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The Webcast Academy is/was a hands on, collaborative community for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive
webcasts. The site is on 'indefinite hiatus', but everyone is still welcome to register, check out the resources, and post content and/or questions. Perhaps they will help get the ball rolling again. 

Webcast Academy Open House - Earthcast 2010 Prep

Open House and Prep for Earthcast 2010 -

SpEdTeach2 Introduction and Preamble

This is my brief audio file introduction.  It is great to be on board! - SpEdTeach2


Despite several computer glitches and other related technical challenges, all participants declared that the show was a huge success.

Here is the edited version submitted for your perusal and listening pleasure...Enjoy!!

Please click here for my Webcast Portfolio.  My chatlog is below.

Ustream links:  Gradcast  and Pictures


Show Notes:   - Interncast #3

Due to my speaker not being muted, and another pc running the Ustream channel in the same room, there was some amount of feedback. 

The Theme of this  Interncast could best be described as “Music Fever.”


During the recording of this show, I had several pc issues plus the quality of the phone service of the interviewee, who was in Atlanta, was at times not the greatest.   Despite these issues we managed to get the show on the road.  Overall, it proved to be very interesting indeed.

Cricket, lovely cricket!!!!!!




Show Notes - Interview with Shelly-Daly-Ramdyhan

Our special guest in today's interview was Shelly Daly-Ramdyhan, Lawn Tennis Star, Coach, and Co-ordinator, Guyana, South America.

We discussed matters ranging from Shelly's rise to stardom in the tennis arena to her passion for cooking as well as her recent experience as a tourist in Spain and New York.

Lizlambert - Live Streaming of a Conversation

This is an audio recording of an impromptu conversation I had on Skype along with three other participants.  It was simultaneously aired on 

We briefly discussed topics ranging from website hosting, community development in Brooklyn, poverty reduction in Guyana, South America,  as well as a recent church visit to the White House.

Grateful for your questions, comments and/or suggestions.



Here is my introduction.

Recording a Conversation


I was not satisfied with the quality of the audio of  the interviewee, and as a result edited the recording. 

Here is the edited version of the conversation submitted for review.

Music used in recording: Duckett - Wired But Disconnected -


The second interview is with Rick Reo, an Instructional Designer at George Mason University and fellow 4.1 classmate. He's interested in the use of Web 2.0 technologies and Open Educational Resources in enhancing education. An interesting discussion, and the audio was better--a little echo in the beginning that Jeff managed to fix!



This is the first of two interviews I conducted in October. It took me a while to get the audio up here because I had to do some serious editing in audacity :-). My audio was clear, but in both cases the interviewee's audio was weak.


Let me introduce me im a peruvian teacher from Lima Perú and invite you to visit my blog elmundodelaciencia

topics abiut sciences, technology and enviroment



Hello everybody

I hope it's not to late to get started and that my technical things are ok. I didn't seem to get the options when I wanted to record in mp3 - maybe this is because I haven't got the beta version.

Looking forward to your comments - as I'm in France, I seem to be sleeping when you're all active and vica versa !!

bye for now


Liz Lambert

Happy to be onboard.  Submitted for your comments.


Princess Pod's Introduction

This is an introduction lesson.  I'm using  a Windows XP laptop, a Lexicon 2 channel mixer, a Sennheiser mic on a boom.


Interview with music teacher, Rob Lee, about using in his classroom

For the assignment where I had to record a conversation with another person, I chose to interview a good friend of mine, Rob Lee, about how he uses in his high school music classes.

Mireille's Interview with Vance Stevens

Hello Everyone

Here is my interview with Vance Stevens.  The interview ran 1 hour.  There was so much to talk about and I could have listen to Vance for hours. 

What I would like to learn is
1.  How to Edit - I have posted this interview without editing.  Once I have learned how to edit I will go back repost the interview
2.  How to divide the interview into smaller chunks. 

Here are the links we talked about in the interview


Live Lab 4.1 2009-07-30

A discussion about assorted Academy tasks and how best to help participants progress further along the journey.

Thomas Sheppard

This is my introduction for the 4.1 Class of Webcast Academy.

Chris Johnston Intro

A little bit about me and why I'm doing this.

Kate M.

Hello, please excuse the ringing phone!

Robert Squires - Swimming

Here is a little conversation between my 4 3/4 yr. old daughter. We watched a You Tube video of Kikko Swimming th English Channel, and then chatted about another great little swimmer. (Recorded using Audio Hijack on a Mac). 

Robert Squires -Domestic Bliss

A little (Call Graph recorded) two-way conversation beween me and my wife on what's for dinner tonight. Very nice I must say. I don't want to reinforce Scottish male stereotypes but I would have probably gone for something a little meatier and potatoier. Anyway, have a nice weekend all.

Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

Here is my short and sweet personal intro that is just over a minute in length. I used a Plantronics DSP400 mic to record it.


Shonie Washington-introduction-class of 4.1


Thank for the opportunity.

Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

Hi, I am an academy newbie, and I am looking forward to getting started with webcasting. I'm based in Missoula, MT, but am originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. Slainte!

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 4.1

I'm an Academy 'oldtimer' who currently lives in Bow, NH, but will be moving to Busan Korea soon. I do some teaching and a lot of geeking. My webcaster portfolio is here and my negelcted personal website here.

Gradcast for Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes, Susan Ettenheim August 27, 2008

We did it, finally! After taking the Webcast Academy course, and teaching the course, and webcasting over 90 times Susan, Cheryl are joined by Alice for an evening graduation! We hope you enjoy the gradcast, the chat and the excitement. This is something you all can do. We will be there with you.
We are finally getting this published, posted and will all be together in NYC next week for a graduation bust! Stay tuned, we may have more.Here is the chat for our gradcast.

2008-08-27 Graduation Day!
19:28:46 lparisi -> -EdTechTalk: hi peggy

Minhaaj gradcast 11-23-08

This is my gradcast with Jeff Lebow, Sheila Adams, Peggy George and others. Find chatlog below!

Teacher Trek 3

This is my third part of Teacher Trek, in which i interviewed Glen Gatin, an acclaimed educator from Manitoba, Canada.

WebTools4Educators- About RSS

A recording at Wiziq with the participants of an online session for Brazilian educators.

WebTools4Educators Get-Together- About Blogging

A get-together for edublogtalk

TeacherTrek 2

Second part of TeacherTrek show with Peggy George

Teacher Trek #1

Teacher interview.

Carlos F recording both ends telephony 4

Even if it's not perfect, it's the best I can do... At least, for now...

Two Way Skype Call Recording

This is my first two-way skype call recording with Sheila. I am really thankful to her for this. Hope you'd like it.


Webcast Academy Session 3.1.4a
August 08, 2008

Episode 3.1.4a of Webcastacademy. A clip of the audio from Thursday's show, congrats to Carlos, Kim and Linda! Thanks to all who joined via Skype and in the chatroom.

Introduction by Minhaaj

Hi this is my first audio for edtechtalk webcasting internship. This is my brief introduction of myself. I am really looking forward to be part of this exciting and nice community, and ofcourse to graduate :)

Recording Both Sides of a Phone Call- Linda Nitsche

I need to learn how to adjust the volume of the remote caller, but i did manage to set all of the preferences right to make the recording! And I just discovered that the bit rate is too high.

Linda Nitsche Introduction

Hello fellow webcasters! I am looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

Both ends of telephony call try 2

more like try # 1million two

Recording both ends of telephony try 1

although it isnt try #1, more like try 1 million maybe

Carlos F recording both ends telephony 3

Let's see if this is the right one...

Carlos F WA recording both ends telephony

It was my first experience and sound is far from being good... I still have to work on that... The system (I don't know why!) doesn't accept more than 16 bits... There is a persistant echo which I can't seem to get rid of... Nevertheless, it's done... The next step is the assignement... we'll see 

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.2a

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.2a
July 24, 2008

Episode 3.1.2a of Webcastacademy. A clip of the audio from Thursday's show. The plan is to have sessions on at two different times each week (Thursday evenings and Sunday daytime in North America) to help facilitate access for WCA Interns. Thanks to all who joined via Skype and in the chatroom.

Durff Intro Class of 3.1

Maybe Durff did better this time, maybe not....

Colette Cassinelli - Webcast Academy 3.1 Introduction

Thanks for listening to my audio introduction

Carlos F Webcast Academy Introduction 2008-07-22

It's my final version ( I hope!) of the introduction. I think I respected all the specifications... At least, I tried...

Webcast Academy 3.1 self-introduction - scottlo Scorbal

Here is my audio self-introduction for Webcast Academy 3.1.

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.1b

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.1b
July 20, 2008

Welcome First Steps

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.1a

Webcast Academy Session 3.1.1a
July 17, 2008

Welcome First Steps

Chat Log Below


Doug Symington: 3.1 Introduction

My audio introduction for the Class of 3.1. I too am really looking forward to working with each of the interns in the Class of 3.1 and invite interns from previous sections of the Academy to join in the fun, and help us tweak the content and delivery of WCA curricula. NOTE: Background music compliments of the Beastie Boys and, and can be found @

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 3.1

Thought I'd get the ball rolling for introductions.  Look forward to virtually meeting 3.1 interns.

Getting Started with UStream

Check out Getting Started with UStream and comment with any questions you have.

Class of 3.x Planning

Class of 3.x Planning
July 12, 2008
Chat Log Below

People and Places - Second Stop: Japan


Some of the "usual suspects" get together to discuss the "state of the academy."

You can also catch more on WCA at this week's ETBS


Conversation with John, Jeff, Derrall, Matt, and Doug about this section of the Webcastacademy and how we approach the "moodle-ization" of course content and how to progress with the Academy.

3.x Planning Session

We're getting underway with another section of the Academy. We've discussed having meetings at 9:00 PM Thursdays [during the same hour as EdTechBrainstorm]; however, we're interested in having webcasts at times that work for interested interns.

This weekend we're going to have an open house World Date and Time here 

Student Tech Talk-Episode #5

Ocean Hour: Earthcast08

Jason Robertshaw and guests, during "Ocean Hour" of Earthcast08.

Creating Ripples: Barbara Dieu

Here's the audio from Barbara Dieu's "Creating Ripples" presentation to the Braz-Tesol, Goiania Chapter, May 30, 2008.

Bee has shared the slides for her talk here:

Student Tech Talk Episode

Another edition of "Student Tech Talk." Listen to a small group of students talk a little bit about politics and educational technology.  This is a group of students that I'm hoping will continue with the world of webcasting as they move into high school next year.  If you listen to them I'll think you'll agree that they have some pretty awesome webcasting skills!!


People and Places with Michael Coghlan

First Stop of People and places was Adelaide. We had a pleasant chat with Michael Coghlan about his home town and his travels around the world. A conversation worth listening to.

Gradcast Karen Dennis 2008-5-27

Here it is!  My Gradcast!  A very special Thank You to Laura Vedeen for being my guest, and to all who participated and helped me out along the way! Here is the link to my portfolio

Please see attached for chat log!

Interncast #3 - Matt Montagne

This is a conversation with three of my students about technology, society and culture.  My goal with these student webcasts is to kind of sit back and let the students take over.  So they do the intro, the outro, and hopefully moderate the flow of the conversation. 

Earthbridges-May 18th, 2008 Planning Session

We had a nice check-in meeting today to continue our talks about building the Earthbridges Community.  The Earthbridges Crew would like to welcome both Sonja Gonzalez and Robin Ellwood to the team!  Both Sonja and Robin joined Andreas, Sheila, Mrs, Durff, Joao and myself on the call today.  I apologize to the Earthbridges Crew for moving the meeting up two hours.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at 18:00 GMT.


Here it is!  My third interncast!  This file is a recording of a final review session I held for students in my KNR 113 Personal Fitness class at Illinois State University.  I did have a couple of students Skype in with their questions, however, the majority of students asked their questions through the chat room.  Laura Vedeen, my graduate assistant, assisted as my "co-host."

EdTech Talk Reader's Club

Earthcast 2008 Debrief


Earthcast 2008 Debrief
April 27, 2008

Joined in progress, not great audio quality, no streamer audio, but a recap of an awesome webcastathon, and the conception of a new Worldbridges community, Earthbridges.

6th graders' Global Warming Town Hall Meeting

Another Interncast...that wasn't

We had another "Tech Talk" with a small little student webcasting team that I'm trying to develop.  A special shout out to Durff, Scott Meech, JRod (Jose), hfeldman, and James Sigler for listening in and participating in the chat.  The student team did a wonderful job, taking both the intro and outro for the show.  I was simply there to scaffold the conversation and be the streaming robot.  Unfortunately, I didn't archive the conversation!  It is too bad, because we really had a nice conversation about jailbreaking the iPhone, portable/cheap computers, and

Vance Stevens Talks about Abu Dhabi

Here's an interview with Vance Stevens about Abu Dhabi.

He talks about:

Earthcast08: MrsDurff and the 4th Graders

We're joined by Mrs Durff and a group of 4th grade students from her school. 

Earthcast08: Hour 20, Peta White and guests, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hour 20 Earthcast08 contribution from Peta White of the Faculty of Education, at the  University of Regina. Peta and her guests bring us news of Earth Day 2008 activities from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

EarthCast08 23:00 GMT - 24:00 GMT Closing Ceremonies

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 1 - Earthcast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 2 - EarthCast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 3 - Earth Cast 08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 4 - EarthCast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 5 - Earthcast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 6 - Earthcast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

Interview with Robin Ellwood - Part 7 - EarthCast08

Robin Ellwood gave a very interesting and passionate account of her Antarctica explorations. Middle school students asked her questions and she talked about her fascinating experience on the waters of Antarctica. 


I divided her talk in small parts having in mind classroom use. Teachers might choose to focus on one aspect of Ms. Ellwood's adventures, so here's my little contribution to the inspiring 2008 EarthCast!

The Earth Day Show

Hi Fellow webcasters,


This webcast was for students in my KNR 113 Personal Fitness classes at Illinois State University.  I have two sections of this class; one meets face to face and one is totally online.  

The current course content deals with nutrition, and students have an individualized diet analysis assignment they are to complete.  This webcast was designed to provide students an opportunity to ask general nutrition questions, specific questions regarding this assignment, along with an assignment on their cardiovascular health profile that is also due soon.   

Earth Day Planning Session April 6th, 2008

Audio from our planning meeting

The Interncast that wasn't...or kind of was...

Interncast#2 Jane Jiang 2008-3-30

Hi, In this JJ show#2,  Mr. Jeff Lebow was the official Guest  to talk about the topic of "The cross-cultural dynamics of new media".  Thank  you very much to the Dean and the participants too. Thank you all!

P.S. Sorry for the echo at the beginning of audio.

How to transcribe wave-to-text for text blog publication


1. Convert the audio file from AUP to WAV or MP3 (using Audacity/Lame/WinLame)

2. Transcribe from WAV or MP3 to Text (using WAV-To-TEXT Voice Recognition)

Second Life First Look Viewer Released

Increased rendering quality, but beta stability, for Second Life

Web Conferencing and Webcasting System

ePresence Interactive Media is an Open Source Web Conferencing and Webcasting system that delivers video and synchronized presentation media over the internet using multiple streaming formats for multiple platforms. Freeware from the University of Toronto, Canada 

First interncast on Antarctica

Just posted my first interncast. I had recorded it before our Feb. vacation. I had trouble getting into Sandbox A beforehand and wondered what I was doing wrong. Lee came to the rescue. Figured I was doing everything right, so switched to B and it worked fine. Thanks for the support Lee!

Education on the Road - Antarctica

Interviewed Robin Ellwood, a teacher who will be traveling with a research team to Antarctica again in Nov. 2008. This will be the first in several opportunities to talk with Robin before her trip. We hope we will be able to broadcast from Antarctica too! Stay tuned! Robin's journal is located at There will be a link to her official PolarTREC website too. In this episode, Robin described how she got connected with the research team, her duties, her SCUBA diving under the lake ice, and answered questions from a 1st grade class in NH.

World Time

For the global visualization of time zones and clocks on your desktop (freeware):

Desktop Sun Tracker

This software displays two versions of the world map, a day, and a night version, and fades between them to show which portions of the world are in daylight, and which aren't. In other words, this is a dynamic wallpaper that updates based on where the sun is relative to the surface of the earth.

Breitling World Time

Microphone Monitoring Tool


A nice small freeware tool to display live microphone input levels (meaning audio gain and frequency - the starting point for audio quality control in a gain structure), plus a mic volume and mute switch, and a headset volume level switch

Book Review about Webcasting and Streaming

For those thirsting on more detail and background information about Webcasting and Streaming, may I recommend the following titles:

Hands-On Guide To Webcasting, Internet Event and AV Production, Steve Mack & Dan Rayburn, Focal Press, ISBN-13: 978-0-240-80754-6, ISBN-10: 0-240-80754-5

This book is a requirement for the follow-up publication in second edition:

Session 2.4.5 & post-show SL Tour

Here is the audio for today's class of 2.4.5
Ustream Recording

Chat Log Below

My thoughts as a newbie

I am always looking for ways to help build communities and find ways to communicate. Especially when it comes to connecting parents and schools. So when I happened upon Webcast academy and Edtechtalk I knew that there were some good things going on in this community. I am technically literate and a have a good knowledge of how to use the Internet and related technologies. Thankfully the door was opened and I dove right into a world of screencasts, broadcasts and exciting visionary people to help me out. Despite my skills, some days I felt totally overwhelmed and challenged. I was told it would be like that.

As I set up the Parent Involvement webcast, Parents as Partners, it became very clear that the audience that the web cast would be targeting would need some hand holding.

My first interncast!

Well, I did it!  My first interncast!  I was so nervous beforehand. I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into.  However, all went well, and I now am beginning to believe that I can do this.  I am absolutely amazed by technology, and the incredible opportunities that it affords us.  I think I was so nervous, because there was the realization that anyone from around the world could listen in.  While I realized that there would be in all reality very few (if anyone) listening in, it hit me that with webcasting, the world is really in my backyard.  That is so overwhelming, yet so awesome!  How fortunate for those of us who educate and learn today!  There is literally a world of knowledge at our fingertips! 

¨Literacy and Homelessness¨ for CKUT Marathon

This is an interview that I did yesterday at work. I used the same equipment (Audacity, and desktop usb mic) that many interns employ. I  post it here because, it is:

1. to be played during an ´athon (albeit FM radio)

2. about two very important topics: literacy and homelessness

3. the first time I´ve ever interviewed anyone ¨in person¨ for non-print publication

Interncast 1 Karen Dennis 2008-2-15

This interncast is an interview with Laura Vedeen, an exercise physiology graduate student at Illinois State University.  Laura is an Ironman triathlete and avid outdoor runner.  While I am a runner also, I find it hard to run outside in these cold central Illinois winters.  Thus, I find myself "stuck" on a treadmill indoors.  Laura provides helpful information on cold weather running gear that will be sure to keep you warm so you can keep running outside, even when it's really cold!

Matt Montagne-Interncast

Today I had a conversation with a student of mine, Alex, about his experience testing out the school owned Asus eeePC a few weeks ago.  During his trial of the PC Alex took the computer between school and home and really put it to the test.  He used it during the school day for note taking and he also used it with a small group project where the students used a wiki and a Voki.

Interview with Pearl Harbor survivor.

Thanks to Matt Montagne, I was able to join in on the live interview with the Pearl Harbor survivor on the USS Oklahoma. This was a "jump right in" opportunity for me and Matt made it very easy for us. Our 8th graders are learning about WWII and the USO, so it was opened up to the students. I also had some interested 7th graders participating. Several adults and both administrators were there. 

Parents as Partners Parent Involvement Webcast

This is the recording for the first webcast of Parents as Partners. Matt Montagne and I joined together to interview two parents Cindy Zautcke and Rhoda Cipparone. The topic of the web cast was the impact of online social networking on our children.

Earth Day 2008 Webcastathon!

Hi Everyone-

I wanted to follow up our conversation from last Sunday's intern class where we were kicking around the idea of an Earth Day 2008 Webcastathon.  Doug Symmington is joining in the fun and we have a teacher from the UK who is going to participate as well.   Ideally it would be great if we could have the entire 24 hours of the GMT day scheduled with moderators from all over the globe!

To sign up, either drop your name in the planning wiki, leave a comment here, or leave a comment at my professional blog where I left a post about this concept.



2 Way Telephony with Sonja

Sonja and I had to do some work on our newsletter so I decided to record it. I had some problems editing with Audacity. I wouldn't let me delete selections. I restarted a couple of times, rebooted and it worked. I removed some of our "thinking time" and cut off several minutes in the end.

James Farmer meets the Blogging4Educators Group

The Blogging4Educators team had the big pleasure to talk to  James Farmer , currently CEO of the largest education blogging network on the web, Edublogs (, and consults for education, media and community organizations.

USB Mic the problem?

!Week Three Assignment - Paul McLean - 02-09-08

I used Ustream for this assignment.  I broadcasted and recorded a video stream.  As a result you will need to use the link I have provided you at the bottom of this text to view my week 3 assignment.

I used my webcam for one of my video streams.

 I used WebcamMax  for another one of my video streams.

I used my new usb microphone for one of my audio inputs.

I used the audio from my flash animation as played through the soundcard of my machine for the other audio input.

