Microphone Monitoring Tool


A nice small freeware tool to display live microphone input levels (meaning audio gain and frequency - the starting point for audio quality control in a gain structure), plus a mic volume and mute switch, and a headset volume level switch


The search for a superb microphone

I want to do some recording  to put online (poems, not mine - other people's). Although I've got a reasonably expensive microphone (Logitech USB) and use Audacity for the recording, I'm not really contented with the results.

The following couple of lines ("All the world's a stage") I've recorded:

1.  With my Olympus voice recorder and then converted to MP3.
2.  Is a recording done with Logitech micro and Audacity (and also converted to mp3).

Wouldn't you agree that the Olympus recording (1) is better?


Multiple Microphone Configuration...

Hi --- I'm beginning to plan for some fall interviews and it would be really helpful to have multiple microphones running into a mixer, and then into my laptop. For group meetings, etc. My vision is some sort of conference call type of device. Anyone using anything that would work for this?

I have a M-Box at work, but I have not been able to get that to work -- plus they are expensive.

Thanks for any input.

- Alex

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