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Teacher Talk Video Studio

Here is the final version of the second broadcast of Teacher Talk, with Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelder, and Cheryl Lykowski.  Our guest was Colleen King, creator of Math Playground. ­

This was an historical show, due to the fact that, while we were strea­ming audio, we also streamed video through UStream.  So our Teacher Talk Video Studio showed streams of Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelde­r and Colleen King.  It also had the chat running and a Skype call going with the three mentioned and Cheryl Lykowski. 

While there was a lot to combining all the facets of this show, it was great fun and well worth the effort.  Thanks to Jeff Lebow for all his encouragement and help getting up and running.  And thanks also, Jeff, for recording the video stream.

Talking Mulitliteracies with Vance Stevens #4

This was the final session of Multiliteracies TESOL Online course given by Vance Stevens; http://www.geocities.com/vance_stevens/papers/index.html  Special thanks to all that stopped by and participated live in our text chat, listening to the stream and part of our Skype Conference.  Text Chat will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Alice's Restaurant Show #4 - Equinox Webcastathon edition: An Interview About Advocacy

Join me, and my family. First we wish Leroy a happy birthday. Then dh (dear husband) Terry Preston joins me to discuss the elements of an effective advocacy campaign.

Sudscast #0 - Homebrewing with John

Welcome to Sudscast 2007 where John Schinker introduces the Worldbridges community to homebrewing! For added excitement, listen to the last 15 minutes or so as Jen gets ready for her first webcast (as a webcaster) while setting up her husband for his first webcast (as a listener / participant) and John prepares to host the show. Maybe we'll make this a Webcast-a-thon regular installment? See chat log.


Maquina 501 #4 Musica Atraves del Tiempo

Viaja con la Maquina 501 a conocer la música tradicional de México y sus variaciones desde nuestros antepasados hasta las últimas décadas.

Desde la Música Clásica en México hasta los Corridos y Música Popular

Visita nuestro Blog;  http://umagumaradio.blogspot.com 

Maquina 501 # 3, Pueblos Magicos.

Join us on a high paced ride to Magical Villages of Mexico.  Listen and enjoy the music and culture of Pre-Columbian Mexico.  Spanish Webcast  from Guadalajara Mexico. 

Chat Between Durff and I (Jose Rodriguez) as we discuss what's happening on the show and I do my best at translating. 



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