 This was made much harder than it could have been because the machines I have access to in order to do this do not have the horsepower to deal with running WebcamMax and the Audio Repeater software.  Because of this I had to switch the audio manually.

Even doing it manually, it appeared that I was not successful because I was hearing clipping from my end while I was streaming.  You can even here me say in the recording that I did not think this was working.

However it did work as you can see from the recording that can be found here:,wbHSRV,IbOmTem0Ia5

There is some funny stuff at the end of this video stream recording, so it will be worth it to view the entire thing.

When I get a better machine with more horsepower, I will try posting something similar but using the Audio Repeater so that I won't have to manually switch the audio.  'the biggest problem with doing this manually is that you cannot use the microphone and the audio from the screen at the same time, and this may there will be times you will need to hear both at the same time.  But this will have to wait for when I get a better machine.

Here is the link one more time, I hope you enjoy it:,wbHSRV,IbOmTem0Ia5

Matt Montagne, Sheila Adams, Sonja Gonzalez, Karen Olmstead Interncast

On Friday, February 8th, 2008 Sheila, Sonja, Karen and I had the honor of speaking to Paul Goodyear, World War II veteran and survivor on the USS Oklahoma/Pearl Harbor attack on December 7th, 1941.  This was a wonderful conversation with an amazing man.  All-in-all, I think this went very well for our first shot at this.


So this challenged my patience for sure.  Seems like you should be able to use Garageband and save as MP3.  I am going to explore that more.  I ended up playing the recording I had done during the conversation and capturing it using WireTap Studio (  Seems like a cool little program, but the fact that you have to use multiple programs to accomplish the task annoys me.  Guess I will record live using WIreTap next time.  Lesson Learned!!

Telephonoy Assignment-Conversation with Kevin Honeycutt

Well, this has been frustrating, so I hope it works this time.  

2-way Telephony reflection

It took a fair amount of time with the skype lady almost two weeks ago to figure out how to get this to work (see last blog post).  Then I procrastinated . . . and went to Educon . . . and found myself scrambling this morning to find someone to talk to.

2-Way Telephony on Skype by Sarah Sutter with Alice Barr

Just a quickie conversation with Alice Barr reflecting on our week post-Educon.

2-Way Telephony Madeline Browstone

This recording is edited down from 17 minutes.  I scheduled an interview with one of my 11th grade students and used Audio Hijack. Not sure what went wrong, but the output was not mp3 but ma4. That was a problem. I couldn't do anything with it in Audacity. So I converted it to mp3 in iTunes then worked it into a show with a jingle and all in Garage Band.  Well.. somehow, by the time I turned it into an mp3 again, it sounded like we were down at the bottom of a well.

My head is swimming!

2-way telephony Karen Dennis Telephony recording 2-2-08

Well, this assignment took me some time.  I spent two entire days trying to figure out why I couldn't record what I was hearing on the skype call.  My voice was going through loud and clear, but their's was not.  Jose helped me out tremendously Saturday night.  Thanks, Jose!  My only problem, though, is that while I can now record both ends of the call, the other end is very faint.  I have tried adjusting all my settings, and still no luck!  I welcome any ideas or input!

Paul McLean - Recording of Skype Two Way Call - 02/01/08

I had a good time with this one.  I decided to be both sides of the skype call.

I have a Skype Out account so I used that to call my regular phone.

I then answered the regular phone and alternated between the two phones using two different voices.  I used the mute buttons to make sure there was no bleeding.


More Real-Time Audio Quality Problems? Use an Amplifier with Equalizer

Try using an Amplifier with an Equalizer (built-in one) to boost the energy of some of the audio bands. Many are like guitar amplifiers (with a MIDI input for instruments), but look for softwares that have a Microphone input, like this one:

Real-Time Audio Quality Problems? Use a Graphic Equalizer

Try using a Graphic Equalizer (a 7 or 10 band one) to boost the energy of some of the audio bands (freeware). 

Paul McLean - Introduction Audio

I hope you enjoy this.


My guess is that it will be different from anything submitted by anyone else. 

Parents as Partners

This is a two way recording of a Skype to Skypeout conversation conducted with a parent, Rhoda Cipparone from Niagara Falls Ontario. The SkypeOut made it difficult to keep sound levels the same. Recording the Skype call was easy using nicecast and my MacBook Pro. Moderating and good interview style is very much a work in progress.

Matt Montagne-Two Way Skype Call Recording with Doug Symington

Thanks to Doug for taking the time to do a recording with me on Sunday.  It was a fairly random, un-directed conversation and I wasn't going to use it as my project sample, but it turned out pretty nicely.  Doug has a GREAT quote at the end of the recording! 

Master Windows Volume Control

Do you need a master administration tool for Windows volume control?

ZVolume Home 2006 is a nice, powerful replacement to the standard Windows volume and mute control (freeware).

It can be vastly customized, including changing its look using skins. It supports hotkeys and command-line parameters as well as all other functions the standard Windows volume control supports.

ID3 Tag Software - File Administration Tool

Do you need a software tool for the administration of ID3 tags?

Adding Background Music - Sound Files

Do you need some sound files for adding background music?

Google Directory

Recording and Broadcasting with Nicecast, Skype and a Mac

Listen in to Lee Baber and Derrall's webcast audio tutorial explaining how to set- up your Mac for broadcasting and recording using Nicecast, Skype, and Sound Preferences. Both usb headsets and usb mics are addressed. 

What sound card technology do you deploy?

16 bit motherboard sound card
0% (0 votes)
24 bit internal sound card
0% (0 votes)
24 bit external sound card
100% (1 vote)
X-Fi high fidelity sound card (24 bit type)
0% (0 votes)
96 bit sound card
0% (0 votes)
Other choice of sound card hardware
0% (0 votes)
I am considering to upgrade my sound card
0% (0 votes)
16 bit sound card support software
0% (0 votes)
24 bit sound card support software
0% (0 votes)
Other choice of sound card support software
0% (0 votes)
I am considering to upgrade my sound card support software
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1

Weeks # 1-2

Well, there is a time for everything. I'm starting to blog and still can't believe it! I never thought I would put up my very own thoughts in cyber space, but since this is the assignement...

Our end-of semester A has finally arrived so I have more time to fiddle with the audio specs' etc.. and I enjoyed very much learning to use Audacity and editing a file with a mix of background music and introducing myself!

Just getting started with webcasting

This will be a short blog post as I have completed Week 1 assignments and am now looking towards week 2!  Just as well, as the meeting is in 2 hours! 

No problems so far, however I have noticed a lot of activity on the group Skype chat and was wondering if I was really being left behind....maybe everyone is well into week 2 by now. Luckily I watched the screencast on how to manage a group Skype chat so I now know how to not have the chat window popping up during class all the time!

Julie Lindsay Introduction

Week #1

I've done a lot of listening this week. Stayed up much later than I should have to listen to some webcasts. I've gotten something out of all of them but I find it hard to digest it all. I really appreciated the time with Lee and Derrall with the Mac interface on Monday, Jan 21st. They gave us a basic run down of the software, explaining the purposes and settings. It was very helpful. Thanks so much!

Offline Playback of Jing Screencasting Files via Total Video Player

Is there a offline way for the playback of Jing screencasting files?

After creating or downloading a Jing screencast, save the .swf flash file to your HD.

Then download and install the Total Video Converter.

This installation is actually comprized of two software packages.

Jess McCulloch Introduction

I'm Jess, I teach Chinese in a small country school in Victoria, Australia. I'd love to create a webcast show with my students, and maybe Jo McLeay will have me on her show too! Looking forward to it.

Karen Dennis...slowly but surely, starting to get it!

I am now starting to believe that I can do this!  I was so excited today after I posted my first audio recording using Audacity.  I like how this academy is taking me in managable steps toward my goal of becoming a webcaster.  I find that I am a bit intimidated, not quite sure what to do, but after spending some time navigating around the website, I find the answers I need in order to do what I need to do.  I am very grateful knowing there is so much support out there, helping me to get to my goals.  It still just amazes me that we are a group of people all with an int



Holy Moly, lots to learn and already playing catch up!!

I was traveling yesterday, had been in Kansas City to watch my daughter perform, so did not return home in time to participate live.  I am listening to the recording of the session.  Learning lots, but discovered I hate just listening and not participating.  So, hopefully life does not get in the way too often.  Ok, I know I am dreaming, but my intentions are good.  

Introduction by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Well week one and already behind.  Not a good start needless to say. Anyway, I am using a MacBook Pro and thought GargageBand would be best bet, but decided to try Audacity since that is what  most of my own students will attempt to use.  I am really kooking forward to suggestions for improvement.

Get this party started!

Finally feeling like I "get" what I'm supposed to do with this! A lot of that has to do with the first class (but missed the second... have to go back and listen to that!) and reading around on the website. This is a great community! Really liking that I can listen to other people's projects/ideas/intros and that we'll continue to work together. Great collaborative environment that I hope to try to re-create in part at my school. 

Academy Meeting 2.4.1, Jan 20, 2008

This is the audio recording of the "live" class for the first session of Webcast Academy's Class of 2.4.  We lost about 30 seconds of audio when Skype crashed....

Week 1 Reflection

I am using a Mac for this session and am fairly new at it.  After some confusion with the Lame file I needed for converting to MP3in Audacity, I finally got it.  I had to go back and load Audacity the beta version and when I tried to convert, a pop up box said I didn't have the Lame file and did I wish to download.  It also provided the link for me.  Too cool.  These computers just get smarter and smarter.    

Deborah Goodman Class of 2.4 Audio-Intro

Here is upload number 2.  I forgot to change the rate when exporting to MP3. So, here goes again.

Recording Skype call (two sides)

After some frustration with what I thought were setting issues, Lee B helped me out and it turns out my dual 1/8th inch plug headset wasn't going to work for this. I went to the local Radio Shack and ended up with a Logitec 250 USB headset, and things went MUCH smoother! I figured I'd post the settings here that worked, since they are a little different from Lee's screencast since she's using other software.

 (Using a Logitec 250 USB headset)

System prefs : Sound : output and input set to Logitec USB

Preparing for Upcoming Semester

Sheila Adams Audio Introduction

Hi all! Sonja and I worked together on this. She let me use her Snowball Microphone. 

 I'm a 7th grade science teacher in New Hampshire, USA.


Madeline Brownstone Introduction

Second time around, so this is a new audio introduction.

Sonja Gonzalez Introduction

Thanks for the feedback on the original posted intro. This one is the same content, but I re-exported at a 64KB bitrate. Thanks to those of you who listened, and I hope that others find it interesting!

EVO Musicbridges Kick-off Webcast

Special guest Karen Ellis from the National Children's Folksong Repository will join EVO Musicbridges in their first live webcast.

Leopard trials

Well - last night was a challenge, but thanks to Derrallg, Sharonp and others I think I have solved my problems. So for other Leopard users. The version of Nicecast I am using is: 1.9d1 I have my Source set up as Application: Skype It automatically hijacks when I broadcast. I was getting a high-pitched feedback on the line - lowering the output volume in my system preferences seemed to fix that.

Bit rate 64 settings using a Mac

I am feeling little challenged - something that I am sure will be a consistent phenomena for the next 6 weeks. Learning the concept in "windowspeak" and then translating to "macspeak is a bit of a learning curve. I found the method to set a bit rate of 64 for the Mac version of Audacity is established in Audacity preferences> File Format> MP3 Export Setup then the drop down menu> 64. If I have posted this entry twice - it maybe the beginning of that head knocking thing I heard about.

64 Bitrate for mp3: Trouble with LAME? Consider using winLAME instead

winLAME is the external stand-alone version of LAME, which is usually inserted into Audacity in order to enable mp3 file conversion to Academy's requirements. Some people have trouble building LAME into Audacity. No sweat now, use winLAME (freeware): 

winLAME website

Just process through the wizard (Next >>) like this in order to get to the Bitrate setting box:

Jennifer Verschoor Introduction

Lorna Costantini Intro

This is my introduction audio cast and I am anxious to get feedback on how to improve the sound and voice quality.

Audio Introduction Skypecall Webcast Chinese TV journalist Broadcaster

Hello, This is Jiang La, a TV journalist from Wenzhou China. Nice to see you all both new & old fellow interns at the webcast academy ;) I am looking forward to doing some real interview over here very soon. 


So much learning to do

I do feel a feeling of satisfaction at having uploaded my audio. Content leaves a lot to be desired I think and it could have been better edited, but I haven't always had success with audacity and now I think I've learnt something which might make it easier for next time. So thanks for the experience. I know I still got a lot to learn

Jo McLeay Introduction Class of 2.4

Sharing great ideas

Participating in the orientation session for Class 2.4 was extremely rewarding. I found joining the Skype cast some what challenging because I am using a Mac and the Screencast instructions were created using Windows. I felt a sense of relief joining a group of people not only with similar goals but also starting out at the beginning of the process of online communications.

Matt Montagne-Audio Introduction

Below you'll find my audio introduction.  Nice 'meeting' all of you at the open house today.  Again, great job to all moderators for managing the talk.  I'm looking forward to this experience.



Oh yea...and GO PACK GO!

Class of 2.4 Open House, Jan 13, 2008

This is an audio recording of the "Open House" for the Class of 2.4.  Thanks to all who participated!

Chat Log Below

First post, lots to learn

It was an interesting intro session for the WCA class of 2.4 this afternoon (for me, for others much earlier in the morning!).  The noodling about and asking questions was a great way to get a sense of where everyone is with webcasting - and that we all have so much to learn, even those who have done this before. The changing pieces of technology and the ways in which they interact when combined will no doubt continue to make  webcasting a never-ending learning process.  

Try Try Again!

Goal for 2008

I can not believe that one class has already finished and another class is about to start, since I first started my Webcast Academy Internship!  I have set myself a definite goal for 2008.  I WILL graduate from the Webcast Academy this year.  I currently have 2 full 1 hour shows under my belt and after two or three more, I feel that I will be ready to do my Gradcast show.  

Interncast #3: Pam, Dennis, & Derrall

This is the third interncast by Pam Shoemaker, Dennis Oliver, and Derrall Garrison (PD2).  It was broadcast on December 23, 2007 as part of the Winter Soltice Webcastathon.  The topic:  Intercultural Insights

Interncast #2 for Dennis, Pam, and Derrall on "Cool Tools"

This interncast was broadcast on December 13th. This is our second interncast and was on the topic of "Cool Tools." Dennis was going to cover Wiziq. Derrall discussed Voicethread and Pam discussed Animoto.

Solstice 2007 Webcastathon

The Worldbridges So­lstice Webcastathon
December 2­1-23

Julie Schumacher Gradcast
Audio &  Chat Log here 
Teachers are Talking
Audio & Chat Log coming soon
Gingerbread Stories
Full size video
Comp 8 Discussion w/ Alan Levine
on the future of schools
Full size video
Crib Chronicles
Audio Here
EdTechTalk Community Assembly
Audio & Chat Log here
Simulate Show
Full Size Video
Webheadcast/EVO Preview
Audio & Chat Log Here

SLurl Web Address Book for Second Life

Links to Second Life URL locations for quick teleporting, registration etc...

How to find the Worldbridges Webcastatorium and other cool locations

Recommendations for Second Life Software Client Settings: Preferences

Julie's Gradcast

This is it! A big “Thank you!” to all of you who helped me along my webcasting journey. I look forward to all the learning yet to come! Here is a link to my portfolio!­


Chat log follows:


Skype Portable in German

I didn't see an English language version (freeware)


Stereo Mix Available via Dell

Stereo Mix - a reality.  I’m talking about the sound card option that had been removed on some Dell laptops and desktops purchased during the past few years.   The option was not available, on purpose.  This week, Dell released a new driver where the Stereo Mix option is a choice. My laptop is now letting me successfully record both sides of a Skype conversation.  I really did not believe it was going to work – but it does!  Here are my steps:

Audacity Portable - Sound editing and recording to go

Audacity Portable is the popular Audacity audio editor packaged as a portable app, so you can take your audio files along with everything you need to edit and record on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind (freeware).



Interncast: Pam Shoemaker, Derrall Garrison, & Dennis Oliver

This interncast was broadcasted on November 30, 2007.  The hosts discuss Second Life from the point of view of newbies.

Meeting 2.3.6 - Resource Development, 2.4 Prep, and Solstice Planning

Meeting 2.3.6
Resource Development, 2.4 Prep, and Solstice Planning
December 2, 2007

Solstice Webcastathon Sign up page

Interns (feel free to edit that page to add your webcasts)

Event Publisher Guide via Google Calendar

Share your events with an individual, a group, or the whole world

Pam's Reflections

I'm Back

I'm back, finally. Things got extremely busy and I had to take a step back. Hopefully I can keep up with class 2.4 when it starts and finally complete the activities (or at least more than I have so far.) I have had some time to play with Audacity, but I still have a lot to learn. I haven't even started trying to record both ends of a phone call let alone moving on from there.

Session 2.4 Introductions

 If you would like participate in the class of 2.4 you can apply and send us a note to let us know you're interested.  Once you've done so, please post a short introduction below.

The Class of 2.4 begins with an Open House on Jan. 13, 1800GMT
First class Jan 20, 1900GMT

Alice Restaurant Show #5: An Interview with Larry Ferlazzo

On Wednesday November 7, 2007 I interviewed fellow Sacramento educator, Larry Ferlazzo. We discussed some of the organizing support for technology projects. Larry shared his experiences getting his school computer lab, and home computer project started. Here are the highlights:

Webcast Academy Session 2.3.5


Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.5 

Using and Bridging Different Webcast Environments

Sunday November 18, 2007



Chat Log


High Quality Video goes public with Skype 3.6 for Windows

Today's new version of Skype fits with the Ustream activites here at the Academy:

Balancing Things Out . . . ?

. . . An attempt to restore a kind of balance.


Every time I thought about my abortive attempt to record the Skype group conversation with Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel, a­nd a number of students from Carla's online class "Listening Plus," I felt bad— mostly because I didn't want the students to feel that what they had heard was typical of
international communication via Skype—
and I felt worse because several of them said that they were excited to be able to talk with "a real American."

Hoping to turn a colossal lemon into some lemonade, I transcribed what I said in the original Skype recording and re-re­corded it.

If you click ­HERE, you'll be taken to a webpage with a written introduction, then a link to the actual re-recording.

D. O. 



.jpg graphic: Audacity re-recording of a partial Skype recording

UStream Practice Session

Video Archive of our experimentation with Ustream
November 12, 2007

Software used: Webcam Max

Chat Log Below­

Open Source Sound Card Software

I found a list of interesting freeware software for and around sound cards. Who will help evaluating the best ones?

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.4

­Webcast Academy Session 2.3.4
Show Management and Post Show Audio Editing
Sunday ­November 11, 2007
Chat Log Below



12:50:10 JoseR : Hi all!

2007-11-11: Skype Recording and Streaming--D. Oliver

.jpg graphic: unsuccessful Skype recording and streaming session   ­

Oy, vey ist mir . . . . 

This past week, Carla Arena,
Erika Cruvinel, and I had
a Skype conversation with
Carla's online students in
Brasília, Brazil. Carla set up
the streaming, and my job
was to record the session.
We did­ a test about 20 minutes
before the session began, and
everything seemed to be
working OK. I was able to
record everything, but when
I checked it later, the results were . . . not stellar.­

Screencast! Nicecast Set-Up with USB Mic

also see­

Screencast! Nicecast Set-up for Mac and USB headsets­


Sound Card Manager

RoMac Sound Card Management allows you set up each of your programs that use a sound with its own individual levels for a sound card, and then launch the program. When you quit the selected program, the RoMac Sound Card Management utility will return all the sound card levels back to normal. It works also for Windows Vista (freeware).


QuickMix: Save your sound card settings!

Are you fed up with carefully setting the audio mixer on your Windows computer only to have the settings changed by another application or when you reboot? 

Do you need to store and recall different sets of mixer settings quickly and easily?

Then QuickMix is for you (freeware).

 Not for Windows Vista...

PShoemaker_Streaming_Class of 2.3

This is a a short clip of an enjoyable discussion I had with Durff. 

High-End Sound Cards with 7.1 24 bit X-Fi Technology

These specifications beat Realtek integrated motherboard sound cards using 16 bit:

Prices begin at US$ 47.50 on today's listing. 

Meeting 2.3.3b - Basic Streaming (continued)

Academy Meeting 2.3.3b
Basic Streaming Part 2
November 4, 2007

Chat Log Below

Nov. 4th. Success

I used the blog notes from Cathy Evanoff (?) and found the download for Dell computers Sigma Tel sound card. I tried the download and still couldn't get it to work. I tried again Sun. morning-checking & verifying all of the settings everyone had said.


I guess I'm graduate number 4.  This was a disaster, taking a half hour to get the audio working, only to find out (thanks, Jeff) that I forgot to start simplecast.  Sigh.  But it's done.  I graduated and am ready to move on, continuing to wreak havoc where ever I go.  Hee Hee.  Gotta love webcasting!


This is a recording of another phone conversation—but this time
it's with fellow W.A. intern Pam Shoemaker, not the Skype Lady.
I again used Nicecast and Audio Hijack Pro (both Mac apps),
plus the Mac version of Audacity, and did a lot more editing in
this one.

