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Recording Skype on Mac OS X :: Thank You Kathy

Thank you Kathy for recommending Audio Hijack Pro. I have recorded a conversation with the Skype Lady. She is so fine, always available when we need here. If you are still having problems with recording Skype calls, stop fooling around and get Audio Hijack Pro. The free download works just fine. You only have to pay when you want to record more than 10 minutes. So there's lot's of functionality before paying for the product. I'm going to try out more features before I purchase, but hey, it works without any fuss. Well....when I first clicked on Skype >Record it said I needed to download additional software, but that took a second and I was off and running after rebooting Skype.

Couldn't be Happier

Well, I may be a slow learner but I don't give up that easily. Pure envy spurred me on. It was Andrew's recent success coupled with the two screen casts that got me to try, try again. I think one of my problems may have been the mic. I switched to the AK... and plugged in some cheap headphones and grappled with the settings while watching the screencasts repeatedly. My settings are as follows:

  • Audacity/Edit/Preferences/Sigma Tel Audio for Playback and Record
  • Volume Control/Sigma Tel Audio
  • Record Control/Sigma Tel Audio/Stereo Mix/box checked
  • Skype/Tools/Sound Devices/AK..In, Sigma Tel Audio out
  • VAC repeater/Wave-in, Sigma Tel Audio, Wave-out, Sigma Tel Audio
  • Bit rate 22, Total Buffer 100, Buffer 16

Now that it's set in stone I am looking forward to the Sunday meeting. BTW I have posted a screenshot of my successful settings along with my failed attempts with my other mic, on the my google docs. Thank you Jeff and Andrew!

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August 2, 2006
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July 30, 2006
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