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People and Places with Michael Coghlan

First Stop of People and places was Adelaide. We had a pleasant chat with Michael Coghlan about his home town and his travels around the world. A conversation worth listening to.  http://peopleandplaces.bloxi.jp/

Earthbridges-May 18th, 2008 Planning Session

We had a nice check-in meeting today to continue our talks about building the Earthbridges Community.  The Earthbridges Crew would like to welcome both Sonja Gonzalez and Robin Ellwood to the team!  Both Sonja and Robin joined Andreas, Sheila, Mrs, Durff, Joao and myself on the call today.  I apologize to the Earthbridges Crew for moving the meeting up two hours.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at 18:00 GMT.

Earthcast 2008 Debrief

Earthcast 2008 Debrief
April 27, 2008

Joined in progress, not great audio quality, no streamer audio, but a recap of an awesome webcastathon, and the conception of a new Worldbridges community, Earthbridges.

6th graders' Global Warming Town Hall Meeting

Interview with Chris Clonen, General Motors Education

Earthcast08: MrsDurff and the 4th Graders

We're joined by Mrs Durff and a group of 4th grade students from her school. 

Earthcast08: Hour 20, Peta White and guests, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hour 20 Earthcast08 contribution from Peta White of the Faculty of Education, at the  University of Regina. Peta and her guests bring us news of Earth Day 2008 activities from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


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