NEW Screencast - Nicecast Set-up for Headsets

­Check out the new Screencast ..or .. MacCast for Nicecast Headset Set-up! ­­­­


2007-11-03 Phone Conversation

This is the first of two Week 2 projects involving recording and editing
a 2-way phone conversation. I used Nicecast, Audio Hijack Pro, and
Audacity. I'm not totally satisfied with the results, but I'm pleased
that I figured out the settings for Nicecast.

Assignment 3

No editing done in Audacity. All the fun was doing the streaming this week. I should have tried to hijack the real audio feed as well, but I didn't think about it until later. I'm still having difficulties making sure I have the id tags correct. I opened the mp3 in Audacity and opened changed info in the  metadata editor and exported the mp3, but still when I open the file in itunes I see the Nicecast title/tag.

That was intense, so I did it again (actually 4 or 5 times )


Note: Make sure to follow Lee Barber's screencast
for ­proper Nicecast settings for headphones and ignore mine. Watch mine if you want to see the overall process.

Sound Card Requirements

I have summarized some resources about sound card requirements on my course notes 2.3 metalist:

After assessing my existing hardware and looking at some blog entries, I noticed that this issue has not

received much attention, even though the sound card is the central workhorse in webcasting.

A Day of Learning

I ran out on my lunch hour today to get a new headset microphone.  I went with the Altec Lansing USB & analog.  I thought it would work better than my Logitech desktop microphone.  However, I never did get it to work...  Thinking back on it now, I wonder if there was a setting in my Control Panel that I needed to change.  Anyhow, I switched back to my desktop usb microphone. 

Two-way Telephony Recording (Mac)


.jpg graphic: Mac monitor showing a snail 
The Plugging Continues . . . .

As I said in the meeting on 2007-10-28, I'm limping along with
my two-way telephony recording. I've tried it a number of times
with both Nicecast and Audio Hijack Pro on my Mac, but the­
results have not been acceptable; although I read through two
tutorials, I think I must have made a basic error in configuration.

"There must be more to life than this." Struggling to get the sound right

Sorry I can't upload Freddy Mercury singing,


1.  I've spent (wasted?) hours playing around with two micros, Logitech USB  and non-USB Typhoon. Typhoon sounds great.

I've changed all the variables ion various permutations , but have nothing very final to report.

2.  I decided to delete and reinstall Simple Cast and VAC. That was a MISTAKE! New versions do not work at all, and throw up

  messages (in German, no point in screenshots) :

Jane-Jiang-SpiceCN-Jiang-La-Audio Introduction-2007-10-28

Hi, Finally, I have it. LOL

Jeff Lebow's Graduation Class of 1.1

It's Official Folks!  There are now two graduates in the family.  Please join me in congratulating our Founder Jeff Lebow.  So Jeff, now that you have graduated where are you going?....... Did I hear Disneyland?  Next time your are in Southern California be my guest.  I bet Jdub can join us.  :-)   

Academy Meeting 2.3.3 - Basic Streaming

 Academy Meeting 2.3.3
Basic Streaming
October 28, 2007

Topic Page & Meeting Agenda

Chat Log Below 

CORRECTION! URL for mp3, second webcast


Revised URL for Foodbridges 2 recording (mp3)


mp3 Foodbridges 2


Thanks for pointing this out, Dennis "Phoenix" Oliver. I see the mistake. I altered the URL here, in this text box, and not by pressing the link button.


Just clicked from this page (above) and it worked. 

Deborah Goodman-Telephony-2007-10-27

Okay, I think I finally got this after three days of installing, uninstalling, reconfiguring, recording, recording, get the picture. 


This is an identical recording to Jim's  So you don't need to listen to both. 


Susan and I won't be able to join you on Sunday, October 28.  Here is our Skype call recording.  We talked about our experience using Audacity, Audio Repeater, and Skype.  Today was a good day!

It works!

Thanks to Jose's video I was able to record a sample conversation with the Skype lady.  I'm going to document everything here for future reference:

Properties for playback and recording were both set to C-media wave device.

Audio repeater settings: in- headset mic   out- C-media wave device

Audacity preferences were both C-media

Skype options were both C-media


Week 2

I am not sure which setting is off- I start audio repeater and hear it on my computer speakers not my headset.  When I change settings to hear in my headset nothing records.  What am I doing wrong?  I have listened and viewed all information on webcastacademy's site.  It IS frustrating.  I have been working on this for the past 3 days.  I do get a recording when the Skype lady talks via the microphone.  When I mute the microphone I do not get any sound from the Skype lady=(  I have played with different settings.  Please help!

Week 2 frustration

I have spent about 4 hours trying to get a recording from the Skype test call lady recorded.

I have succeeded in getting better sound on Audacity.

Oh and I am using Vista. My sticking point seems to be what do I need to have for  the recording in on Audacity.

I think I have tried every setting and I can't get sounds off of Skype recorded.


I have looked everywhere for info.

derrallg Audio Assignment for Week #2

I think I have the correct path:

1.    Set up Nicecast so it joins the Skype feed with the usb headphone mike feed,
2.    Set up Audio hijack pro to record, installed hijack plugin so I don't have to restart Skype, and recorded call
3. Opened in Audacity (1.25 instead of 1.33 because of crashing problem), export as mp3 with bitrate set to 64.

4. Note had to re-export mp3 in audacity 1.33 in order to have the sampling rate be 44khz, 1.25 seems to export a stereo mix at 44khz and makes it 22khz or incompatible with Flash player. 

"Keep talking..." Foodbridges 2 The technical side

I'll find out if there is a special place to put links, but here is where the Audacity recording of last night's Foodbridges 2 webcast is:


The recording is OK, but the voices have an echo quality as if we were all sitting in caves. What could that be? What settings should be checked?


Week 2 and frustration sets in...

I have tried to follow the screencast directions and cannot get Audacity to record both my voice and the Skype lady.  It will record her voice but not mine. The screenshots on the screencasts are not  similar to my settings.  Maybe our versions are different.  I'm quitting for the night.  Maybe a good nights rest and starting fresh again tomorrow, I'll be more successful.   


Okay, here goes again.  This is the third submission.  Maybe I'll have it right this time.  Who knows.  :)

The Newson Method (Jeff's joke)

 It may not be immediately obvious that you have to click on Audacity setting and Volume setting to see the screenshots.


Audacity settings   - stereo mix, note volume of micro


Volume settings - micro as high as possible (Too high?) 



Still plugging away . . . .

graphic: recording a two-way phone/Skype conversation


(Assignment 2, continued)

I'm not yet prepared to record
a two-way phone conversation,
but a call is in being set up for
this afternoon, so I've got
to review settings more
thoroughly this morning—and
get ready to participate in the "FoodBridges" show in less than 5.5 hours.­ This
show involves Carla Arena, Illya Arnet-Clark, Cristina Costa, Erika Cruvinel,
Dennis Newson, and me. In it, I talk, but I don't yet record or try to "kick the
stream"; I'll be doing that eventually, though.

This afternoon, I'm taking the easier (for me) option: using Nicecast on my Mac,
Virtual Audio Cable (the mysteries for which are still a kind of Gordian Knot
from my point of view.

Once I make it through the "FoodBridges" show and the phone recording, I'll start trying to untangle VAC in earnest—and to remedy problems I'll likely encounter
using Nicecast.

­D. O.


The Newson method How to record both ends of a conversation without using the audio repeater

Jeff asked me to post screenshots of my basic Audacity settings. Apologies for the naff images. If I knew how to do them better - getting rid of background for example - I would. 

Micro setting plus stereo 


Other Audacity  settings


Mmm. Looks like I've got to upload screenshots to my server before they can be downloaded and inserted here. Tell me if I am wrong about that....What else is possible....OK, I'll give a link....Something tells me it cannot be this complicated..... Next post will contain the images.


Passwords for streaming

I've been asking on class of 2.3 Skype chat for a couple of days for the new passwords for streaming, but all the guys and guyesses are too  shy to 'phone me and let me know.




Skype knows me as:



The Newson method - Recording both sides of a conversation without bothering with the audio repeater

Well, I'll be...... I moved for a reference, and lost what I had written here.  Again.....

 Jeff the Boss has suggested I describe how I seem to have made a reasonable recording of a  two-ended conversation without using the audio repeater.


My vital statistics are:

Introduction RAFAEL

Here is my Intro...

It's not working!

So, I've downloaded VAC and I've watched the screencast on how to set everything up AND IT'S NOT WORKING!  There are too many places to set audio preferences (Skype, Audacity, Windows, Audio Repeater) and I think this is why I can't get both me and the Skype lady to record in Audacity.

I'm in the process of downloading Jing so I can demonstrate all of my settings but, unfortunately, I'm going to run out of time today to do this.  Better luck Saturday.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I have to admit I'm really frustrated right now.

Need a candidate

I tried to talk my daughter into letting me call her on Skype for the Week #2 assignment but she was not excited about it.


Can I talk anyone else into being a volunteer? It would have to be on Sat as school is crazy the next 3 days-Conferences-12 hour days etc.


Thanks for your help.

Diane from Oregon 

The Ride Has Definitely Begun . . . .

.jpg graphic: telephones, computer, audio playback miniconsole

2007-10-23: The puzzle has a lot more pieces now,
and I'm trying to figure them out. For the telephony
assignment, I'll probably go the Mac route first and
use Nicecast.

Pam Shoemaker Two-Way Call Recording

I did it!  I fooled around most the day yesterday with horrible results.  The person on the other end of the Skype call sounded like she was in the middle of a long metal tube.  Today, I opened Audacity and realized that I missed a setting... I forgot to change the drop-down box to "Wave Out Mix."  Once I switched it, it worked!   I decided to add some music to see if I could do it.  The music does not go with the recording at all, but I think I was successful in completing the assignment! 

Webcast Academy 2.3.2: 2007-10-21

graphic: computer broadcasting, headset



Today's Online Meeting

The meeting today was informative and fun.
A sense of camaraderie also developed,
particularly when we were discussing personal
interests and backgrounds:

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2 - Recording Both Ends of a Telephony Call

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2
Recording Both Ends of a Telep­hony Call
­October 21, 2007

Week#2 Curriculum Page

Chat Log Below

Teacher Talk Video Studio

Here is the final version of the second broadcast of Teacher Talk, with Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelder, and Cheryl Lykowski.  Our guest was Colleen King, creator of Math Playground. ­

This was an historical show, due to the fact that, while we were strea­ming audio, we also streamed video through UStream.  So our Teacher Talk Video Studio showed streams of Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelde­r and Colleen King.  It also had the chat running and a Skype call going with the three mentioned and Cheryl Lykowski. 

While there was a lot to combining all the facets of this show, it was great fun and well worth the effort.  Thanks to Jeff Lebow for all his encouragement and help getting up and running.  And thanks also, Jeff, for recording the video stream.

Mac Setup for Skype Preferences, System Preferences and Nicecast

Please go to this book page for help with Mac set up in Skype, Mac System Preferences, and Nicecast. 

Or contact me with any Mac questions. ~Lee 

Karen Olmstead Introduction

I forgot to mention that TRMS is in Plaistow, NH

So much to do. . .

I think I finished the assignment for this week. I've changed my original idea for what I wanted to webcast and record. There was an article in the San Jose Mercury on the San Andreas Fault and some important new discoveries. I have a student whose mom works at Stanford and I hope to arrange a set of webcasts with someone from the SAFOD project. We'll see what happens.

Introduction class 2.3

Here is my introduction.

Week ending October 20, 2007

What's that old saying? "Life is what happens while your busy making plans" or something like that.  That was pretty much my week.  I really did have good intentions about spending more time on the Webcast Academy website.  But then life got in the way.  Hopefully next week will be more settled around the Dornberg household.

Thoughts on Week 1

Susan D's Introduction

Hardware and Software and Sound Specs: Oh, My!

photo: Dennis' Mac set up for audio recording and editing

Recording My Audio Intro (2007-10-19)

My hardware (desktop iMac, USB desktop mic, USB mic + earphones) was OK. So was Audacity. I'd installed Audio Hijack Pro earlier and I've had iTunes installed for some time. I thought about using GarageBand, but when I tried it, I couldn't find intro and exit music that I liked. Creating the audio intro took longer than I'd expected, but I enjoyed it. I'm not satisfied with the results, but the intro is OK, I think.

Susan D's First Week Experience

Jim Dornberg Introduction

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 2.3

So, who is that guy who's always nagging about audio specifications, ID3 Tags, and audio quality?


D. Oliver's Audio Intro: 2007-10-19

That Durff Again

Maybe it's just not my week...

Introduction-Diane Peters-2007-10-19

October 19, 2007 Audio introduction using Audacity

Back Again!

Hi everyone, my name is Cindy Phthisic.   I'm an instructional technologist in Northeastern NC.  I'm a returning Webcast Academy participant from 2.2.1.  Since the last class I've been chasing my boys from ball game to ball game and haven't had a chance to really test what I learned. I'm ready to bite the bullet and move forward.

I've been hooked on World Bridges Edtech Talk channel since March of 2007.  It's been a very rewarding experience.  I've learned so much from all of you! 

"See" you in class.

Deborah Goodman's first week's experiences

I have completed the first week's assignments and feel very good about what I've done so far.  Audacity is great!  I recorded my voice about 20 times before I was somewhat satisfied.  The first recording had a million "ums" in it.  I will keep working on this.  I'd like to thank Webcast Academy for the screencasts as they have been extremely helpful.  Looking forward to future assignments and getting to know all of you.     

Jose Rodriguez Introduction Class of 2.3

Hi Everyone, Just practicing posting of audio.  A short intro and a bit about me. 

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator of Webcast Academy Session 2.3 

Susan van Gelder Introduction 2.3

Susanvg's introduction

Pam's Thoughts After First Week

This is fun!  I just listened to the audio from Sunday's meeting.  I am impressed that many interns from past classes continue to participate and help out.  I heard about a program for desktop sharing, but am not sure what it was called.  Yugma?  Ukla?  ....I didn't write it down.  Anyhow, I look forward to trying that out sometime.  I love the fact that people are coming together from all over the world to learn together.  I guess I'm ready to download my virtual audio cables and prepare for week 2! 

Dennis' Musings

.jpg photo: Dennis thinking

2007-10-14: Class of 2.3 Webcasts

The Ride Begins

I first became interested in the Webcast Academy over
a year ago and registered at that time--but I didn't get
involved because just after I registered, I had time
crunches with other commitments. Now, however,
I'm in . . . and looking forward to what I can learn.

Live and Interactive Webcasting

Many of you have come to Webcast Academy because of your interest in learning how to use new tools.  For those that participated in our meetings this past Sunday, October 14th you saw webcasting in action.  We had an text chatroom, a live stream, and a skype conference.  Being able to participate in these environments is the first step in learning how to webcast.  So, for those of you that are new to all of this; I invite you to participate in webcasts offered here at the Webcast Academy.  You'll see event schedule on block on right side of Main Page.  I would also invite you to participate in the Webcasts at Edtechtalk  Well of enough of that for now, catch y'all live soon.  

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher and Adult ESL  It's Elementary Webcast

PamShoemaker Introduction

This is my audio introduction to the webcast academy.

Durff intro class of 2.3

I learn along with other learners at BCA.


Interesting Experience

It was exciting to participate in the first session of 2.3, while I was frustrated with my pc problem at the time. But it was so fun to join in live streaming anyway as a learner :) I really enjoy this worldbridge that helps me to connect with people from other side online. Now I am working on my audio ntroduction like another intern has mentioned in his blog.

SpiceCN/Jane Jiang

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.1a - October 14, 2007

Webcast Academy 2.3.1a
October 14, 2007

Agenda Here

Chat Log Below

1st Week

Webcast Academy 2.3 begins tomorrow.  I'm excited!  I have posted my introduction, am working on my audio introduction and have been looking over the screencasts for Week 1s Assignment.  The screencasts have been very helpful.  However, I am having a problem converting my audio from my digital voice recorder to an acceptable format so that I can insert it in Audacity.  I will keep working at it.    

Cheryl Lykowski Introduction

Hello fellow webcasters. I am Cheryl Lykowski and I am a returning intern, originally from class 2.2. I am a fifth grade teacher in Michigan and I am working on my thesis research project, International Collaboration. I am co-hosting a Webcast show, Teacher Talk, with friends and fellow interns, Lisa Parisi and Susan vanGelder. Our next show will be on Wednesday, October 17th @ 8:30 pm (EDT). Hope you can join us! I look forward to learning and working on my webcasting skills.

My 2.3 / 2.4 Course Notes via Meta List & Roadmap

In order to keep track of where I am in course 2.3 / 2.4, I am building a meta list & roadmap.

I use Google Docs to create my own intranet of things... 


Webcasting Blues

It is Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 8:30 p.m.  I am anxious and at the same time hesitant about beginning this new endeavor.  I am excited to become a part of a community of learners seeking to enhance their technological skills in a collaborative environment.  I am hesitant because I am involved in three other online courses at the same time.  I am hoping that this will not be overwhelming for me.  I feel like the proverbial "jack of all trades" however unlike the "jack of all trades" I hope I will be able to master all of the courses I have invested m

Session 2.3 Introductions

Welcome to new interns and welcome back to returning interns.  Our session will meet for 5 Sundays at 17:00 GMT starting on October 14th.  Please tell us about yourself and why you are interested in learning how to webcast.  

Talking Mulitliteracies with Vance Stevens #4

This was the final session of Multiliteracies TESOL Online course given by Vance Stevens;  Special thanks to all that stopped by and participated live in our text chat, listening to the stream and part of our Skype Conference.  Text Chat will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Alice's Restaurant Show #4 - Equinox Webcastathon edition: An Interview About Advocacy

Join me, and my family. First we wish Leroy a happy birthday. Then dh (dear husband) Terry Preston joins me to discuss the elements of an effective advocacy campaign.

Julie's show #3- Class discussion on the Politics of curriculum and textbooks

This webcast was for a doctoral class at Illinois State University that I am taking on Improvements of Curriculum and Instruction. I was partnered with Dea Conrad-Curry to lead our class discussion for this particular session. We created a wiki for students to post and respond to questions the week prior to our online webcast. We as a class have been reading about the politics of curriculum and thus text book selection. We had a guest speaker with us, Dr. Kris Ross talk about her experiences with these issues. Read more reflection in my blog.

Julie Schumacher

Class 2.2

Julie's Reflection of Show #3

One long hour of trouble shooting. Does Skype kick everyone off a conference call---is there a rhyme or reason?

Julie's Show #2 - Renal Nutrition

This webcast was done with the intended audience of my students- Master’s level dietetic students at Illinois State University. I was fortunate to have an alumn who graduated in May working at a renal clinic in Chicago and was interested in doing this online webcast. She was a great co-host! You can read my reflection of this show on my blog post. -Julie Schumacher Class 2.2

Julie's Reflection on Show #2- Renal Nutrition

This webcast was done with the intended audience of my students- Master’s level dietetic students at Illinois State University. I teach a seminar class with the intensions of brining in topics that are unique and not always taught at rotation sites; one area being renal dietetics. I was fortunate to have an alumn who graduated in May working at a renal clinic in Chicago. She had wanted to do a class for the interns and when I mentioned the skype online webcast, she was very excited!

Educational BloodBath Show #1

Mac vrs PC

Thank you to all our listeners that tuned in for our first show.  Jason Hando fought bravely for the Mac whilst Chrissy Hellyer played devil's advocate for the PC.  Final score Jason (Mac) 12 - Chrissy (PC) 18! 

Join us in a months time for Show #2.  The topic is  "Men make better teachers than Women".

ProjectFeelGood - Equinox Webcastcathon 07

It was a pleasure to interview Kim Cofino from Bangkok, Thailand about ProjectFeelGood - an online collaboration project we did together earlier in the year.  We also discuss the advantages of becoming involved in collaborative projects as well as some of the issues.  Suggestions are also offered as to how you can get started in a collaborative project with your class.

Webcast Academy Open House - Preparing for 2.3

Webcast Academy Open House
September 23, 2007
Hour #65 of the 2007 Equinox Webcastathon

Jose, Jeff, & Doug discuss plans for Webcast Academy Class of 2.3

Chat Log Below

FoodBridges Show #1 Part 1


September 21st, 2007 19GMT

FoodBridges 1st Show Ever!

FoodBridges Show #1 - Part 2

Enjoy the last part of the show with recipes!

 FoodBridges Team

For more, access 

FoodBridges Show #1 Part 1

Sudscast #0 - Homebrewing with John

Welcome to Sudscast 2007 where John Schinker introduces the Worldbridges community to homebrewing! For added excitement, listen to the last 15 minutes or so as Jen gets ready for her first webcast (as a webcaster) while setting up her husband for his first webcast (as a listener / participant) and John prepares to host the show. Maybe we'll make this a Webcast-a-thon regular installment? See chat log.


Another InternCast by Maria Knee

This is the second of my Conversations show. Dr. Jason Ohler from Juneau, Alaska joined me along with my good friend Kathy Malsbenden. Jason was in NH as a keynote speaker for the annual meeting for our state technology association (NHSTE).

Success At Last!

It only took a brand new iMac and about 10 minutes of chatting with the fabulous Lee Baber and I was streaming and recording live on Sandbox B! Yahoo! I can't believe how clean and simple webcasting with a mac is. All you need is Nicecast and Skype.

