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It's not working!

So, I've downloaded VAC and I've watched the screencast on how to set everything up AND IT'S NOT WORKING!  There are too many places to set audio preferences (Skype, Audacity, Windows, Audio Repeater) and I think this is why I can't get both me and the Skype lady to record in Audacity.

I'm in the process of downloading Jing so I can demonstrate all of my settings but, unfortunately, I'm going to run out of time today to do this.  Better luck Saturday.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I have to admit I'm really frustrated right now.

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The Ride Has Definitely Begun . . . .

.jpg graphic: telephones, computer, audio playback miniconsole

2007-10-23: The puzzle has a lot more pieces now,
and I'm trying to figure them out. For the telephony
assignment, I'll probably go the Mac route first and
use Nicecast.

Pam Shoemaker Two-Way Call Recording

I did it!  I fooled around most the day yesterday with horrible results.  The person on the other end of the Skype call sounded like she was in the middle of a long metal tube.  Today, I opened Audacity and realized that I missed a setting... I forgot to change the drop-down box to "Wave Out Mix."  Once I switched it, it worked!   I decided to add some music to see if I could do it.  The music does not go with the recording at all, but I think I was successful in completing the assignment! 

Webcast Academy 2.3.2: 2007-10-21

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Today's Online Meeting

The meeting today was informative and fun.
A sense of camaraderie also developed,
particularly when we were discussing personal
interests and backgrounds:

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2 - Recording Both Ends of a Telephony Call

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.2
Recording Both Ends of a Telep­hony Call
­October 21, 2007

Week#2 Curriculum Page

Chat Log Below

Karen Olmstead Introduction

I forgot to mention that TRMS is in Plaistow, NH

So much to do. . .

I think I finished the assignment for this week. I've changed my original idea for what I wanted to webcast and record. There was an article in the San Jose Mercury on the San Andreas Fault and some important new discoveries. I have a student whose mom works at Stanford and I hope to arrange a set of webcasts with someone from the SAFOD project. We'll see what happens.
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