Reflections on Introduction assignment

Besides reading through the introduction materials and learning how to set up Audacity and Skype, our first assignment was to record a one-minute audio introduction. The purpose of this assignment was not so much what we said, but to practice using the software, exporting it correctly, applying the ID3 tags and naming conventions.

Webcast Academy 2.3.2: 2007-10-21

graphic: computer broadcasting, headset



Today's Online Meeting

The meeting today was informative and fun.
A sense of camaraderie also developed,
particularly when we were discussing personal
interests and backgrounds:

Julie's Reflection of Show #3

One long hour of trouble shooting. Does Skype kick everyone off a conference call---is there a rhyme or reason?

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Julie's Reflection on Show #2- Renal Nutrition

This webcast was done with the intended audience of my students- Master’s level dietetic students at Illinois State University. I teach a seminar class with the intensions of brining in topics that are unique and not always taught at rotation sites; one area being renal dietetics. I was fortunate to have an alumn who graduated in May working at a renal clinic in Chicago. She had wanted to do a class for the interns and when I mentioned the skype online webcast, she was very excited!

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