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Worldbridges Equinox 2007 Webcastathon - my contribution

Phew .... I took a deep breath and dived right in the deep end!  I've booked this time during the Worldbridges Equinox 2007 Webcastathon to interview my good friend Kim Cofino.  It will also be my first official go at webcasting/streaming on my new iMac.  I think I might have a bit of a play around in the Sandbox before the weekend - so if you're online when I am - watch out I might try out the stream with you!

Maquina 501 #4 Musica Atraves del Tiempo

Viaja con la Maquina 501 a conocer la música tradicional de México y sus variaciones desde nuestros antepasados hasta las últimas décadas.

Desde la Música Clásica en México hasta los Corridos y Música Popular

Visita nuestro Blog; 

Maquina 501 # 3, Pueblos Magicos.

Join us on a high paced ride to Magical Villages of Mexico.  Listen and enjoy the music and culture of Pre-Columbian Mexico.  Spanish Webcast  from Guadalajara Mexico. 

Chat Between Durff and I (Jose Rodriguez) as we discuss what's happening on the show and I do my best at translating. 


Alice's Restaurant with Lisa Parisi on Special Education Perspectives

This is a fantastic discussion Lisa Parisi and I had with her co-teacher (Christine Southard) who teach in an inclusion classroom.  Glenn Moses and I took off our teaching hats, and talked about our roles as parents of special education students. 

Meeting 2.2.6 - 2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.2.6
2.2 Reflection, 2.3 and  Webcastathon Prep, & general Academy tweaking
Sept. 2, 2007

  • Equinox Webcastathon - Sept. 21-23  
  • Class of 2.3 (aiming for a mid-Oct. start)
    Overview of session leader duties

  •  'Advanced topic' sessions for interns, past and present
    (i.e. advanced audio editing, desktop sharing, SL casting, show management, conference casting)

  • Academy Tweaking
    • Producing more FAQ's
    • Book Editing
  • post any FAQ (create content/ faq ) whether you have the answer or not, link to other resources (book pages, screencasts, or forum topics if appropriate)
  • edit or add any book page you think needs clarification, move content under 'curriculum' to main sections,
  • Class of 2.2 Feedback
  •  Create assessment tool (perhaps at to get feedback from 2.2'ers
  • Assignment Rubric / Certification and Graduation

Chat Log Below



Maquina 501 #2 El Mariachi Desde Jalisco su Tierra Natal

Spanish Programing from Guadalajara, Mexico.  MAQUINA 501

WEBCASTERS: Alan Acevedo, Issac Gonzalez, Juan Bosco. Apoyando produccion Jose Rodriguez. 



Origenes del Mariachi

Grandes exponentes

Acerca del Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi en Jalsico

Mariachis en el mundo


(Fragmentos de música popular de mariachi entre cada bloque)


Maquina 501 #1 La Revolucion Mexicana; Musica Y Cultura

Spanish Programing bringing the Culture and Music of Mexico. Maquina 501


La Revolución y su historia como se ve y se siente desde el pueblo.

Participantes de la Revolución.

Corridos Revolucionarios

Francisco Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Cine de la Revolución

Historias y mitos del pueblo en la revolución

Socio economía después de la Revolución


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