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Leopard trials

Well - last night was a challenge, but thanks to Derrallg, Sharonp and others I think I have solved my problems. So for other Leopard users. The version of Nicecast I am using is: 1.9d1 I have my Source set up as Application: Skype It automatically hijacks when I broadcast. I was getting a high-pitched feedback on the line - lowering the output volume in my system preferences seemed to fix that.
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Audio Introduction Skypecall Webcast Chinese TV journalist Broadcaster

Hello, This is Jiang La, a TV journalist from Wenzhou China. Nice to see you all both new & old fellow interns at the webcast academy ;) I am looking forward to doing some real interview over here very soon. 


Pam Shoemaker

Orientation Class:

Interncast #3: Pam, Dennis, & Derrall

This is the third interncast by Pam Shoemaker, Dennis Oliver, and Derrall Garrison (PD2).  It was broadcast on December 23, 2007 as part of the Winter Soltice Webcastathon.  The topic:  Intercultural Insights

Interncast #2 for Dennis, Pam, and Derrall on "Cool Tools"

This interncast was broadcast on December 13th. This is our second interncast and was on the topic of "Cool Tools." Dennis was going to cover Wiziq. Derrall discussed Voicethread and Pam discussed Animoto.

SLurl Web Address Book for Second Life

Links to Second Life URL locations for quick teleporting, registration etc...

How to find the Worldbridges Webcastatorium and other cool locations

Recommendations for Second Life Software Client Settings: Preferences

Interncast: Pam Shoemaker, Derrall Garrison, & Dennis Oliver

This interncast was broadcasted on November 30, 2007.  The hosts discuss Second Life from the point of view of newbies.


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