Equinox Webcastathon & Class of 2.3

  The Worldbridges Equinox Webcastathon is less than 36 hours away. The ever-evolving schedule is at

Interns (past and present), feel free to edit that page to add a show.  You'll need to register at in order to do so. We have plenty of channels, so if someone is already streaming at your desired time, you can sign up at the same time and stream on a different channel.  This is a great opportunity to get some interncasts under your belt, so don't hesitate to sign up.  Oldtimers, this can also be a good  opportunity to get your gradcast out of the way and actually graduate from The Academy. Updated graduation info is at:  The longer you wait, the more graduation tasks we'll add  :)

Also, if you're available to stream at certain times but don't have a new show to webcast, you can sign up in the column for 'other available streamers'. Between scheduled shows, 'Other Available Streamers' can play recordings of  podsafe music and/or clips from podcasts (from Worldbridges or other sources of open content). They can also be available to stream shows hosted by others who are not quite ready to stream on their own.  If you're someone who's not quite ready to stream on your own, feel free to sign up for a time slot and note your need for some streaming support - chances are someone will sign up to provide it.  As usual during Webcastathons, there will probably be a lot of late-breaking schedule changes and additions, so stay tuned to that page and the Worldbridges Chat Room (accessible from any Worldbridges site).  Webcastathons are also a great opportunity to stretch beyond our normal audiences and topics, so please blog, twitter, and spread the word anywhere you'd like.

For those who are ready to take the intern plunge, the next Academy Session (Class of 2.3) is scheduled to begin the week of October 14. Jose Rodriguez and Graham Stanley will be serving as facilitators.  Information about applying is here.    Those who were interns during earlier sessions, but never quite 'followed through' are welcome to join in again and complete their internship.   A Webcast Academy Open House is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1700GMT

Filling up the Airwaves! What are your favorite podcasts?

Hello fellow interns.  Why don't you practice you webcasting skills and webcast your favorite podcasts.  All you have to do is check for Creative Commons Share Alike License. It would be fun to add your own commentary and to get comments from live listeners. You can even pause the podcast to put in your "2 Cents Worth".  Look for DJ Coordinator2 coming your way this weekend.  September 21st to 23rd, 2007. 

Worldbridges Equinox 2007 Webcastathon - my contribution

Phew .... I took a deep breath and dived right in the deep end!  I've booked this time during the Worldbridges Equinox 2007 Webcastathon to interview my good friend Kim Cofino.  It will also be my first official go at webcasting/streaming on my new iMac.  I think I might have a bit of a play around in the Sandbox before the weekend - so if you're online when I am - watch out I might try out the stream with you!

Maquina 501 #4 Musica Atraves del Tiempo

Viaja con la Maquina 501 a conocer la música tradicional de México y sus variaciones desde nuestros antepasados hasta las últimas décadas.

Desde la Música Clásica en México hasta los Corridos y Música Popular

Visita nuestro Blog; 

Maquina 501 # 3, Pueblos Magicos.

Join us on a high paced ride to Magical Villages of Mexico.  Listen and enjoy the music and culture of Pre-Columbian Mexico.  Spanish Webcast  from Guadalajara Mexico. 

Chat Between Durff and I (Jose Rodriguez) as we discuss what's happening on the show and I do my best at translating. 


Alice's Restaurant with Lisa Parisi on Special Education Perspectives

This is a fantastic discussion Lisa Parisi and I had with her co-teacher (Christine Southard) who teach in an inclusion classroom.  Glenn Moses and I took off our teaching hats, and talked about our roles as parents of special education students. 

Meeting 2.2.6 - 2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.6
2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and  Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking
Sept. 2, 2007

  • Equinox Webcastathon - Sept. 21-23  
  • Class of 2.3 (aiming for a mid-Oct. start)
    Overview of session leader duties

  •  'Advanced topic' sessions for interns, past and present
    (i.e. advanced audio editing, desktop sharing, SL casting, show management, conference casting)

  • Academy Tweaking
    • Producing more FAQ's
    • Book Editing
  • post any FAQ (create content/ faq ) whether you have the answer or not, link to other resources (book pages, screencasts, or forum topics if appropriate)
  • edit or add any book page you think needs clarification, move content under 'curriculum' to main sections,
  • Class of 2.2 Feedback
  •  Create assessment tool (perhaps at to get feedback from 2.2'ers
  • Assignment Rubric / Certification and Graduation

Chat Log Below



Maquina 501 #2 El Mariachi Desde Jalisco su Tierra Natal

Spanish Programing from Guadalajara, Mexico.  MAQUINA 501

WEBCASTERS: Alan Acevedo, Issac Gonzalez, Juan Bosco. Apoyando produccion Jose Rodriguez. 



Origenes del Mariachi

Grandes exponentes

Acerca del Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi en Jalsico

Mariachis en el mundo


(Fragmentos de música popular de mariachi entre cada bloque)


SEEDlings at Bit by Bit Show # 22 Webcast #1

A link to the show. The chat is below:

2007-08-25 09:51:45 cheryloakes seedlings -> Webcast Academy: Welcome to Alice Barr’s debut of Seedlings live

2007-08-25 09:54:31 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: They’re coming in

2007-08-25 09:54:39 LoriA -> EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa

2007-08-25 09:54:39 alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: They’re coming

2007-08-25 09:55:11 LisaParisi -> EdTechTalk: Hi

2007-08-25 09:55:18 LoriA -> EdTechTalk: are you skyping and doing edtechtalk

Maquina 501 #1 La Revolucion Mexicana; Musica Y Cultura

Spanish Programing bringing the Culture and Music of Mexico. Maquina 501


La Revolución y su historia como se ve y se siente desde el pueblo.

Participantes de la Revolución.

Corridos Revolucionarios

Francisco Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Cine de la Revolución

Historias y mitos del pueblo en la revolución

Socio economía después de la Revolución

Webcast Academy Graduationcast for Alice Mercer

Here it is! HEY, where's my certificate?

Conversations with Maria Knee

Finally, I am able to post my interview with Cheryl Lykowsky, where she shared her work in raising monarch butterflies at home. This interview was recorded over a week ago  but family and work events prevented me from posting this sooner. I enjoyed talking with and learning from Cheryl. We found that we had this common interest in monarchs during a WCA chat. I'm hoping that this particular show will be beneficial to others wanting to know more about monarch butterflies, particularly as they relate to classroom work.

Teacher Talk with Lisa Parisi

This was my second show.  My guests were Cheryl Lykowski and Jennifer Wagner.  Jose Rodriguez joined us after about a half hour.  This show ended up editing to almost an hour.  I tried to edit more out of the conversation but it was all so interesting, at least to me, that I left it all in.  I ended up just taking out dead air, ums, and the start up chatter and ending chatter.

Graduation Cast -- Jose Rodriguez AKA Number 3

This is my version of a Graduation Cast.  I followed Number 1 (the Chief, Jeff Lebow) and Number 2 (Alice Mercer).  Thanks to the Webcast Academy for making this such a memorable summer. Well back to work. 2007-08 here I come!  Link to my Webcaster Portfolio

Chat Log Below

Audio of planning meeting for It's Elementary

This is an audio recording of the planning session we had on It's Elementary. This will give you an idea of what you need to talk out before the show. This is a link to the version of the planning wiki page the discussion was based on:

LAUSD Technology Showcase

This was a Webcast hosted by LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in an Elluminate Session. I simulcasted on Webcast Academy Sandbox A.  My co-hosts for this event were Henry Anker and Mathew Needleman.  Henry talked about the development of Mr. Anker's tests. He walked us through a couple of his flash programs in math and in reading comprehension.  We had a great discussion on how teachers use these web based programs for practicing of skills and review on learning standards.  Mathew talked about his work as webmaster of Videos in the Classroom and Open Court Resources Sites. How he has used digital media to give his students access to learning success.  He talked about the correlation between using these tools for learning and production of content by students and the ongoing debate on the digital divide.  I talked about the Web 2.0 classroom.  The different tools available to us. I talked about my plans for 2007-08 and making connections with other classrooms.  Our conversation continued as Martha Valencia spoke about professional development opportunities in the UPDATE program.  We had discussion about other tech happenings in LAUSD.  

Links Referred to on Show:  


Webcast Academy Session 2.2.5

This is the audio from the Webcast Academy meeting 2.2.5, our last offcial meeting of this intern group. As we discussed, this is more of a beginning than an end because now you are all ready to become active webcasters in the Worldbridges and EdTechTalk communities. We look forward to participating in your shows!

 Please note that in keeping with our tradition of putting raw audio up for webcast academy meetings, this audio file has a number of problems. I (Susan) was using a new computer to stream. One hour earlier, I had tested with members of the community and all seemed fine. As you will hear, there is a tinny sound, not quite an echo but a very unpleasant almost echo sound. Also in keeping with webcast academy and open source learning- all suggestions will be appreciated as I have not yet solved the mystery!

Thanks for a wonderful session to a wonderful group!

Best, Susan, Cheryl and Jeff

Reflecting on It's Elementary

This was cross-posted on my website at Inside Edition: It's Elementary behind the scenes... 

It’s Elementary » Blog Archive » It’s Elementary Show #3 Podcasts - Just Listen to Me! If you check it out, the show is surprisingly good and we sound like we know what we’re doing, but this show had some real pain behind it…

Show #2 for my Webcast Portfolio: Alice's Restaurant - A conversation with James Farmer of edublogs

Okay, James is a very hard guy to pin down, but I did it! Our discussion was based in a series of blog posts that started with Will Richardson's post from a conference on the Future of the Teacher.

James' post

The Educational Bloodbath Show!!! (tell us what you think)

I found myself today chatting with my webcasting partner in crime Chrissy about what to do next as interns at the Webcast Academy. By the end of the convo we found ourselves laughing about show ideas for post-academy life and Chrissy comes up with this u-beaut title, "The Educational Bloodbath Show!!!" (disclaimer: actually it was my idea for the title but her idea for the show)

Here's the pitch:  Weekly show where we tackle the controversial topics in education.... HEAD-ON, NO PRISONERS!

Possible topics:

Webcast Academy Session 2.2.5

Collaborative Agenda for Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.5

Interns, feel free to edit this page to add agenda items and/or questions for this meeting.
(don't worry, revisions are made automatically, so you can't do any long-term harm) click on the title of this post to see the full agenda

This is the day you thought was so far away just 5 weeks ago. Susan and I feel the same way! First we have to say Have a great vacation to Jeff Lebow as he is taking a well deserved break from Worldbridges and Edtechtalk. Welcome to Dave Cormier who has been participating in the WCA chat at skype.

1. Music
Please add resources that you use to this forum post. When you add links, be sure to explain how to actually capture the mp3 file and any other instructions needed to make good use of your suggested site.

2. Participate at edtechtalk!

Remember there are many shows at Edtechtalk and Worldbridges that you can participate in weekly. You can chat and ask to be invited into the skype.

Additional note to this item: This week, after a great show, Cheryl L said, "I am so excited that through the webcast I connected with someone who loves monarchs as much as I - who would've thought. It's connections like this that keep me going." This is the essence of webcasting! Connecting!! Soooo, what's the difference between podcasting and webcasting and what do we need to put on our checklist to make sure that we take advantage of the live nature of webcasting? Please add your thoughts and experiences to this forum post and then we will add all information to the Book of Webcasting
What does it mean to connect through webcasting?

3. What's next?
However, if you want to continue streaming how about the following?
Suggestion for continuing this collaborative learning, what do you think?
Create a time, weekly or bi-monthly, for different interns to sign up to stream a show so the interns can still meet.
Make some day and time suggestions to see if you can continue the learning 2.0!

4. Kick the Stream
Kick the Stream- you can sign up to take part in kicking the stream during the class. You will need to stream during this activity.
Susan Ettenheim
Cheryl Oakes
add your name here! (all you have to do is be ready to stream)

Reading treasures part 1

So here is the edited version of part 1 of reading treasures.


Cuentos De Mi Tierra -- Leyendas Mexicanas


This was a Spanish Webcast.  Join us as we discuss Pre-Columbian Folklore.  The Rodriguez Clan;  Jorge Adrian Rodriguez, Don Rosendo Rodriguez and I (Jose Rodriguez) are joined by Kevin Sandridge.  Special thanks to my It's Elementary Webcast buddies Lisa Durff and Alice Mercer (AKA stream checkers).  Yes Alice; There was a story about Giants. I had a last minute change in computers after simplecast crashed on me.  The skype gods stayed on my side.  Only difficulty was audio on my mic was really low.  Special thanks to Jorge Rodriguez for his superb storytelling;  you can contact him at

Stories referred to on show below;


La Llorona; The Weeping Women a women that drowned her children and now is cursed to look for them for eternity. We talked about the different versions popular throughout Mexico. Many people claimed to have seen her, even today. Rosendo shared his experience. One night his wife sewing late into the night when she heard her wailing down the streets.

Duendes/Chaneques; miniture goblins that create havoc. Don Resendo gives us examples of how the goblins would hide their sandals and throw them in the prickly pears. Don Rosendo talks about duendes appearing near the Laguna where he lives now. 

Tales from the Belen Cemetery in Guadalajara Mexico. El nino que le tenia miedo a la oscuridad.(Nachito) The boy that  was afraid of the darkness.  When he was left at home and his night light went off, he died of fright.  When he was buried the next day its tomb was open and the body outside. The grave digger reburried the body.  Each night for the next 10 days the same would happen.  It wasn't until his body was put on an outside grave with the body exposed so that light would it rest in peace.  Visitors still routinely leave candy and and toys to him. Many believe him to be a guardian angel.

Tales about Giants. The Mountain of dead in the state of Aguas Calientes.  How Giants that lived on Earth were called back to the heavens.  When they refused to go they were turned into Mountains.  There was a certain romanticism. About a couple of Giants that still walk the alleys of Aguas Calientes.  

Jorge shared with us a story about the great Volcanoes. The son of the Sun and the daughter of the moon come down to Earth. An Adam and Eve story and how they lost their divinity.  When She dies he is so heartbroken he stays at her side until and filled with sorrow the cries his hear out (literally) the Sun God so endeared decides to keep them together forever as the two great Volcanoes outside of Mexico City.

Kevin shared with us his trip to Puebla.  The Folklore he learned while there.   Jorge tells us of the Creation of the Sun and the Moon. How the Sun is put in the sky. and how when the Moon is created it was just as bright as the Sun. The Aztec Gods decide this could not be.  The Aztec Gods thew a rabbit at the Moon.  It's impression is still there today.  And with impact it starts the Moons rotation around the Earth.

Finally, Don Rosendo shares his personal stories of the bracero life in El Norte.  The times he shared with my grandfather Tomas Rodriguez. 

Chat Log Below

Show #1 for My Portfolio: Coffee Klatch with Maria Knee

This show was a discussion about planning for teaching technology to primary students. I asked for input to my lesson plans from Maria Knee, since she teaches kindergarten. Notice the forceful patience that Maria uses in pointing out how I need to let the children actually use the computers on the first day. Notice how tired I am talking at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Technical notes:

Streaming from within FlashMeeting

Today, Lisa Durff (from America) and I (from Australia) managed to get a stream working and tested by Kevin Sandridge via FlashMeeting, a free alternative to Elluminate. It worked very well I think and here is a short video I recorded of the live event using Jing:

Perhaps FlashMeeting would be a worthwhile alternative platform for future broadcasts, especially given the recent choppiness of Skype and downtime from last week. Interested in what others think.  

Streaming Flashmeeting

Can't add comments

I tried to post a comment to Illya's blog. Each attempt resulted in failed to open page - connection lost. Skype is down. Webcast Academy bumps my comments - this is hard on the psyche! I'm off to dial-up land again. I'll definitely not graduate until at least one more session. Susan

Streaming without skype about books

So here are 15 minutes worth of skypeless talk. Note how the silences slowly become fewer as the topic consolidates around books.  Boy, I was in a sweat!

Oh, and I wasn't alone. I had some wonderful people in the chat room! 

See   for more about the show

and    for the successful streaming on alado 

Streaming without skype

Carla Arena, Dennis Oliver, Dennis Newson, Erika Cruvinel and I had planned a great session on reading treasures with everything planned and organized. However, Skype choose exactly this moment to detach itself from the rest of the world. So after several minutes of ho-humming, Carla and I took the stream without Skype and kept it up separately, each talking to ourselves.



Aren't you going to tell everyone about your BIG news, Chrissy?

Reading Treasures Show

Reading Treasures in the Language Classroom - Resources

 "Books are the quietest and most constant of friends: they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,and the most patient of teachers.” Charles W. Eliot

Webcast Academy Session 2.2.4

Webcast Academy Session 2.2.4
August 15, 2007

Agenda type stuff

Chat Log Below

staying alive

Well - I took the easy way out. Sharon Peters and I recorded (and streamed without announcing it) a show on books. With time constraints, I edited it in Garageband rather than Audacity. I do have to spend more time with Audacity, but work has started, and I'm going to have to get to my webcasting slowly. Found out I have to compact my file in Garageband in order to have it save at 64 kbs. I thought it did not upload (too big originally) so I tried to edit and replace the file. The info about the audio did not change, but I got a message that my entry was updated. Still learning.....

Susan van Gelder with Sharon Peters - webcasting stream

A book talk with Susan van Gelder and Sharon Peters Recommended Books Getting Things Done by David Allen The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink Knowing Knowledge by George Siemens Empowering Students with Technology by Alan November The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen The Long Tail by Chris Anderson Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel by Lisa Zunshine

Julie's Week 3 Reflection

Finally Streaming!

Finally able to stream today due to much help from Durff and Susan!  Thanks again you two.  Had some flaky issues with Audacity.  I had to start my audio recording and then switch to Stereo mix so I could record the other voices. 

Cheryl Lykowski Practice Webcast Stream 8-15-07

I know this is not a great audio, but despite all of my issues of late, Jose and a few others were able to help me through this. I had other issues afterwards so I was not able to add intro or music. The echo or buzzing is audio equipment. I am just excited that it actually streamed and Jose can confirm it! YEH!

Reading Treasures Show - Getting Ready

Webcasting is about letting it flow, letting it take you to unexpected places, voices and encounters. However, the backstage is about planning, preparation. It seems paradoxical, but, in fact, it isn't. To let the voices around you feel at ease, the group of webcasters must have an idea on where they want to head. The final end might be unpredictable, but they need to know what they are doing there to makes everyone comfortable and confident to speak their minds.


Sigh! This has not been a productive week for me at WCA. I've got two shows that I could edit and post, but I'm wiped. Calendar is starting to get too full. In addition I can't make the class tonight. I'm feeling really flaky at this point. I can get the show(s) edited in the next few days, but is there a "due date" (like tonight), or can I send it along later?

Julie's 1st Webcast attempt!

For all of you Grey's Anatomy Fans- this is a discussion I had with another avid fan recaping the season finale and giving our predictions for Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. It may sound like high school gossip unless you watch the show!! We had a great time talking (her mic and internet connection were not the best, but we got by). We had about 6 in the chat room!

Kicking the stream

Carla and I just had a great game of stream-football, where we practiced how to kick each other out of the stream in order to take over. Quite easy, really. It was also fun just to talk.

It's funny how you can get close to people simply through chat, but as soon as you can hear each other's voice and talk and react, it becomes intensified. After only just a couple times it feels like talking to an old friend. 


Durff's set-up

Here is a picture of my audio set-up. The resulting webcasting is uploaded elsewhere...
This is my checklist that worked today:

Durff rejoins the webcaster universe

Susan generously gave off her time to help me and then Jose joined us too. I grudgingly accepted his advice. The result is posted here.  

Lisa Parisi's Ultimate Harry Potter Show

This is my first show.  My guests were Alice Mercer, Jennifer Wagner, and, my daughter, Ali Parisi.  Without them, I would have had quite a chat with myself and listeners would have been bored to tears.  So thank you, Guests, for making my show enjoyable.  You are all great conversationalists.

Automatic Recording Activated

Just wanted to let everyone know that the automatic recording of the stream (Sandbox A only) is once again functional.  Details in the FAQ (Publishing category).

Practice, Practice, Practice

A few days ago, Alice Mercer and I arranged a practice session for ourselves so that we could continue to practice streaming, capturing audio and general trouble shooting. Alice has the first part of the conversation and what follows is the audio from when I kicked the stream and took over. Little did I know that I would lose Alice for a bit and would have to babble by myself. We were joined by Lisa Durff who reported that there was no sound but we were pleasantly surprised that the sound was there all along. I did some editing so that this audio could be about 10 minutes long.

Here we go again

After the great success yesterday of converting to mp3 and uploading an audio file - with more than a little help from Susan and Jose - I thought I'd try basic streaming. I listened several times to Jeff's screencast, pausing as he went, double checked and got that wretched error message. This time: incorrect password. Has it changed?  Illya phoned me last week and dictated it to me.

Catching Up with Casting

Last week, I was having some trouble with Nicecast and Skype, and Lee was kind enough to take on my problem and help solve it. While I am still a little unsure of the complete technical description of the problem, Lee was able to walk me through my settings tonight and here are some things that we discovered.

Hicks - Practice Streaming and Recording

Finally, I was able to get my settings correct with Lee's help and get my practice streaming session done. Thanks, Lee!

