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Certification and Graduation

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Webcast Academy Certification Process & Graduation Requirements

Basic Program
   In order to receive certification from the Webcast Academy as a 'live, interactive webcaster', interns will need to:

  • complete their internship assignments and participate collaboratively in an Academy session. Interns who enter the Academy with all necessary skills are asked to collaborate by providing assistance to novice webcasters
  • produce, edit and publish 3 interncasts
    • shows need to include some kind of interaction with a live audience and should be at least 15 minutes in length
    • audio should meet Worldbridges specifications, be of 'listenable audio quality',  and include proper ID3 tags
    •  published nodes should include some kind of show notes and chat log
  • complete a webcaster portfolio page
  • create at least one 'webcaster setup' page
  • stream their own 'gradcast' .  Each gradcast will be different, but the general goal is to demonstrate your webcasting ability, reflect on the process of becoming a webcaster, share lessons learned, and discuss your future webcasting goals and plans.
    Graduationcasts should include
    • a properly posted event listing beforehand
    • an overview of their 'webcasting journey' (original motivations, personal & technical challenges, etc.) 
    • a brief overview of their webcasting setup and any special challenges they faced using their hardware
    • short descriptions of their 3 featured interncasts
    • a discussion of their future webcasting plans and goals

      Gradcasts posts should be published on the Webcast Academy site within a week of webcast and include a link to the intern's webcaster portfolio, the chat log from the webcast, and properly encoded audio (with ID3 tags).

After session leaders verify successful completion of all  tasks, interns will be awarded their  Webcaster Badge and Certificate of Proficiency.   They can then apply for a Worldbridges Webcasting License and become eligible to become a 'producer'  at any of Worldbridges' webcasting communities.   They will also receive 'webcaster' permissions and additional hosting space at The Webcast Academy.


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Now here's a question for you...

Can interns pull off one show as long as they kick the stream, stream for the 10 min, and talk about all the items (though not necessarily in chronological order)?

Still Wondering...

If interns can pull off one show as long as they kick the stream, stream for the 10 min, and talk about all the items (though not necessarily in chronological order)?

Pulling off a show.

If you are referring to the specifications for an interncast, then these guidelines do meet the minimum requirements. Kicking the stream is a skill used as part of webcasting and can be demonstrated during the GradCast.  I hope this helps. 

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

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