Class of 2.2

Webcast Academy Open House - Preparing for 2.3

Webcast Academy Open House
September 23, 2007
Hour #65 of the 2007 Equinox Webcastathon

Jose, Jeff, & Doug discuss plans for Webcast Academy Class of 2.3

Chat Log Below

FoodBridges Show #1 Part 1

FoodBridges Show #1 - Part 2

Enjoy the last part of the show with recipes!

 FoodBridges Team

For more, access 

FoodBridges Show #1 Part 1

Sudscast #0 - Homebrewing with John

Welcome to Sudscast 2007 where John Schinker introduces the Worldbridges community to homebrewing! For added excitement, listen to the last 15 minutes or so as Jen gets ready for her first webcast (as a webcaster) while setting up her husband for his first webcast (as a listener / participant) and John prepares to host the show. Maybe we'll make this a Webcast-a-thon regular installment? See chat log.


Another InternCast by Maria Knee

This is the second of my Conversations show. Dr. Jason Ohler from Juneau, Alaska joined me along with my good friend Kathy Malsbenden. Jason was in NH as a keynote speaker for the annual meeting for our state technology association (NHSTE).

Success At Last!

It only took a brand new iMac and about 10 minutes of chatting with the fabulous Lee Baber and I was streaming and recording live on Sandbox B! Yahoo! I can't believe how clean and simple webcasting with a mac is. All you need is Nicecast and Skype.

Filling up the Airwaves! What are your favorite podcasts?

Hello fellow interns.  Why don't you practice you webcasting skills and webcast your favorite podcasts.  All you have to do is check for Creative Commons Share Alike License. It would be fun to add your own commentary and to get comments from live listeners. You can even pause the podcast to put in your "2 Cents Worth".  Look for DJ Coordinator2 coming your way this weekend.  September 21st to 23rd, 2007. 
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