Open Source Learning

I think I first heard the term; "Open Source Learning" in chat in the Webcast Academy.  I thought I knew what it was. I figured it referred to us choose what content we wanted to learn on the internet.  I heard Will Richardson refer to ideas on the Read-Write Web and the like.  I also keep up with other superbloggers like Wesley Fryer, Miguel Ghulin, David Warlick, Christopher Sessums, Steven Downes just to name a few.  I even particpated in K12Online last year and Web Heads in Action Online Conference this year along with Necc2007 not to mention everything happening at edtechtalk.  Nevertheless understanding comes through the practice or application and not theory.  Not until Webcast Academy did I begin to understand Open Source Learning. It just all clicked today.  I got a call from Kevin Sandridge a teacher in central Florida, we had a long talk about web 2.0 and implications for Second Language Learners, Yesterday Susan was asking about classes to recruit for youthbridges. I had a conversation with Chris Craft about a project on digital storytelling on Friday.  And Today it just came all together.  Dennis was uploading his file to Webcast Academy. It didn't show up in the flash player.  I thought I would help out.  How hard could it be.  80 minutes later with Susan patiently waiting on the sidelines we defeated the audacity gremlins and sucessfully uploaded the file.  I felt great and was happy to be able to contribute.  Open Source Learning means building on collective knowledge.  NOW, I've GOT IT!

­ ­


Making a telephone call to the lady downstairs

... I'm dizzy... Trying , with Jose's help, now, to upload a version friendly to all players

Reading Treasures in the Language Classroom - Planning an Interncast Show

Reading Treasures in the Language Classroom

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

 Frederick Douglass

This will be a piloting project with the LearningwithComputers group.

The idea behind the show is to give voice to LwCers to discuss the topic of the month. In this case, the topic being discussed there is '''reading'''. We'd try it out a first time and depending on our post-show analysis,we'll consider making it a once-a-month encounter.

The goal is to make even stronger bonds through the inclusion of voice in the group with synchronous interactive sharing of ideas. Also, for the educators who can't be present, they'll have a chance to listen to the podcast with practical ideas that could be used in their classrooms.

I'll invite other Webcastacademy members to join me to share the roles while streaming and sharing ideas on how to best carry it out. People to be contacted: Erika Cruvinel, Illya, Cris Costa, Dennis Oliver and Dennis Newson. Special guests: Gladys Baya and Claudia Bellusci.

We could try to have two streamers, in Sandbox A and B. Somebody who would be in charge of the chat area, welcoming people and keeping the text discussion flowing. A host that would be in charge of moderating participation in the Skype Conference.

Next steps:

  • contact interns. Done
  •  Define the best time for the show. Done
  • Send an invitation to LwC asking the ones interested to let us know their skype ID. Done
  •  Planning the show; resources; links; examples - On the way


Carla Arena

A Curious EFL Educator

Jeff Lebow Gradcast, Class of 1.1

Jeff Lebow Gradcast
Class of 1.1
August 11, 2007

Thanks very much to all those who joined in during my gradcast and
all those who have been part of my webcasting journey along the way.

Webcaster Portfolio

Chat Log Below

12:57:39  JoseR ->  JL tell me when you are ready to kick off
12:58:40  JoseR ->  the stream

EFL Best Practices Pilot

Rafael Murillo and I(Jose Rodriguez) present Best Practices for EFL teaching and learning.  We are joined by Doug, Durff, Veronica, Jeff, and Vance.

Links referred to on show below


 English Club:    

Activities for ESL/EFL Students; 

Jose Rodriguez Classroom Blog;

ESL Podcast Site: 

Dave's ESL Cafe: 

Homes Around the World Teacher Tube Video

World Conversation Club: 

Webheads in Action Network:

Vance Stevens; The Writing Matrix  

 Vance Podcasting Resources

Give me a hint at least...

Can anyone tell me the url for the stream archives where we look for those fairies and elves who record our streams from the server?

Lisa Parisi and The Road to Successful Streaming

What a long, hard road it was to finally get a successful week 2 assignment completed.  I spent approximately 15 hours trying to troubleshoot the setting issues.  I was successful recording and streaming my own voice but could not manage to get anyone else's voice. 

InternCast International Show

Lots of Lessons learned today.

First, Skype can badly misbehave and you have to keep it going. The solution? Maybe drop skype and keep talking to the listeners and asking for their input in the chat area.

Calling all Fairies and Angels

I'm not having much luck recording both sides of a telephony call.  I've started a forum topic here:
and I would really appreciate any ideas, hints, tips, tricks, advice.  It's 1.37am and I've been trying to resolve this since 5pm.  It's time for me to get some sleep before the International Intern Show at 7am.  I'm hoping that some lovely angels and/or fairies can resolve my audio issues while I'm snoozing. 

Lisa Parisi's First Successful Streaming!

With help from so many people, I finally was able to stream.  Thank you to Susan, Lee, Cathy, and Chrissy (at 2:00 AM for her), who worked with me through Yugma to solve the setting issues.  And thank you to Susan and Sharon for volunteering to be recorded.  Our fifteen minute conversation is edited here for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

Webcast Academy Session 2.2.3 - Show Management and General Troubleshooting

Webcast Academy Session 2.2.3
Show Management and General Troubleshooting
August 8, 2007

Agenda type stuff

Chat Log Below

My First Webcast by Jason Hando

So here it is - took me two serious attempts, with the wonderful help of Chrissy from NZ, Lisa Durff, Susan and Cheryl, we finally got it here is the 2 minute recording of my very first webcast that was done today while I was at school. Big thanks to all involved!!

Down Under Banter - homework from Jason for week 2

I had great fun as you can tell and I think I did my homework correctly as an added bonus - that's the best homework to get, right?

p.s. someone should ban Chrissy and I from having so much fun - my side hurt after this recording! Edited down from 1+ hours to 4 minutes!! 

Julie's week 2 reflection

Week two… it really only week two? I can’t be streaming already?!!!

But for as many trials and errors I have had, I am just glad I survived thus far! I have to first thank everyone, especially Durff, Cheryl, Susan, and Jeff, on the webcast academy skype chat, you were all so helpful and truly concerned to get me up and running. A bit about my attempt(s) so others can learn:

Julie's Streaming....Finally!!

It was a long road, but THANK you to everyone who helped me search, hunt, and dig for the magic button to get my recording and streaming up and running. You guys are the best!! For the streaming I call my dad to 'interview' him and my husband listening downstairs on the lap top to make sure it was actually 'streaming'...what a relief when it all went smoothly. Another thing I learned was that I really really need a headset and not my speakers, you can hear the repeater in the background in the beginning....but that is an easy thing to tweek!

Bumpy Ride - Task 3

Argghh!  Third task - not so smooth as second task.  Had success streaming (with the help of the most incredible and dedicated Durff!) in Sandbox A on Tuesday night at 10pm - and I know I was actually streaming as Sagittarian's Stream as my very good partner Jason could hear Durff and I talking!  Unfortunately, no such success with recording the stream - only my voice is present and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not using a USB mic yet.

(Almost) Webcasting

As I read and listen to the posts of others and see/hear your enthusiastic voices, I am greatly encouraged that my technical difficulties will soon be overcome. With some initial help from Lee's great screencasts, I was able to get most of my settings correct. Then, about two and a half hours ago with the help of Lisa and Jason, I was able to get all the settings nailed down and actually stream on Sandbox B. That felt good, until I listened to the archive and then realized that I could only hear Jason, not me!

Teachers4TELL - Getting Ready for the Real Show!

Well, yesterday was a blast! Once again the intrepid Webcasters-to-Be gang got together just for a little practice, but it simply became a whole show! Yes, with guests, participants, change of streamers on the go, all kinds of topics...In the Webhead/Edtechtalk spirit, very organic. Streaming just started to flow and voices were pretty loud and active. My settings to record with Audacity and to stream in Sandbox A were the same as last time. In the middle of the show, I stopped streaming and Illya picked it up. Successful transition. Laughs! I'm sure Illya felt the responsibility of having Jeff as a guest of our show! One week before I couldn't imagine to be skyping Jeff who wanted to be there with us. We even had listeners, Linda Parisi and Susan Ettenheim got to Sandbox A.

It's Elementary

It's been a great two weeks.  We've practiced recording and streaming but, there remains an essential question.  Where are all the GUYS?  It kind of reminds me of my experience as an Elementary School teacher.  It is very typical to find ratios of 10 to 1 female to male teachers.  Come On  boys!  Don't do this to me.  I am making an ALL CALL to all the MEN Webcasters to be.  This is your chance.  Doug, Jeff, Jeff Flynn, Jason, Dave Baron, Troy, Jose A and I can only do so much before the final Domination!

Assignment #2 - A. Mercer's Streaming Audio

Here is recording from Audacity of stream.

Mistakes made along the way: Forget to set wavein and waveout in repeater in an earlier version. Doesn't pick up anything that way, you get a voice saying "trial" over and over on stream instead. 

Volume is still low for me. I will definately try to fix that better in my next attempt. 

Webcast Academy 2.2.2

Webcast Academy 2.2.2
August 8, 2007

Kicking the Stream

Thanks to Maria and Miz Mercer for letting me kick the stream succesfully. Last night with Jose and Durff, I failed miserably, today is a new day. Now I can graduate..


Illya's show - Skyping with Durff

Durff and I did the hamster dance Cool


 This is another section of my first streaming success. In it, Durff explains how to start a Skype conference.

Unfortunately, I turned off the recording too early, or there would have been a third show on how to turn off or hand over the stream.  Thanks for your help anyway, Cheryl. I'm glad you could be there :-)

Illya's show - troubleshooting with Jose

My first streaming experience - hurray!!!

Thanks, Jose, for taking me through the steps.

Thanks to All

Today I worked hard learning how to stream. I reviewed the content material, asked questions, experimented, hit snags, reset preferences, still had trouble, talked to others, wanted to scream, posted to the forum, took an outdoor break, came back and still don't know if I can make it work. Whew!

Feeling Emotional...Sorry

I know I sound like a complainer, a griper...and really, I'm not.  But I feel like I'm back in high school.  I missed one class, just one, and am so lost I feel like I'll never catch up.  I watched Jeff's screencast (Thank God for him!) and understand all the settings I need.  But I don't have a password to try out streaming, don't know where to go to try out streaming, don't know how to schedule time to try out short, can't try out streaming.  I'm ready to quit.  But what kind of message would that send to my da

Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Openhouse

Listen to Cheryl, Jose, and I discuss audio issues I hear no echo....

Streaming with Durff and Cheryl

Thanks Durff for providing the forum to do our homework and also  Doug, Jose Antonio, Illya, Cheryl, Marielle, LisaP, Maria and others that checked-in.

Graduation, Just Do It!

Zen (theme) and the art of webcasting

Been experimenting with different drupal themes for the Academy.  This is a slightly modified version of the Zen theme.  For now I've made it the default theme. What do you think?  You can check out other themes by clicking on 'my account / edit' and changing your theme preference.

Success!!! Dennis interviews Illya

For no apparent reason, it worked.

It was a wonderful chat with Dennis :-) 

Reflection on the week+

My VAC/Dracula post is more of a micro-blog reflection. Here is more...

There is the argument in 2¢ Worth » In Response — The Need for “Web 2.0?
about what's really new about Web 2.0?

homework - recording skype call

Well it took some doing. I was finally able to record my skype call. Thanks for everyones help. I resorted to using powergramo. I like it. I couldn't find the link to the VAC's. I did have to go get more ram for this old beat up machine. Now that I have doubled it things are working better. I also made a successfull skype call. 2 more first for this old techy. My tech director is going to flip when I tell him all that I want to add to the Middle School Curriculum.  :) .

recording a skype call homework

I finally figured out how to record a skype call using powergramo.

How can I fix the overlap between between the main content and right column?

That overlap is created with some content when viewing the site with the default theme (Garland) on a 1024pixel wide monitor. You can fix it by clicking 'My Account / Edit' and then choosing either the zen theme or fancy theme.

Illya's second try - with screenshot

here's the screenshot

Webcast Academy Class of 2.2 Intern Practice Time

If the Open House on Saturday is not convenient, please advise me. I may be able to do another at a time more convenient for you. All time zones are welcome, of course...and remember, I don't know what I am doing either.....

successes and questions on setting up profile.

What is an Open ID?

I really had a good experience yesterday and today. I was able to set up skype, I joined my first chat session. (hard to believe since I have been a school tech for 15 years). We were always taught chat was bad. I did enjoy it. And, finally I actually caught a webcast as it was being broadcast, not after the fact. love it.


Some Screencast Prep for 2.2.2

  What a great first week at the Academy.  Just wanted to share some thoughts (feedback, prep, and pondering) ahead of 2.2.2.  

Watch Screencast

Thoughts  for 2.2.2

- Site Navigation
   Don't forget the Forums & Faq
   RSS feeds at:

- Skype chat
   Anyone can add another intern to the chat
   How to participate in group skype chat screencast

- Audio specs

  •  sample rate, bitrate
  •  ID3 Tags
  • filenames

Audio from a problematic post can be re-uploaded.  There's no need to create another post.

- Recording telephony calls
   3rd party apps (powergramo, pamela, etc.) have never been used to successfully stream. 
   Sorry  Winodws users, VAC's are most likely necessary.

Academy Membership Types:

    General info at  (intern access only)
    Transmitted by voice only - PLEASE write it down.  If lost or forgotten, ask for it in skype chat.

Streaming Practice
    Sandbox can be used anytime stream is available. Visit Chat Room, check listen page, stream away.
   Schedule a webcast by clicking create content/event
   Using the Webcast Academy Sandbox Screencast

lurking... Cathy Wolinsky or cathywo

I am participating as a listener so far in this Webcast Academy. I have downloaded new tools, tried some, taught some and in general am a very initial learner in this realm. I love hearing the introductions and I plan to do what I can to work on my recording.

Justine, a Brazilian Leading a Team in India

I gave a complete overview of the Interview on my personal blog  

Hope you enjoy listening a talk on cultural differences in the business world.



Week 1 reflection

Illyas Reflections on week 1

after an intensive week with talking to people (great!), trying out audacity (easy), getting used to my voice (harder) and more or less successfully recording a conversation( more less than more), I'm slowly starting to feel comfortable with the different programs. It's tough, a lot harder than I had imagined, but on the other hand, less than a month ago, I didn't even know streaming was someting I can do, so I will persevere and succeed with the help of the others. Thanks for being there :-)

Reflections Week 1

Looking back at week one, I wanted to take some time to write about what went well and what my challenges are.

cut and paste 3rd time

Let's see if this works.

trying to stay on top of things

Well - my telephony assignment is posted - you can find it in the audio section. I've been frustrated not having access to high speed. I am now sitting in an Internet cafe, but tonight will be back on dial-up and know I will miss most of what is going on. Next week, I am going to a reading camp, sponsored by the Quebec ministry of education. I'll be giving a couple of workshops for teachers. The camp is about teaching reading, but my workshops will be more on story and writing - one on digital storytelling and one on podcasting. Unfortunately they will be too short to allow for much hands on.

Susan with Cheryl

This is a recording of a Skype call that I recorded with Cheryl Lykowski. It was recorded with Call Recorder and edited in Audacity.

cut and paste 2-way phone calls

well, I haven't completely managed to record a two-way discussion; however, I have recorded each way separately. In addition, I've been playing around with audacity, so there is some profit, even if I haven't quite managed it properly. 

I've recorded my 1st try with mrsdurff , which unfortunalely didn't record me (but there is proof that I was there!) Then I tried the skype lady, who actually let me do both, then I had a wonderful talk with Carla, but only got myself recorded.

Next time I bet I'll manage!!!!

My Introduction

Hi Dear Webcasters,

My name is Jose Antonio. I am a Brazilian teaching EFL in Brasilia. This is my first time creating content at The Webcast Academy. I am a great fan of blogs and podcasting for teaching. I always try to use them to help my students learn. I also have learned a through this kind of media. I am looking forward to improving my webscasting skills.

Abraços from Brazil

"The Magic is really Collaboration!"

Yesterday it was the day.

We did it! YES! :-)

Here is the recording of  my very first recording of a skype conversation using audacity. What a great feeling of achievement. What a great joy. And all thanks to my dear friends Carla and Dennis.

You are the best!

We are now ready for the next step. Llike Carla said. let's stream! :-)

Thank you all.

Telephony Recording

I am still new at PowerGramo and just kind of using it without reading the directions first. It seems to automatically record a skype call, except for the time I was actually planning on using that recording for the assignment...hmmm. This is a short call to my mom to try to explain what I am doing with the webcast academy. I tried to edit some in Audacity, but found it very dificult to do when 2 people are talking at once! Practice, practice, practice!


Jamila Kader Introduction

Hello Everybody,

This is my introduction. I did not do very well, but I am sure that I will be able to edit it as we move forward with the topic.

Thank you,


Now I know how Dracula feels about garlic...

Seeing or hearing the word virtual audio cables is now enough to make me shudder in fear and revulsion.

Durff's Telephony Envy

Everyone is doing such a wondeful job recording their telephone calls that I got to wondering, could I do that way too? So to prove it to myself, I did. I am calling Dani, a friend in PA. You will hear me ask about Sharon at the end. She is Laura's sister, with whom Dani & I previously worked. Her sister is in a coma at JHU with a 1% chance of survival. 

Interview With Cathy Evanoff

I owe Cathy a note of thanks for her help with this one.  I had a few technical issues at the beginning and she patiently guided me through.  It really helps to have someone who's "been there" when you're first getting started.  

 My husband walked in mid-recording and the door alarm sounded.  So, beware the 3 beeps near the end.  I tried to tone them down a little, but couldn't completely edit them out. 

Getting Started and Catching Up

As I get started in Webcast Academy 2.2, I am encouraged by the many other voices that have posted before me, some only hours ago. Here is my brief intro with some ideas of what I hope to do with webcasting. I look forward to catching up with the rest of you and joining in the conversation.


Joining Late, But Looking Forward to the Journey

Hello Everyone, 

telephony assignment

Hi all - here's my little talk with skype lady

Academy Session 2.2.2

Week Two Session for Class of 2.2
Wednesday Aug. 1, 8pmEDT / midnight GMT global times

Topic: Basic Streaming
Resources here

2.2.1 Meeting Archive

Prep Screencast

Cindy Phthisic Introduction

Hi all!  Here's my intro for this week's assignment.  I really need to work on my webcaster voice.  :)


Dave Baron Recording Two-Way Skype Call

Called Jeff Lebow very late on Sunday night because I was so pleased to have recorded the Skype test lady to Audacity.  Here is a bit of the call with Jeff.  We are discussing the fact that I was somehow able to capture Skype audio (including myself) without the using VAC, which I think may be related to the fact that I have a kind of a snazzy sound-card setup that I use for recording music.  In case anybody is interested, it is a Creative Audigy 2ZS, which is a sound card with a break-out box (a separate unit wired to the soundcard) that allows for inputting

Dave Baron audio intro (late!)

Okay - better late than never, I suppose.  I am trying to catch up with this class of interns (2.2.1) and hope that this audio introduction posts successfully.  Looking forward to talking to you all.

Jen Wagner Intro

Not sure if I am doing this right -- but here goes.

 I don't have a usb mic yet for my mac -- but will do so soon.

I am going to try this entirely on my MAC -- though I want to go to the comfort of my please forgive me if I struggle.



Julie's Intro

I used Audacity to create this intro.....enjoy!

Lisa Parisi - telephony call with Durff

After many trials, I finally recorded a fabulous conversation with Durff.  Had fun talking.  Editing was tricky as our voices were mixed together and I sound much louder than she but for my first attempt, I think it went well.  Enjoy!

Introduction- Julie S.

A try at the introduction! Enjoy!

Recording Conversation Take 1

Today is day 5 of our Webcasting journey!  The informal networks are helping in bringing everything together.  I am networking with teachers all over the world.  My cohort includes Bee from Brazil, Robin from the East Coast and Jen and I are Southern California.  The bookmarking of the webcast academy serves as a quick way to communicate with fellow interns.  Email seems way to slow and complicated compared to Skype Chat. So today Robin caught me online. We recorded our conversation and like Jeff would say "Batta Bim Batta Bum" or something like that!

Recording Two Way Audio

Robin Ellis and I (Jose Rodriguez) spent a few minutes trouble shooting how to record two way audio using Audio Repeater and Audacity.  I go through the settings on a PC.  Have a listen as everything clicks into place!  

Skype Recording Cheryl Lykowski updated

Let's try this again.

Audio comment when added to my blog. Where is flash?

When I publish an audio comment to my blog, this is what it looks like. No flash. In order to publish, you would need to go to file attachments and browse your desktop find the file, then upload. Attach, wait a while as this happens, then submit, and wait while it uploads.


A little encouragement

I made a little announcement. If I am in my account and I click onto create content, then select audio, I can type a short message, then go on to add my audio message. This way you can see the automatic flash player!

Active Webcasting Community

Great hearing from y'all.  Especially looking forward to the Webcasts coming out of this cohort.  Imagine the New Year's Webcastathon led by class of 2.2.  I can feel the energy and motivation generated by this online space and it's only week one!

Cheryl Lykowski Skype recording conference call

This is a Skype conference call between myself, Cheryl Oakes, Robin Ellis, and Durff!

Skype names

I have added the webcast academy group to my skype contacts, but is there a way for me to individuals from the group as well? I was looking for someone to try a skype call with but don't have names of contacts to try to call. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I am robin.ellis1 on skype

Success at Last!

