academy Live Lab session below.  Webcam fun starts around 39:00.  Not a lot of specific instruction, but lots of experimentation and general Academy chat.  As far as using Ustream, if you haven't already done so, make sure to check to check out The Streaming using Windows: page and Ustream related  this screencast.

Good Luck,

jeff Let's Get Together


Sorry I did not attend the conference. It was 11:30pm here and I went to be and forgot all about it. Can someone fill me in on some of the more important points I may have missed?

I have signed up for and I plan to arrange a session soon. Trying to line-up a couple friends to help out.


Anonymous Let's Get Together

good job

I liked your questions

I liked how you summarized the answers.

I also liked that you did it in 5 minutes

I liked how you signaled the end of the interview. I'm going to take a page from your book when I do my next interview.

I liked that you were up front that he was a friend and that he was helping you out.

what I would have liked to know is how you create an account and the link to
I looked it up in google

I hope you will let me interview you along with a couple of webcast interns to share our experiences in participating in the webcast academy course.

yeah for you. you did good

Mireille Massue

mireille Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

Peggy and I have just discovered you can change your skype video preferences to CamTwist instead of your webcam. Has anyone done that before?

sheilaa Mac and Ustream - Updated "How To"

I'll kick off the suggestions . . . make it smaller.

sheilaa Mac and Ustream - Updated "How To"

I could be wrong, but I suspect Pamela. My experience has been that sample rate is set in the initial recording and it's pretty hard to alter regardless of other programs the audio passes through. Is there any place for sample rate settings in Pamela?

I've been very satisfied using Skype Call Recorder ( ) Records as an mp3 at 128kbs / 44kHz sample rate. That provides a pretty high quality source audio that can be edited in Audacity and exported as a 64kbs file.

jeff Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

Not sure what happened there. Here is what I did:

- Recorded Skype call using Pamela as a .wav
- Put the file through the Levelator program, which create an output wav file
- Used Audacity 1.3 beta to do a quick edit and exported it as an mp3 file.

I had Audacity set to the suggested 44khz sample rate & 64kbs bitrate. I checked both Skype and Pamela and I could not find anywhere to set this for recording. Wondering if Levelator is the culprit?


tomshepp Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

by Dr. Radut