World Time

For the global visualization of time zones and clocks on your desktop (freeware):

Desktop Sun Tracker

This software displays two versions of the world map, a day, and a night version, and fades between them to show which portions of the world are in daylight, and which aren't. In other words, this is a dynamic wallpaper that updates based on where the sun is relative to the surface of the earth.

Breitling World Time

Adding to the Calendar and learning how to use GMT!

Are you feeling either crazed or challenged by GMT? Are you missing shows or coming in half way through shows? Do you need to add your webcast to the calendar? Jason and I are across the globe and are equally challenged by this so we decided to get together this morning (tonight) and start some info flowing to help all of us. Please add your own thoughts and jings and webcasts to our first efforts!

Jason's jing about using GMT.  (What time is it?)

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