Such struggles with recording a Skype call.  Spent hours yesterday with Maria, Alice, Durff, and Jeff all trying to help.  Thank you all.  Then my dear husband, my technical support, worked until 2AM  to get things working.  Got it going but nothing really sounded right. 

Recorded Telephony Call - Smooth Ride

I thoroughly enjoyed this task.  I tried to use VAC and Audacity first, having some success calling the Skype Test Call Lady (she's so patient and "there" if no one else is online).  Unfortunately her voice was not recording loud enough and I could not figure out how to make her louder.  My USB Mic is not due in the country until 5 August so I've been using a Mic and Headset but with two separate jacks.  Not entirely sure if that's the problem.  I had already downloaded powergramo

Smooth Ride

 Recording a telephony call  using PowerGramo and Skype.  More details in my blog post.
Thanks Jason - you're an awesome partner!  And I'll let you have the vegemite! 

My Introduction

I had this up earlier, just tried to post it again after realizing everyone else had it in Introductions and I added it as a blog.  Don't know where it ended up the first time so here I go again.  I do love technology, I do love technology, I do, I do, I do love technology.

Frustration Abounds!

I spent four hours yesterday trying to get my computer to record sounds not going through my mic.  Finally gave up and went to bed.  My husband, who had been trying with me, kept at it and, at around 2 AM, woke me to tell me he was successful.  Now here I sit at 7 in the morning, waiting for him to wake up and tell me what he did.  I remember something about my not turning on the VAC and about using a different repeater but can't duplicate it myself. 

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Best

Okay, I ran this through a great program called Levelator. This evens out volume levels. I think you can hear the difference.

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - Better

Okay, when you have audio like on my last file, you try to locate the source, so I asked someone else if they would chat with me in Skype so I could record it. Sharon Peters pitched in. Still you can hear some significant volume issues. The weird background noise is gone though.

This is done in Audacity on a PC. 

Assignment 1B: Recording and editing a telephony call - AWFUL!

Kids, don't try this at home! Lisa Parisi has been having significant audio issues, so when we went to record, this is what I got...

Skype Conference How-to

Did this screencast:

On how to make a conference call. Had to redo audio (which made it better) because the telephony set up for Audacity did not work for CamStudio. 


In my audio introduction it says I used a mac with garageband to record which I did but then had to download audacity and cover with it in order to post : )


Finally got my introduction posted. I must say I was somewhat overwhelmed after the first meeting the other night and hope I can keep up. I am on EDT in PA, work in a K-12 district as a year round employee and summer is very busy for me at work. I also have to get all software I am downloading onto my machine approved ahead of time which I have to plan for. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and think this will be a great group of people to work with and learn from!


Robin Ellis Introduction 2.2 class

Hello everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted, life had some unexpected but wonderful turns this week which sidetracked me from my original plans. Looking forward to working with everyone!

Maria Knee's Telephony Victory!

Thank you Lee Baber for posting info in the forum (38 weeks ago) the screencast for setting up Nicecast for the Mac.

I had one minor issue with the mic settings but then I was "Good to Go."


This is a short recording I made with Lisa Durff. Thank you Lisa. As always, you are so supportive.



A Lurking Learner

I am glad to participate in WCA's 2.2. class.  I have a hard time with schedules and structure.  I signed up for the first class but drifted alway without completing the assignments as suggested.

One of my goals for this summer was to improve my web presence and contribute more to the EdTechTalk community.  I have started webcasting on my own with ETTK12.  This post,,  is my application for that webcast.

Jeff Flynn's Webcast Academy Intro

This is my audio introduction for the Webcast Academy class of 2.2.

Audio intro embedded and corrected filename

hi again, i renamed my into audio since i jumped the gun and posted early - also uploaded audio so i can link here?

sps intro 7-25

2nd try

My Introduction

Hello All,

Maria Knee's Introduction

I used this opportunity to tell you about myself. I used Audacity to edit. I can't believe how nervous I was during the recording!


Alice Mercer's Introduction for Webcasting Class of 2.1

Here it is...

Bee's intro


My name's  Barbara Dieu, or Bee as people call me online. I teach English as a Foreign Language at the Franco-Brazilian school in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am recording this using Audacity. The music that you hear at the beginning comes from Gilberto Gil's site: . He is our Minister of Culture and also a famous musician, a pioneer at publishing songs under the Creative Commons License and on his site called (Banda Larga) Broadband you can find a series of remixes based on his songs so you can create your own re-mix or mash-up like I'm doing now.

update 28/07: I have added an explanation of the recording process here. 

update 29/07:  I have added the outdated code here for the flash button instead of uploading the mp3 file again to the audio content area so as not to encumber the webcastacademy server. I had to switch this text from WYSIWYG to text editor so as to place the code. hmmm, the button appears but the sound does not come out. Checking the html code. Still does not play...argh. Now , where is it that I had found that code? Ok..found my mistake..I added an extra pair of inverted  commas after the src, argh.­

­­­ ­

Download my mp3 1.55 mb 1.21"



Recording a Telephony Call - BrazilBridges - All About Brigadeiros

I feel excited about the accomplishments so far, mainly recording a telephony call. In the past, there were always technical issues with the computers I was working at, I never got to record both ends. There was always one voice missing!

This time, yes. A big YES! WOOHOO! OK, the bad part? It's always terrible to listen to ourselves and I realized how LOUD I am. Had to edit the whole conversation because of my so loud tone!

CarlaArena_Recording a Telephony Call - All about Brigadeiros

Dear all,

This time is full of WooHoo moments! Today I had a great time recording a skype call with Erika. I checked my settings before, opened the volume control, opened audacity and then the Audio Repeater (Yes! Don't forget it!). Then, I could see all the waves going on my screen from my side and Erika's end. Perfect! And the conversation? Even more fun!

Erika Cruvinel Introduction

Hello, I am Erika Cruvinel, a brazilian teacher who has been trying to learn how to stream for over a year. I joined the Webcast Academy last year, but the most I could do was to record one end of a Skype call. So please give me one more chance to learn more about webcasting. I promise to try harder this time!



I used Audacity for the first time - not too hard once you know what all the icons mean. I tend to be a hands on person who tries things out and then reads. Speaking of reading - I had taken a holiday from reading blogs - I was water-blogged - couldn't take anything in anymore. But this has revitalized me and I have started reading again. I am very excited about this course and this group of people. Now - to find everyone's blogs and start more reading.

Susan van Gelder Introduction

Made with Audacity

Telephony Recording

A very boring recording. A good example of someone (me) not putting her mic in the right place to avoid breathing sounds. I'm sure Jeff will cover this topic (I am a prime offender) in a later lesson.

Audio introductions

Hi everyone

I do believe I finally found my way around! At least I've managed steps 1-3: setting up Audacity, recording and uploading!! Hurray!!!! 

Introducing me, Jason Hando

Hi Wonderful People,

It is wonderful to be involved in the webcast academy! Thanks to Susan and Cheryl who invited me along when I showed interest in an Aussie EdTech Show.

Webcast Academy 2.2.1 (First Meeting) July 25, 2007

Hi everyone. Welcome to Webcast Academy Class 2.2!  It was a fast moving exciting first class. Please excuse the variations in sound. I'm actually having some troubleshooting problems with my sound and tried to even it out a little. I'll be looking for ideas and help from you too!

This week's assignments:

  • record, edit, and post your 2 minute intro
  • record a two-way telephony call, edit it and post
  • join the Class of 2.2 skype group chat
  • Also, download your streaming software of choice and make sure it "goes."

Relevant screencasts:

If you have questions, please check the Book of Webcasting and the FAQ.  If you don't see any answers there, please post  your questions to the Forums.  Don't be concerned that it's a 'stupid' question. Posting (and answering) any and all questions helps make the Academy resources more complete   Please post any reflections to your blog.

MOST OF ALL - go to EdTechTalk and participate  in shows this week. This is the way you will get used to listening, chatting and learning all at once! AND post to the Webcast Academy Forums! Have a great week playing!

Chat Log Below

Ready, Set, Go!

And we're off!

I Will Survive, Won't Give Up!

This time is for good. One year ago I started, one year later I'm here for this immersion in the Webcasting world. 

I've already recorded my intro with Audacity and have been playing around with recording. Finally, I was successful, but I want to record something exciting with the gang, Cris, Mary, Erika.

Carla Arena's Intro - Let's Samba with Webcasting!

Dear all,

It's a great pleasure to be with you here. I've been here before as an intern, but due to time constraints I was not ready at the time to find my way through streaming! Now, I'm ready to dive in.

Getting lost

Hi everyone from the 2.2 group. I'm sorry I couldn't attend (was busy dreaming of sugarplums :-)), and I saw on the list that there are a number of people I already know!

I'm Illya from the USA, and would like to continue this introduction with audio once I figure it out. 

At the moment I'm busy getting lost in the book and all the links. I can't seem to find the screencast (camtasia?) from Jeff showing how you can record using Audacity. I know I saw it there somewhere. Could anyone help me out?  I also think I'm supposed to get a mentor.

How do I participate in my class's group skype chat?

First you add 'webcastacademy' as a skype contact.  You will then be added to the skype chat within a few hours.
Then take a look at this screencast for some pointers.

Cheryl Oakes' introduction


This is my introduction for Webcast Academy 2.1 First the download Introduction

Flash player attempt # 1.

Cheryl Lykowski Introduction

Trying to get Flash Player - jealous of Jose's

Welcome Class of 2.2

I totally missed the first class and see many are already doing a fantastic job! I am willing to help any who ask and admit to knowing less than nothing 

Jose Rodriguez Introduction Class of 2.2

Hi, My name is Jose Rodriguez.  I am a third grade teacher in Los Angeles, CA (USA).  I also teach adult ESL at night school.  I have been part of the Edtechtalk community for the last year or so.  I recently started webcast on edtechalk;  It's Elementary with Lisa Durff, Maria Knee and Alice Mercer.  I am looking forward to becoming a webcaster building my Personal Learning Network these next few weeks.  

Jose Rodriguez 3rd Grade Teacher, Adult ESL; It's Elementary Webcast 

nzchrissy's Introduction

What an amazing first session with Cheryl, Susan and Jeff. I don't think I've ever had so many windows open at once and the chatroom was just humming!  So many awesome connections made today. 

I hope I've uploaded my introduction correctly!



Hi everyone! I am Cheryl Lykowski from Michigan. I am an elementary school teacher and I am working on my Master's degree. I begin my thesis research this August in International Collaboration. I am excited to be a part of this internship and I cannot wait to start connecting, collaborating, and learning!

July 25 intro

this is my second attempt!

we'll see - i may not have adjusted prefs correctly.

hey looks like it's working yippee

Meeting up



I really feel like the kid whose peers left school two years ago, everything has changed, the computer room is where the bathroom used to be and no code words work any more.

 I'm very interested in the present course, though I'll probably miss all the European-unfriendly meetings after midnight our time since I live in time zone GMT + 2.

I've been a registered member of WA for about two years.


I hope to meet up with you somewhere.


Agenda for Webcast Academy Session 2.2.1 Meeting

Many of you have emailed and asked what you could be doing before class, well, here it is!
Get ready for session 1. The Navigation on the webcast academy is being edited, so bear with us.
By the end of Webcast Academy session 1 you will be ready to record, edit and upload your intro audio.
In order to be more familiar, go to the site and you will see a calendar of events. It will be great if you can listen to some of the great webcast shows.  While you listen you can also participate in the chat, which will help you get practice multi-tasking.

1. Go to the book of Webcasting
 We want you to get familiar with the site.
Go to Academy Participation and review the page Site Orientation
Here is where you will find information from previous classes.

2. Find the Webcast Kit, download and try out the software for your operating system/computer.
 Here is a screen cast made from the last class. This will help you navigate the site. You will need the headphones in order to talk and not give everyone feedback or echo.
The versions will not be the same as the screen shot. Listen to the whole little video for instructions on downloading and recording your introduction.

3. Find Curriculum
Topic 1, then locate  Basic Audio Editing, here you will find directions for making your first audio which will be your introduction!
When you are using your software for recording and have questions, please use the help in  your menu of  your screen. Also check out the forums and leave questions and check the threads that have already been started.

Your homework: before session #1July 25/26

Download the software and try it out to see that it works.
Listen to as many webcasts as you can, participate in the chat.
Get familiar with the Book of Webcasting.

Homework to complete Session #1 due August 1/2, 2007
Create your audio introduction  screencast here:
Participate in the forums.
Create you blog and post your audio.
Post reflections about your journey into webcasting.

Here we go!

Cheryl and Susan

The Big Six for It's Elementary

What is our plan for this show?

1. What is your show concept?

Technology integration at the elementary school level. Exploring ways to go beyond barriers at our schools and districts. A forum for Elementary School teachers to discuss issues around technology in their schools. A space to showcase Best Practices.

2. Who would be on the show? Tell us about each host

Maria Knee - Kindergarten teacher in Deerfield, NH
Jose Rodriguez - Third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA

Ready to Graduate!

In putting my portfolio together I went back and found some shows I liked.

 The first show was week 3 , you can listen here, 

I like this show because, it was a show where I was in Wells, ME, and Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Jen Wagner were all in Atlanta at the Georgia State Conference.


Webcast Academy Session 2.2.1

An open house is scheduled for July 21 19000GMT global times
and the first session will take place July 25, 8pmEDT / midnight GMT global times

Stay tuned for more details.

Webcast Academy Planning Session

Planning Session - July 7, 2007

Week #4 Show management skills/ Post-production and advanced audio editing


1. Post new event on calendar  --- GMT Friendly Link
2. Plan an interncast to stream on Sandbox A
3.  Mangage a live show
4.  Post production audio editing

Resources:       Recording and Editing Audio from Lee's Book of Audio




Adding incoming calls to a skype conference



Meeting Agenda Below 

Summer Internship Anyone?

Hi everyone, 

I'm interested and willing to guide a group of summer interns... let's see, would we be 1.5 by now? When would you like to start? When would you like to meet? I'd like to start as soon as possible! 

Mac Webcasting Set Up for Nicecast

Set Up - also see Screencasts at bottom of page

For USB mic:

1) Plug the microphone and headphones in, then launch Nicecast and Skype.
2) In Nicecast's Source drawer, set the first pop-up to Audio Device and then select your microphone for the Input Source. This should be the same device selected in Skype's Audio preferences for Input.
3) Next, open the Effects window, and insert the Application Mixer plugin.


Nice colors over at EdTech!

Mac Webcasting Group

Hello Everyone!

Webcast Academy Open House & Webcast Extravaganza

As part of WiAOC2007, we planned to provide an overview of what the Webcast Academy does, what's ahead in the foreseeable future, and knock a few items off our To Do list. Instead, we wound up playing with the newest tool in the webcasting arsenal -

Raw audio here   Video Recording here



I learn along with wonderful people at school. Many of them are called students and I am often called a teacher, but I think these definitions are becoming more and more blurred!

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
Kathy Shields and I continued the conversation with Barbara Ganley after the WiAOC2007
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
Listen to Cheryl, Jose and I discuss audio issues during a recent openhouse.

WIAOC2007 Webcastathon

Teach me to stream and I will do two more hours .... how's that for bribery?

Streamers Needed, Tech Changes, & Future Sessions

Hello Academy Interns,

   As most of you are probably aware, the Webcast Academy has been pretty dormant for the last few months. Hopefully,  that will change very soon.

WiAOC2007  Webcast

WiAOC 2007 Webcastathon

This node was used for webcast planning.
For achives of this event, please visit

The Worldbridges Webcastathon - May 18~20
in association with
WiAOC 2007

(for late breaking schedule updates, visit


Interns, feel free to grab spots now by editing this page. We hope to have two simulcasters when possible, so please add your name in the streamer column if you're available to 'simulcast'.

May 17, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
22:01 Red Carpet Coverage

23:01 Worldbridges Welcome Reception & Introductions
(audio introductions - live and voicemailed)

Friday,  May 18, 2007

GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
Leigh Blackall  Keynote address
Jeff L
A cyber faculty lounge for educators to dicuss what they're working on, questions they have, and challenges they're encountering
Jeong-Bae Son, Vance Stevens, Andrew Lian, Debra Hoven, Klaus-Dieter Rossade, Siew Ming Thang
Computer-mediated communication: CONNECTing in a multiliterate flat world  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Elaine Hoter, Asmaa Ganayim and Miri Shonfeld
Building bridges between cultures in conflict
Glenda McPherson and Malcolm Jolly
Using Second Life for competency outcomes in vocational education (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer
Digital Gaming & Language Learners: From Space Invaders to Second Life (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Rita Zeinstejer, and Sasha Sirk
Writingmatrix: CONNECTing students with blogs, tags, and social networking
LT Elluminate Jeff L
  Paul Scott and Catherine Chapman
Contact us: Interactivity and BBC Learning English
  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Michael Coghlan and Elderbob Brannan (15:30)
"..."(an unconference)
 Celine Godet
Using Moodle and Spip in the EFL classroom: The example of the "Intercomstudents" project
LT Elluminate
 Nina Liakos An open-source online gradebook 

 Dafne Gonzalez and Arnold Muhren
Seven innovative dimensions of e-learning
Keynote conversation with Susanne Nyrop

Jeff L
 Rubena St.Louis
Can a blended reading course work? Feedback from participants
 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #1

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #1

Saturday, May 19, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
Barbara Ganley
Border Crossings and Contact Zones: Transformative Learning with Social Software across (Traditional) Educational Settings

LT Elluminate Jeff L
 KathyShields & Lisa Durff
continue the conversation, keynote, postshowand more
Mona Younes
Using ARCS model to motivate adult Arab learners in an online setting: IOL as a case study
LT Elluminate
 Tom Leverett
How blogging is changing the academic ecosystem
Perry Christensen
iPods: Shuffling the way we teach
 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #2

 Michael Coghlan
wrapup of UnConference Session #2

 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #3

 Elderbob Brannan
wrapup of UnConference Session #3

 Peter Travis
Podcasting Skype interviews with advanced learners of English
LT Elluminate
George Siemens Keynote address
Connections and Conversations: What happens to content?
LT Elluminate Jeff Flynn
Moira Hunter and Mabel Quiroga
The AEIOU of Real-Time Language Learning - Attract, Engage, Involve Online Users

DafneGozalez and Teresa Almeida d'Eça
Professional development through collaboration in wikis
 Andrew Pinchon
Seamless Web 2.0 collaboration tools for business and non-profit education professionals
Moira Hunter and Geoff Kaye (90 mins)
DiscoverE - A 'test drive' in a synchronous classroom: Hands on workshop

Teemu Leinonen Keynote address
Jeff Lebow
Robin Good Keynote address
Jeff Lebow
Anne Fox
Using podcasts in the EFL classroom
  (90 mins)
LT Elluminate
 Sedat Akayoglu
Collaborative writing through PBWikis
LT Elluminate
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Trends in Digital Media 2007
LT Elluminate
May 20, 2007
GMT Presentation Venue Streamers
00:01 Karen Garcia
Tagging and broadcasting with feeds: The use of RSS feeds beyond aggregates and syndication
LT Elluminate
 Sara Rofofsky Markus
What does it really mean? Cultural differences in Asynchronous Communication

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

 Michael Coghlan
hosts UnConference Session #4

 Heike Philp
The LANCELOT Project
LT Elluminate
Heike Philp
The LANCELOT Project
Second Life
GavinDudeney and Nicky Hockly
Get a MUVE On - Education in Second Life

Stephen Downes Keynote address
Personal Learning the Web 2.0 Way

Jeff Lebow
 Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow
 Educationbridges Town Hall - updates & plans for assorted Educationbriges and EdTechTalk projects
Konrad Glogowski and Christopher Sessums
Personal Learning Environments - Exploring Professional Development in a Networked World
(90 mins)

 Webcast Academy Open House
Beyond the technology - Exploring application & developmentpossibilities for this collaborative learning community
Jeff Lebow
 Elderbob Brannan
hosts UnConference Session #5

Sharon Peters
conversation with Noble Kelly who is president of Teachers Without Borders Canada

Barbara Dieu and Patricia Glogowski
Open and Participatory Webpublishing
  (90 mins)
Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel, and Ronaldo Lima
Blogging with Students: Ideas to Enhance Communication
In convergence with AALDP -American Association of Literacy Professional Developers
Panel discussion wrap-up of recent EVO sessions

Jeff L

PodcampNYC Webcast Coverage

Webcast Coverage of PodcampNYC
April 7, 2007
The New Yorker Hotel
New York, NY   Flickr Photos

John C. Havens of,, & lead organizer of PodcampNYC
Steve Rosenbaum of

Discussion with Gary Leland 

Dr. Kathy King fields a question
from Chrissy in New Zealand
Getting to know Podango

Worldbridges PodcampNYC Webcast Part 1

Part one of our coverage from PodcampNYC. Recorded during a live webcast on April 7, 2007.
This portion includes discussions with:

podcamp atlanta right now! streaming?

Hey all,

I'm at podcamp atl and I will try to stream at 3:15.  Most of the attendees are interested in commercial podcasting but I will push on regardless of the nmber of participants I have in my session, podcasting is elementary. 

Finally, once and for all, the WOW2 February 21 The Flat Classroom Show

So here it is!  It's on my podomatic Common Knowledge site.  I only had some GAETC interviews on there and coincidently I had interviewed the WOW ladies!  A double listen! 

This episode captures the conversation between Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay


Speed Testspeed

Now that we have all done the internet speed test mentioned on the Edtechtalk show (thank you for the GREAT links & Jen's persistance and unwaivering optimism!), how do I increase my speed. It is less than 1/2 of the best, averaging 1520 or so....

Screen Capture Images of Webcast setup

I continue to be amazed at how variable webcasting setups can be on different machines.   I finally got this HP Pavilion desktop setup properly (I think) and before I forgot all the specific settings, I took this screen capture to remind myself.  Thought it might be useful to build  an archive of such screenshots to help those that follow (or forget).  This if for an Hewlett Packard Pavilion a1640n PC Desktop with Windows XP

The Intern Show 1.2

Assignments (so I can find them)

Tentative Curriculum Topic#1 Recording telephony calls and basic audio editing Topic#2 Basic Streaming Topic#3 Hosting, interviewing, & show management skills Topic#4 Post-production and advanced audio editing Topic#5 Different webcast environments and telephony programs (i.e. Second Life, Paltalk, Gizmo) Finals Week Relay May 18

In which Vance achieves Eureka moment in recording both sides of a Skype conversation

This recording captures the aha moment in when Vance managed to get Audacity to record both sides of a Skype conversation, with the help of Jeff and Graham. Graham, Vance, and Jeff then go on to talk about controlling audio levels through the various applications running, and then recap settings in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel, in Windows Volume Control, and in the applications Audacity, Virtual Audio Cables, and Skype, in the hopes that this verbal description might help others who are similarly stuck as I was - Vance

Two way skype conversation recording

Conversation with a colleague in Spanish. Recorded with Pamela and edited with Audacity.

Catherine's Intro

I used my PC and Audacity (only) to creat this brief intro. I had a very inexpensive headset, which to my ears sounds not as bad as I'd feared. I am grateful for the Audacity tutorials (and Jeff/ Lee's advice about the LAME file) to get here, finally. Thx for your patience!

Adventures in Webcasting

It was going to go so smoothly. We both got online an hour early and did some testing. Everything seemed like a go. Only, I didn't notice until 15 minutes into the show that I was the only one being recorded. As badly as I would like to post a show...I can't subject listeners to my one sided chucklefest. Lisa did a superb intro and I then I asked her what she'd been doing. It was all very exciting, until I noticed that when she was the only one talking we didn't have any bars on nicecast. Hmmm, we tried me calling her, me skypecasting her, Lisa skyping me etc for a whole hour.

Graduation / Certification Issues

We finally have a basic 'Webcaster Portfolio' content type that can be used by interns to apply for 'certification' and  serve as a personal portfolio beyond that.   Interns can check it out by clicking ' Create Content/ Webcaster Portfolio'

A few issues to sort out:

A)  How can be make the portfolio content type better.

The 100th Day Celebrations this past week in 1st grade!

A podcast by 1st graders describing how they celebrated the 100th day.

Feb. 03 Skype Conference for Team 06 GVC

I did it! On the first try too!

The lonely Skypecast

The was perhaps the loneliest and quietest hour I have ever spent! Thank you to the one brave soul who showed up to talk a bit. And GStanley, get better! I assume that no one wants that great vastness of silence to be uploaded, you will only hear me typing as I answered my email. Well, one good thing, a kid I thought would never do his homework, just wrote a blog entry (homework) - I sit amazed! What is my next step towards webcasting with kids?

Chris Craft's 1 minute phone conversation

This is a recording of a skype conference call I hosted and recorded. I just randomly chopped out around 2 minutes. Audio quality is good, fairly even, but since we were all over the world, sometimes the Internet connections caused a blip.

2nd phone call Barbara Green-Studer

This recording is more balanced than the first I posted here, where my partner is heard much louder than my own input. Here I called a regular phone from my skype account and increased the level of my USB Logitech mic to about 80%.

Barbara Green-Studer's intro

Lifelong Member of Webcast Academy

I still have not gotten to the place where I can use Audacity to record both ends of a Skype conversation. But I did not want our Puffin Adverture to go un-recorded. So I gathered all 103 third grade students in the media center, dialed up Susan of Project Puffin and left the rest to the kids. I used a Belkin microphone attached to my iPod and edited the file with Audacity. It is far from perfect - but learning was done by all! Dumb me forgot to hit the record button on the iPod for the intro - duh!


This audio was recorded with the PC sound recorder, edited with Audacity. I used my PC and a headset microphone.

Workshop 2.1.3

Workshop 2.1.3
January 28, 2007

Download mp3
General troubleshooting, a discussion of show possibiilities, and lots of audio adjustments.

This week's assignment: (same as last week) post a short clip of a skype recording.  Also post requests for streaming assistance to webcast experimental shows. 

School Newspaper Online

I am looking for the best place to start our student newspaper online. On what should we put it? What has worked for you? My goals are to save trees, to disseminate to our community easily, and to teach Web 2.0 applications. All suggestions will be appreciated!

Missing Sykecast recording

Anyone seen it? Last observed on this blog hanging out - may have skipped town with the tape and stapler from the teacher's desk. If found, please return...


Hi All,

I've been using ID3-TagIT to add meta data to my MP3 files.  

Here's a quick screencast.

Good luck class of 2.0.1!

- Alex 

Skypecast Recording

Listen to the mp3 of GStanley's Skypecast about Skypecasting.

Audacity Video Tutorial - Editing Volume

Here is a video for Audacity .. how to edit volume on pre-recorded audio. I did not record sound but I have a text message at the end of the video. Just trying different methods of using video!

I created a larger picture video here ! (takes longer to load)

Webcast academy class assignment list?

Is there a list of assignments anywhere, so I can get a look ahead?

Open Web Publishing Week 1 Webcast with Clarence Fisher

On Saturday (January 20th) the Open Web Publishing EVO2007 session held a synchronous session with special guest speaker Clarence Fisher.


Trying again. Persistence is the foundation to success.


Here is my intro created with audacity on a PC laptop with a Logitech USB mic. I had no idea I said so many "uhs..." when I talk! I tried editing some of them, most imperfectly. Enjoy! Looking forward to learning more.... Sharon Peters

Workshop 2.1.2

Workshop 2.1.2
Recording a telephony conversation
January 21, 2007
Download mp3

Once you've recorded and posted your introduction, your next challenge is recording a telephony conversation.  There are a variety of way to do this.

If you want to record the conversation without streaming it to via the shoutcast server, you can use a number of skype 'extras',  3rd party recording programs, or telephony programs that support recording.  More info here.

If you want to record the conversation and stream it via the Shoutcast server, things get a bit more challenging. Methods vary based on operating system, sound card, and an assortment of other variables, but generally requires either a desktop USB mic or a USB headset that has two separate inputs (one for the mic and one for the earphoens).  It is doable with a 'regular' headset, but thusfar sound quality has been poorer and echo issues have been unavoidable. It is also doable using some kind of external mixer, but we have not yet experimented much with that method.  Windows users will most likely need to use Virtual Audio Cables , while Mac uses will need to use Audio Hijack Pro

This weeks task:  post a short (about 1 minute) recording of both ends of a telephony conversation using whatever method you can.
You can try to contact other interns or friends for the recording or if no one is available, you can call 'Skype lady' at 'echo123'

Chat Log Below /


A primary student talks about and reads a book in a podcast. It's very short. It is the top episode. Click download and it should play automatically without signing in to the site.

Lo siento, Mea culpa, I apologize!

This evening I had a very nice little chat with durff (aka Lisa). She and I wound up in a skype call after the skypecast got flooded by a bunch of hooligans!

Vance's Intro

In which Vance records his introductory offering to the Webcastacademy class of 2.1 using a shrink wrapped headset mic crammed into a round hole at the side of his laptop, recording with Audacity, exporting to mp3 via the LAME thingy

Sandra's intro

I am a new intern. I use an Ibook G4. I used Audacity, Lame and Stuffit for my Audio clip. Also I am a Technology Coach at a Special Education Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. I use my computer a great deal. But I am new to Webcasting and many of the other applications mentioned so far. I am eager to learn and willing to help when I can.

Erica's intro

Hi everyone, I am buying a USB mic this week. For my first recording, I used my headset (I know, another no-no). :) Audacity worked great. I have a lot to learn, though.

Elsa's Intro

This audio file was created with Audacity, a desktop mike, and Windows PC.

Online Teachers' Training

In this technology age and thanks to a variety of new online learning tools, any person or student can learn whatever they want or need without ever setting foot in a classroom. The tools we can find in Internet are amazing and effective at once.

Reasons to use a USB/analog Headset /mic Combo

It's all about controlling your Audio Settings: Today am am using Logitech headset with analog cables and a USB adapter. I will use the USB adapter to input sound from my mic. I will use the analog headset cable to feed my headset. I did have to use a USB hub to make this work since the cables were not long enough. * I purchased it at CompUSA for about $60.

Intro Durff

Hello Webcastacademy! Do I get the prize for the least experience, the most to learn, and the worst equipment? How about a sign that reads, "Webcasting for Dummies"?


Hello everybody! I just wanted to share with you my experience today! I'm so happy to have found people so patient who indicated me what to do and why, thank you to all of them!


Welcome Enthusiastic Webheads Interns!

Welcome to all new Webhead-webcast members! What a lively group. This session promises to be full of new adventures in webcasting. I chatted with several of you, post-show. My impression is that you all have a wide range of tech-abilities. Message for beginners - don't get discouraged. You can do it!

Here is the Forum on "How to Get Started"

If you are an intern, here is a link to the Forum "How To Get Started". I have also included a link there to a video tutorial screencast to show how to post your introduction. ~Lee


Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.1a

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.1a
January 14, 2007
Download mp3

The official opening session with the EVO2007 session of Webcast Academy 2.1.1 .
Interns are still being accepted for this session. If you would like to join, please

The Real Show for Wow2, show 11

This was a great show, Susan Ettenheim, Paul Allison, Lee Baber,Dave Cormier, Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, all chat about the podcasting, blogging and elggs happening among the group. Grab a cup of tea and join us.


Don't Jump #1 by Grade 8 Radion

Grade 8 Radio #1, segment "Don't Jump"

Model Talk on Webcast Academy by Grade 8 Radio

8 Grade Radio #1, Segment 1, "Model Talk"

Attempt to stream carries over into new year.

I just listened to the 8th. grade New York City kids on their program. I know most of the technical stuff was done for them by someone else,  but I am still motivated by them to carry on trying. The nut I have to crack is very basic: I cannot get streaming to work and NO-ONE can tell me why. If there is a PC Windows XP person in the house (on the list) who thinks they may be able to help, especially empßloying trouble-shooting, error analysis - whatever - do, please contact me at:


Whatever does or does not happen:


Webcasting with 8 Graders Next 3 Days

Tomorrow starts my week-long experiment with 8th graders webcasting. Because we only have a few days, my focus for the students is on their shows and not so much on the technology. I will be handling most of the streaming stuff.

But, we would love for you to tune in, especially in the chat room. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, 12:30pm EST (17:30 GMT)

First show topics here

The real show 10 for Wow@

Here is the posting of the Show 10 for Wow 2.

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0
Planning Session
January 7, 2007
Download mp3

Deep Probing Questions
(see text answers on FAQ page)

Catch up with Wow2

Hm, it seems like I need to catch up with all the posting. Since Women of Web 2.0 post to podomatic, and I am usually just trying to get things done and on to the next thing on my list, I've neglected my webcast blog.

So here goes.When I looked back, the numbering of the shows is just a little nonsequential. So, I"ll try and get back in order and make available all the shows or links to shows here.


 Even though this says it is Week 10, really it is show number 8!

Yea, A Solution for my Dell XPS Desktop

Finally, I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady on my Dell XPS desktop.  I am not going to make you read all the details, but this is what I have received from Dell so I can have the "stereo mix" choice under the recording options. 

Women of Web 2.0.10

Women of Web 2.0.10
January 2, 2007
Download mp3

Deep probing questions for the experts and future plans

In order to complete my internship I must produce three webcasts correct? I have one in the works for this month but the date has yet to be set in stone. I have a plan for a second meeting which will be a forum for the educators from different states who have agreed to work collaboratively with teachers at my school this semester. They don't know about this meeting just yet! The final show, well that remains a mystery. I just know an idea will wander into sight and I'll snare it for the final show. Final is a strong word but without a team I don't think I could keep this up on my own. I think I'll be happy playing backup for wow2 and that's important. I will also be happy to help other new interns.

Can you say Simplecast?

I can and I did! Yes, when push came to shove I managed to create a stream using Simplecast and it really worked. As it turns out my stream wasn't needed but the fact that I actually produced a working stream made me feel so relieved. Relieved, mystery solved. Guess how I did it? When Jen Wagner suggested I try because our very own Cheryl Oakes of the WOW2 webcast, was temporarily off the radar with a bad connection, I pulled up Jeff's screencast and let him walk me through it. It took about 8 minutes to get it going and at the same time Lee who had also been on the job created a stream from the edu bridges site. My stream was produced through the webacademy sandbox so it wasn't ideal. Despite the fact that I wasn't needed after all, it was a personal achievement and I was elated. Now I really can be a backup for Cheryl if she needs me. I also used my school's edirol to make the recording. It came in a little low but with the normalize function in Audacity the sound was fine.

Fade out

I just wanted to apologise and say thanks to all at the Webcast Academy. The pressures of work and life have got in the way in the last month or so, hence my fading from active participation. Like others here I guess, I typically take on too much. Congratulations to Anne for the Edublog award. I hope to re-engage at some point, but until then best wishes to all of you for the new year.

New Year Webcastathon Ahoy!

Hello all 1.x interns,

Firstly, thanks to all of you for making the inaugural year of the Webcast Academy such an interesting one. The 2007 New Year Webcastathon is almost here.

Doug will be discussing things on N. American Thursday night, December 28 6pmPST/9pmEST/ 2am GMT (global times) and the webcastathon itself begins on Friday Dec. 29 9pmEST / Saturday December 30 2amGMT (global times) and will wrap up on Monday, January 1, 2007 at 6pmEST/2300GMT (global times). We probably won't be going non-stop, but trying to fill as much of the time as possible with live discussions - reflecting on the past year, planning for the year ahead, and just having a live, interactive, global New Year's party.

All interns are welcome to participate - please edit this tentative schedule in the Book of Webcasting to sign up for any time slots. Feel free to discuss any topic of interest and/or invite any guest. If you're not sure you'll be able to stream without a safety net, please indicate that on the schedule, and chances are we'll be able to find a streamer for you. If you were part of a 1.x class, but never followed through and haven't stopped by the Academy for quite a while, please know you are still welcome.

I Had to Cheat

     Just want to let you know that my unsuccessful journey down the road of webcasting, has left me only one option… to cheat.  I’ll remind you, I am the person without a stereo mix option on either my home computer or my school laptop – both Dell.  I originally called tech support but hung up frustrated.  While attending the NCETC I looked up the Dell rep to pl

Women of WEB 2.0 Show 7, show 8,parts 1 and parts 2

Whoops we missed a week. However, here are the shows week 7, and a 2 part show for week 8.


Week 7 David Warlick and Sheryl NB.

Week 8 Leslie Fisher

or listed here.


Confusing Musings

I haven't used my secret access code yet to test simplecast. I have other more pressing concerns at the moment. I have listened in to many webcasts over the past several weeks and I still feel like Dorothy when she visits the wizard for the first time. I'm not sure what lies beyond the curtain.

   1. How exactly is the initial call set up?
   2. Is the host, guest and other primary speakers on a separate conference call just in case skype doesn't work?
   3. What exactly are the contingency plan steps? Is there a checklist? If skype is going to begin charging what does that mean for us?

Meeting 1.3.9

Webcast Academy Meetin 1.3.9
 Dec. 17, 2006
Download mp3

Discussion of wrapping up the Class of 1.3,  what lies ahead, and planning the New Year's Webcastathon.  Interns, please add your shows to the 2007 New Year Webcastathon schedule.  If you'd like to do a show/host a discussion but are not ready to stream solo, please post a request for streaming support in the forums.

Jeff, Doug, Dave?

How do I book the sandbox to practice the streaming set up? I went to the schedule and it didn't look too full but I was unable to sign up. If you are all busy with Holiday preparations I could do my test on January 2nd or 3rd any time during the day because I have off work. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks. Kathy Shields

The Absolutely Intercultural session

This was my first live show. It was short and I had responsibility for very little but still I had problems concentrating even though I have quite a bit of experience hosting live online multimedia meetings. A huge thank you to Jeff for seeing to the webcast hosting, streaming and recording. What was there left to do? Hosting and keeping an eye on the chat. I discovered that all my attention was centred on the hosting and I missed most of the chat as a result.

Skype was not optimal but the recording is usable (which is one of my main goals). Have a little question about how I download Jeff's audio file. It behaves differently on different computers and here at work it opened in in Windows media player and I was able to go to files and 'save as' but then got only the first ten minutes?? When I tried save as again I was horrified to find 3 Gb waiting to be downloaded so stopped the second attempt. (The first attempt had told me the file was about 37Mb which seemed reasonable).

The eagle has landed

Like most of the interns in 1.3 I have struggled with my audio settings, wrestled with my microphones and tried to rewire my virtual audio cables. All this to be met with consistent failure sprinkled with a healthy dose of encouragement along the way. Enough with the history lesson let me get to the good news! I did it! Last night I was testing my new R1-edirol digital recorder. I was very happy because I was able to use the headphone jack out from the computer and the line-in into my device. I attached my basic headset to the recorder to see if it was picking up anything. Affirmative. I tried a skype call and entered a skypecast. Fine. The only difficulty arose when I tried to join the skypecast. Hmmm, the desktop mic was in the USB but even with some selection adjustments no-go. Ah ha! Why not open the VAC. Yes! The key was in the order I opened the utilities. (Jeff has said this before, I bow down to the great and powerful wizard) I had my R1 attached, the desktop mic plugged in,then I opened and started VAC. Finally I opened and launched the skypecast. I listened through my headphones attached to the R1 and spoke through the desktop mic plugged into the USB. Success! I'm ready to try streaming. I know, I know. When is it available you ask? I don't know but I plan to find out soon. Would any interns like to join me for this exciting first? Let me know. I'm just alittle happy, can you tell?

My first telephony recording...

... happened during this evening's webcast academy weekly meeting. I thought it had happened last Thursday but when I listened to the playback I found that the flat level of noise was not me being recorded quietly but was in fact noisy silence.

However over the last week I have made progress in eliminating echo on Skype by dividing the job of recording and playback between my USB soundcard and my internal soundcard.

And this evening I managed to make a recording. The attached file is not coherent as it consists of three test slices of the meeting and I have not edited it at all. I notice that the sound levels are very variable. I was controlling sound levels through Audacity but the recording would need more manipulation to level them out  even further if I were publishing this.

Meeting 1.3.8

Webcast Academy Meetin 1.3.8
 Dec. 10, 2006
Download mp3


- Book of Webcasting, Hardware & Software Profile Pages
- Skypecast Alternatives
- New Year Webcastathon
- Open Troubleshooting


Webcastacademy, Pre-Brainstorm Edition

A discussion with Brad and Cathy that includes the appropriate use of technolog y in education to Australian Christmas stories.

Download mp3

Rapport on weekly EuroMiniMeeting 7.12.06

Download (19MB)

The Euromeeting on Thursday the 7.12.06 was hosted by Anne Fox in a

skypecast-room and recorded and edited (strongly) in Audacity and

streamed to Sandbox A and B with SAM Broadcastiing by Niels. Before

the start we played Beethowen 5. sym found on wikimedia - and a litte

glimse of Danish music (Kim Larsen: Kloden drejer stille rundt = the

Earth is turning silent around) just to suppress Doug a little (sorry

for that, Doug)

Skypecast booking system broken

As I continue to fail to record using VAC, I thought it was just my luck that I couldn't book a Skypecast for Monday. Using the skypecast booking system and having chosen the date I got the message that it was not possible to book a session more than two weeks in advance. I found this baffling but having notified Skype support they have replied that this is a problem they are aware of and which they are working to rectify. Just in case anybody else out there is experiencing the same frustration.

Women of web 2.0 week 6

This is our 6th show. I heard all about Skype 3.0, but it is not available for Mac, yet. I limped along with, after theshow I upgraded to had over 20 people in the skypecast, a dozen in the chat. It was a busy show. Finally I was able to mute all, and select the individuals who asked to speak.

Webcasting gets easier, but the glitches are the same. Put the goggles on, seatbelts and sometimes a bungee cord to get through the show!

Over and out.

Insider's Analysis: Webcast Academy as a Learning Community

I have posted about the recent reaction paper I had to submit for my Masters course, which examines the Academy as an online learning community, over at EducationBridges.  Please note that I feel this barely covers the wide range of issues I looked at when researching for the paper.  I had to cut back quite a lot to keep within the assigned word limit.

Finding a Metaphor for Success

This blog is an extension of some of the ideas discussed in today's' skype conference...The webcast academy already has several metaphors currently in use.  One is the 'academy' and the other is 'bridges'.  A third general metaphor is 'community'.  In a way having three 'identities' can be a little confusing.  A new visual model would serve as the hanger for new ideas. By visual I am mean image based as opposed to text based.  To me text is auditory, it's just an internal dialogue.  A site needs to have a strong metaphor and graphical interface if it's going to build a community image in the users mind.  Users need to construct a mental model of the community. They need to define their role as well as the roles of others. They must be able to find their way around the community easily, unless the goal is to create a maze and reward only those who can figure it out.It's like browsing a multidimensional universe.

Meeting 1.3.7

Webcast Meeting 1.3.7
Download mp3

Our weekly discussion started by troubleshooting Anne's audio challenges (leaving her without any functional way of communicating with us) and then got into discussing the homestretch of this session and what lies beyond, and finally got into other issues of building Worldbridges and its component sites.

Chat Log Below

Eurozone meeting

As Anne has already reported, she Niels and I tried to meet last night. I called a conference, then set up a Skypecast, then Niels set up a Skypecast and we ended up in Webhuddle. In the conference and the Skypecasts there were terrible echo problems. In the Webhuddle I simply could not find how to activate sound, and there did not seem to be any instructions anywhere. We were ejected unceremoniously after a shortish period.

 This is often a Beta world, isn't it? When things work it is impressive. But they often do not work and for reasons unknown to anyone around at the time. 

I have had experience of other Skypecasts in the last couple of days. It is a jungle. If you do not "mute all" and invite people to speak selectively, you are lost. And the language of some of the people that will start speaking if you don't stop them is not the sort of language you would want your grandmother to hear. 

Recording success, communication failure

I have finally today succeeded in recording both ends of a telephony call after much playing with sound settings and after experimenting with a different computer and different versions of Audacity. My settings were as follows:

Equipment: Laptop with wireless connection

External USB sound board Audio Advantage Roadie

Headphones and mike plugged into the Roadie-
  1. Control Panel Settings
Ø          Audio: Recording, RoadieØ          Playback, RoadieØ          Voice: Recording RoadieØ          Playback Roadie
  1. Sound Properties
Ø          Recording: Stereo MixØ          Playback: Mike checked
  1. Audacity (ver 1.2.3) I/O
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out: Roadie
  1. Skype
Ø          Audio in RoadieØ          Audio out RoadieØ          Let Skype decide: unchecked
  1. Audio Repeater
Ø          Wave in sound cardØ          Wave out: Roadie

I don't understand why this combination works. The settings in audio repeater seem to be exactly the opposite of those recommended in Jeff's screencast. I wish I understood more what I was doing!

Removing and replacing battery seems to have resolved "sound issues" on my Dell Latitude D800

Wanted to share my experience of this afternoon regarding "audio issues" with my Dell Latitude D800 laptop. Out of nowhere I began having trouble with the sound on my laptop. The internal speakers weren't producing any sound -- no start-up/shut-down for Windows, or anything else -- and plugging in headphones led "white noise" but even that was extremely faint.

I went into the audio settings and everything seemed as it should be. Control Panel > System > Device Manager also indicated that everything was working as it should, although I still was unable to get any sound out of the machine.

Broadcasting Live from Christa McAulliffe, Nashua NH.

This show is a shorter version of Women of Web 2.0.

Thanks to Maria Knee, Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr and Ed Trouble Latham. Cheryl Oakes recorded and mixed.

Thanks to Derek Miller for his music Meltdown Man.


One baby step

I at least have a quick recording of the SkypeLady and me. Just used Pamela - but at least it is a very minor baby step. It is just a simple mono recording. Now, onward.

Rapport on weekly intern webcastmeeting 1.3.6

Webcast Meeting 1.3.6

Jeff, Doug, Niels - and Kathy speaking about this agenda - and other interesting things for interns in the webacademy class 1.3.6. The meeting took place in a SkypeCast room under SKYPE v. 3.0 Recorded in Audacity - and edited just a little and streamed by Nies to Sandbox A and B - an by Jeff to Channel 1 and 2.
The Chatrom was disabled - at "Plan B chat room" was set up by Jeff

1. Welcome to intern meeting 1.3.6
2. Debate about the way of learning on Drypal/Moodle
3- Problems and solutions of this week
4. About editing the files after the recording?
5 Skype 3.0 - hosting a webcast?
6. Other subjects of this week
7 Round up

Host.: Niels Damgaard, Oslo
Download (27,3 MB)

4th Webcast for Women of Web 2.0

This show features a guest interview with Patsy Lanclos. Sharon was under the weather but Vicki, Cheryl and Jen were in the webcast. Thanks to Patsy for her great comments and vision.


Next Tuesday a live webcast, you will listen to at 9 PM as a podcast. Enjoy our live report coming to you From Christa McAulliffe Technology Conference, Nashua, NH. 

Motivated to make things work...

Hi all, my podcast postings succeeded in attracting a special guest for my January webcast. Now the only hurdle to cross is actually recording and streaming b the last week in Jan! My grad semester ends in a week and I intend to devote mega hours making this all work for me. I hope to join the Sunday meeting this week. I've been having conflicts but as you know I've been listening in to the 2.0 show. I too have the sigma tell audio card and may attempt to do my next skypecast via my mac to see if it's any easier. Bottom line, I'll be 100% involved in about a week. Euro-minicast...great job! I enjoyed listening and may try to tune in on Thursday, at least as a listener in the chat room.

EuroMiniMeeting 23.11.06 - a report

Here is the report on our meeting today Thursday the 23.11.06 in the Euro-very-Mini-group - only 2 attentans!

Dennis was hosting the meeting in the webcastroom - and I Niels was recording in Audacity - and straming to sandbox A and B with SAM.

We startet with a bit of Danish music - have a good conversation - and ended up with a little music - just for fun!

Ther was nobydy in the chatroom today - only Dave was inside for some few minutes.

Download (14,47 MB)


Fourth (not third) Euro-zone mini-meeting - Skypecast

I have set up a Skypecast, as promised, for tonight 19:00 GMT (I will actually be online 15 mins earlier).


-  We may move away from Skypecast at some point and go off somewhere quiet - Webhuddle, perhaps. It depends how many we are.


If we do, I will use the password Eurozone for the meeting. 


Keywords for finding us on Skype are:  Dennis eurozone webcastinginterns and Niels 


Cheers,   Dennis 

My Latest SoundCard News

I have reached the end of SigmaTel soundcard knowledge.  I happen to have the same issue on my laptop, which is my school machine, and my desktop, which is my home machine.  Both being Dell, both having SigmaTel soundcards.  Both not giving me the option of StereoMix for recording.  I have tried the suggested drivers on both machines.  When I updated the driver on the laptop it worked for about 5 minutes then the sound crashed and there was no sound at all.  I rolled back the driver, and was back to square one.  On the second try of updating the soundcard driver it worked for a few minutes, then crashed the sound.  I have had no luck with the desktop at all. 

Need to stop here for a while, hope to get back later

SusNy, DK Dear friends, I am afraid I'll have to follow Bengt's example and leave this Academy class for now. First of all I need to make both ends meet in my private as well as my professional life. Then, I also regret not having the necessary technical skills for doing this - at least not without a huge lot of hard work which is not realistic for the time being. Second Life in education is something that I would want to explore in a more back leaned mode in my free time (when I'm not doing courses, exam work or writing on my own final). Anyway, who knows if there will be found easier and more handy solutions for webcasting in a near future, that even a not so techie like myself could handle.

WOW 2.0 Great job last night!

Cheryl you are really getting the hang of this.  I am so impressed with the lineup.  Will you or are you posting your speaker schedule?  Vicki asks excellent questions.  Next time I'll just listen and won't tie up a line.  

New version of SKYPE 3.0 Beta

A new version of SKYPE is on the air - version 3.0

Read this story from Kolabora News (my favorit "Guru" - Robin Good)

New design - and some new extras!
Do we need to make a new screencast about our way of using this program?


I am over my head

I have just finished reading all the new blog posts. I still haven't even got the Skype lady recorded. I think I may be over my head for the time I have available. I am planning on sticking around and maybe I can find some open slots to work on this. I will continue to read what is happening with this very creative group. Keep up the good work everyone. Hope to post a success next time And I planned on joining the Webheads in January. Sure hope stuff slows down at work and home.

EuroMini Meeting 3 Thursday 16.11.06

Webcast Academy EuroMeeting 2
Thursday, Nov. 16, 200
Download mp3 (Only part of the recording due to an ecco-problem)

  • The “round” - where are you? – what are your problems/solutions now?
  • How can we best help others - in this little Euro-group?
  • Reports on AVC – anyone learned more?
  • Report on i-Sound from Niels
  • Reflections on content in our coming podcasts – who want to do what?
  • Round up – decision on meeting time – next week?
Chat Log not recorded

Eurozone meeting 23 November 06 When?

Here is the URL tocheck the time for the meeting in your zone. (Thanks Niels).






My progress (or lack thereof) to date

I cannot attend a meeting on Thursday (nor on Sunday) as I am in Germany for a long working weekend.  Webcasting has not crept to the top of my agenda yet, but rest assured that it will very soon (have been preparing for the German trip).  I am not sure that my set-up at home (from where I am most likely to webcast) is fast enough for webcasting.

More abut mini-Euro meeting on 15th. (?) Novemver 06 - Power Gramo recordingeuro

Jeff, I think, kindly forwarded my message about the Power Gramo recording I made (by oversight rathan design). It's about 70-80 minutes long and mostly of historical interest only - we did not achieve much at the meeting. I have converted it from ogg to MP3, QUESTION...

What now? Should I really upload it anywhere, and if "Yes"  where, how and how will those interested access it?    Dennis



I believe another Euro mini-meeting is planned for this week, though it has not been announced yet.  Thursday 19:00 'place' to be announced shortly. 

Making screencast and converting to mp4.

I just recently have been experimenting with Camstudio but the videoformat is too large so i have been looking for a good converting software... I found Mediacoder which seem to cover several mediaformats and among them mp4. For you who want to make screencast maybe those software can come in handy...

About me missing out and my personal situation

I have already have learned alot and have met several new friends in this nice community that World Bridges and Webcast Acacdemy is. I though must sadly slow down this. I have recently lost 25% of my income and really need to find a way to somehow get it back... I probably have to start a company or something. Even though i have much knowledge about alot of things i have trouble getting someone to employ me... At the moment i started an online magazine about Photo for beginners hoping to get medias attention and maybe through that get some work... Since many of you work in schools it might be of intrest i used Wordpress open source blogging tool to create it. You can use wordpress for your school magazine too...

Nicecast - A Summary of Tips and Tricks

When streaming on a Macintosh computer, you are going to encounter your own special challenges. I will include here the links to some of our discoveries here at the Webcast Academy. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to Skype someone when in dire straights. You can contact me at any time for any reason but I am always messing around with Mac stuff so I enjoy problem solving. Happy Streaming!

Meeting 1.3.5

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.5
Sunday, Nov. 19, 200
Download mp3

  • The Webcast Academy Moodle
  • Open Troubleshooting
  • Interncast Schedule (starting to produce shows with support of oldtimers, if necessary) 

Recording Skype on Mac OS X :: Thank You Kathy

Thank you Kathy for recommending Audio Hijack Pro. I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady. She is so fine, always available when we need here. If you are still having problems with recording Skype calls, stop fooling around and get Audio Hijack Pro. The free download works just fine. You only have to pay when you want to record more than 10 minutes. So there's lot's of functionality before paying for the product. I'm going to try out more features before I purchase, but hey, it works without any fuss. Well....when I first clicked on Skype >Record it said I needed to download additional software, but that took a second and I was off and running after rebooting Skype.

I listened in on the Women of Web 2.0 Webcast

Last Tuesday while I was staying in downtown Atlanta for the GaETC I listened in on and chatted with the WOW 2.0 women, cheryl, sharon, Jen and Vicki. The next day we tried to meet up but in a sea of 2000 it's hard to find someone you've never met. Coincidently, later that evening while relaxing and getting a bite to eat I found them (except Cheryl in ME) sitting right next to me! They fueled my fire and I'm now recruiting people for a webcast. I plan to do mine in January. This will give me time to collect the people, train them if need be and prepare an outline for the topic (TBD).

Message to Euro Team from Jeff (forwarded by Dennis)

Dear Jeff and Euro Team,

I have a Power Gramo recording of at least part of the meeting. I will post it as an historical document - documentation of a Skype echo problem!

On 18/11/06, Jeff Lebow <> wrote:
Hello Euro Team ,

Delighted to hear that you had good meeting Thursday. Hope someone got a decent recording that can be posted.
Just wanted to mention
A) 1900kb down, 450kb up should be adequate for hosting a skype conf and streaming. It's comparable to what I get. CPU usage might be another issue.
B) Had an interesting discussion about the use of the Webcast Academy Moodle and other site management issues that may be of interest
C) Whenever you decide on a date/time for the next EuroMeeting, please do post it on the event calendar (Create Content/event) with a link to the global time. That way, interns who haven't been keeping up with posts will be able to see at a glance when it's happening.

Happy Weekend to all,

Thanks for joining the MiniEuro Meeting last night – we were missing Andrew and Bengt – and Jeff

Euro mini-meeting yesterday 16.11 17:00 GMT

Still confused where to post.


Present were Niels, who called the meeting, Sus and Anne from Denmark and me from Germany. Niels managed to stream our proceedings on sandpits A and B, plus record on Audacity. I started recording on Audacity, but had to switch off because it was interferring with other people's connection. I also recorded on Gramo - but there is nothing worth uploading anywhere.


1. Started off as a Skypecast. Niels had trouble with other people trying to get in.

2. Switched to an ordinary Skype conference.

3. Sus had difficulties getting in.

Webcast Academy Moodle Discussion

Webcast Moodle Discussion
November 16, 2006
Download mp3

Art, Doug, Brad, & Jeff discuss Webcast Academy organizational issues in general, and Moodle based courses in particular (see

Pilots check-list before departure - a list of settings from Niels

My settings for a working system for recording AND streaming:

Soundcard: SigmaTel C-Major Audio v. (11.03.05)

USB-mic from Logitech – AK5379 – driver MS 5.1.2535.0 (01.07.01

Installed: full version of AVC – Audio Virtuel Cabels – or ask Jeff! + all programs form the webcas kit for windows

SYSTEM: WinXP professional v. 2002 - servicepak 2 -

SpaceCast - Oh to Be 13!

SpaceCast Episode #9 from our middle school elgg students ( contemplate some very important questions - "What is it like....." (to  be 13 in Virginia, to  be 14 in New York, for my mom to be 13). I know I would not want to be 13 again but listen in for some different opinions from Paul Allison, Lee Baber and Madeline Brownstone classrooms for a student cast session that is really starting to grow up.  Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday continue to discuss plans for the cast. We will be back on November 17th at 10:30 am EST -- 15:30 GMT. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast).

Audacity Controlling my Sound Control Panel...

Audio Recording Control

Hi --- I was webcasting last week through an pa system -- so I was going directly into my soundcard via a 1/8 inch audio cable from the mixing board. I selected the Stereo Mix Audio Recording Control and put the volume up and was not getting any input from my sound card to Simplecast or Audacity. I panicked, restarted Simplecast, checked my audio settings -- nothing seemed to work. So I closed and opened Audacity, and then I saw that the microphone was selected in the audio input in Audacity. I changed that to Audio Mix and that fixed the problem.

Audio Input Selector in Audacity

So what does this all mean? I think that Audacity may take over some of your Audio settings on your computers, so checking the settings there before you start streaming is important. I hope that this helps some of you.

- Alex

My SigmaTel Woes

I am sad to say I still cannot record a call with the Skype Lady. I have talked to her so many times I am hearing her in my dreams. I felt like I was really making progress until I hit the wall with my SigmaTel sound card. When I access my sound properties, under the record option, I do not have the stereo mix option or the wave option. I did receive a link from this group for a different driver, but that did not work. That driver disabled all sound. It could have been that by the time I tried the new driver I had already installed (and paid for VAC).


Since my desktop is new, I decided to contact Dell. After a long online chat and a phone call, Dell told me they had the solution, but if I wanted to know it would cost me $99.00.

3rd Webcast for Women of Web 2.0

This is the 3rd webcast for Women of Web 2.0.

Cheryl was webcasting from Wells, ME, Jennifer, Vicki and Sharon were in Atlanta at the Georgia State Technology Conference.

We discussed blogging and different conference offerings. There were 20 people in the skypecast, and about 12 people in the Worldbridges Chat.

Thanks to Jeff and Dave for hosting this great opportunity. Thanks to all the listener.

I'll be posting to iTunes this week, so you will be able to RSS the podcast. Thanks for the suggestion.

Over and out,


The Dave and Nancy Show

I just wanted to congratulate Alex and Arvind (et al) and Dave Cormier and Nancy White for one of the most engaging audio experiences I have ever encountered. The recording on EdTechTalk was mind blowing- from Alex's wonderful introduction (so powerful and so right) to the remarkable double-header performance by Dave and Nancy. The presentation style and use of audio in this NYCIST 2006 conference presentation (entitled 'The Eight Competencies of Online Interaction: What Should We Be Learning and Doing?') was perefect. The presentation was an example of how multiple voices create more than vocal ping pong when the potential for raport and personality is let loose.

The Pirates of Second Life

Looks like Second Life is experiencing some growing pains.  I wonder how long it will be before we see some significant (and highly restrictive) DRM creep it's way in-world?

Testing out i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder 6.60 Professional

Thanks to a remark from Bengt I have started testing out this amazing software: i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder 6.60 Professional

Read more about this test - here in the webcastbook

Anyone like to try this out - and give a repport back in the WebCastBook?



I have come to the conclusion that this class is really good for me. I have usually jumped into a project with both feet and after floundering around had success. This one is a real challenge. I started this week thinking I would finally get going. Only to find that VAC will not install on my home computer. I have it at work, but my XP machine here just chokes. I get a message that it can't copy a file to a particular folder because it can't find the path. However, the path is there - I'm stumped AGAIN. Besides that, today I couldn't even get one of the computers in a lab in one of my schools to work using USB headphones - the sound insisted on coming through both the headphones and the monitor speakers.

Step by step

I am beginning to realise that what I need to produce is a set of procedures which are tailored to my equipment and set-up. I also realise that, had I come to webcasting via the webcasting books available currently on the market then I probably would never have even attempted it, as the extracts of books currently available that I have seen sound sooo complicated. Anything published was probably written at least a couple of years ago and I guess things move fast.

I am also beginning to realise that it is highly over-ambitious to think that I could host a webcast before the end of the year. Since I had sound problems yesterday, all I could do was watch Jeff's desktop in the webhuddle. What an education! Constantly switching from one window to the other, adjusting this, adjusting that, keeping an eye on the other. Not sure I'm up to multi-tasking to that degree as well as keeping up my end of the conversation! - New course in the moodle

I've added a new section to the Moodle site. There's now a wiki in the course I thought we could use as a group to flesh out what the course should include (and as an easy way for me to start identifying the lesson sections in the site.

Since this is supposed to be a collaborative effort, I'd like to identify people who are willing to help generate the content for the lessons so we can start building this out. I'm not sure who mentioned it during Sunday's call, but creating a self-study series of lessons in combination with classroom style lessons is an excellent idea for adult education in my book.

Complexity of audio recording...

In the process of traversing the learning curve for the Webcast Academy I've come to some observations not of the technical bent but of the philosophical one. My technical background allows me the latitude to tackle the more complex implementation requirements for the system setups, but I can see this being a very high price of admission for non-technical educators making the jump into this space. The classic debate of "digital natives vs. digital immigrants" personifies, to me at least, the audiences that will have a higher likelihood of success as compared to those likely to struggle.

Audio is nothing more than a series of tubes

I was finally able to successfully record both sides of a Skypecast recently, and during the trials and tribulations of configuring the system, I came up with a way to do it without the wonderful in-ear echo that you sometimes get. The configuration only takes Audacity, Skype, three Virtual Audio Cables, and four Audio Repeaters. (I say only with a bit of sarcasm.) Here's a flow showing how this "series of tubes" gets plumbed: I'll try and explain in detail how this works in my next post. For now, think about the virtual audio cables as rea

Meeting 1.3.4

Meeting 1.3.4
November 12, 2006

Download mp3


  • Introduction/Opening
  • Share Good / Bad Experience using Audacity
  • How do VAC really work? (Diagram of VAC)
  • Skypecast Control- New Screencast about Skypecasting
  • Bandwidth Concerns
  • Brainstorm how to use Webcast - Bring at least one good idea.
  • Share experience with trying streaming
  • Questions and word is free

Managing Skype, Skypecast, nicecast, while webcasting on a Mac

Hello all,

This is for the mac side of webcasting interns:

While in Skype Beta

If you are in a conference with some folks and want to bring in a skypecast:

Go to the skypecast you have created as the HOST. Join then press HOLD in skype, go back to the skype group you had already established, look towards the bottom of the group and find a drop down menu, select add to conference, choose the skypecast and then you will have both the skypecast as well as the skype.

Now, true to SKYPE, this will not always work as listed. If so, quit SKYPE and go in again. The moral of this story, set up your webcast at least 15 to 30 min. ahead of time. make your skypecast go much longer than you intend. 

I am back

I must apologize - we are in the process of building a new home (bermed passive solar) - and were living in a travel trailer on the lot. The winter comes early in Maine and last weekend we had no choice but to move into the partially finished home. (anyone interested can check at Anyway - I have had no internet for over a week - obviously, no posts or progress on webcasting. I am going to try to play catch up in the next 2 weeks or so. Can't wait to read (and listen) to what has been happening.

Still not streaming